You Tell Them To Fight You~

“FIGHT ME!!!!!!~”


Tamaki: You were at home, relaxing, enjoying the weekend away from school. In all honestly, you missed school. For only one reason though! School was the only place where you got to see your boyfriend, Tamaki. You were missing him, and today was only Saturday! But, you could wait, you supposed, after all, isn’t that exactly what movies and the internet were made for? 

  You heard your front door opening, which interrupted your thoughts seeing as you lived alone, and you were over half way sure you had locked that door. You remembered that you had left your phone in the living room, where whoever had just broken in was, so you had to make do with what you had around you. Carefully, so as not to make a sound, you grabbed the closest item  to you, which just so happened to be a rubber spatula you had used to make cupcakes, and you started slowly advancing to the living room from the kitchen. When you reached the wall that separated the two rooms, you paused, listening to see if whoever it was had left. In response to your silent question, you heard the books fall off your coffee table. 

  Taking a deep breath, you jumped around the corner, holding your vicious weapon out in front of you and slamming your eyes shut, you shouted with all your might, “I AM ARMED AND PREPARED! FIGHT ME ROBBER MAN I’M READY!!!!!” You stood, rigid, awaiting a reply. A shocked silence was your only response. Then, all of a sudden, you heard a snort, and beautiful laughter (that you had never been do happy to hear) rang out. You opened your eyes, and saw only Tamaki. You blushed deeply, realizing just how stupid that had seemed. 

  You hid the spatula behind your back, and casually addressed the currently dying Tamaki, “Oh hey Tamaki! What brings you here? Also, how did you get in?” After he finished laughing, he sat up from his newfound position on the floor. “I simply wanted to surprise you (y/n), you told me about the key under your doormat, so I figured I’d come and say hi. I missed you!” You smiled at him, and helped him up. He was such a mind reader, he always knew how when you needed him. You brought him to the kitchen to give him some cupcakes you had made, and were promptly lectured on how unsafe it was to try and face a robber like that.

Kyoya: People often said you and Kyoya were a perfect couple. You two were very similar in many ways, one of the major comparisons being your equal love of sleep. Although you tended to be a night owl, as he did, you took more naps to make up for the lack of sleep at night, which Kyoya only sometimes participated in. This was not one of the times he napped with you. You were lying asleep on the couch behind him, as he sat on the floor finishing up some work for one of his more difficult classes. 

  Kyoya gently slammed his laptop shut, glad to be done with that time consuming and fairly pointless assignment. He glanced up at the clock to see that nearly an hour and a half had passed since you had fallen asleep and left him to work alone. He figured that that was a long enough nap, unless you wanted to be up all night that is. So, being the caring and slightly spiteful boyfriend he was, he reached up onto the couch from his position on the floor, and shook you firmly.

  You smashed your face into the pillow in response, and mumbled something unintelligible. “What was that?” he asked you, slightly amused. You turned your head so that you were facing him, and, with your eyes still closed, you said in a crystal clear voice, “Fight me Ootori.” Letting out a short laugh, he stood up and promptly pushed you to the floor. You groaned loudly in protest “Get up (L/n), you’ve been asleep for an hour and a half. If you get up now, I’ll let you sleep in tomorrow.” With that, you were up. “I hate you Kyoya.” He smirked. “Love you too (y/n).”

Hikaru: You had spent the night at the Hitachiin estate, and boy did you regret it now. All you had wanted, was some quality time with your boyfriend, and this is what you got? You were currently standing in the middle of the hallway with red paint covering you from head to toe. Your favorite pajamas were ruined, and you were livid.

  You heard snickering from the other end of the hallway, and you looked up sharply to see a familiar mop of ginger hair. Why did you love this dork? That question was currently pending response. “Hikaru!” You shouted down the hallway sharply. Luckily for him, the second he made eye contact with you, he had the sense to run for his life. You sprinted down the hallway after him, shouting “Get back over here and fight me like a man!” to the sound of Kaoru’s laughter. 

  Eventually you caught him, and you made sure to make every inch of him just as red as you were.

Kaoru: You were bored. Bored! There was nothing to do here! Kaoru had already given up on any form of entertainment from the living room and had gone up to his room. You were about to join him, but you wanted to enjoy how soft his carpet was for just a few more moments.

  With that taken care of, you made your way upstairs after him. You found him laying on his bed, staring at the ceiling, lost in thought. He hadn’t noticed you yet, so you took advantage of the situation and made your way to him sneakily, not making a sound. He didn’t notice the other presence in his room until you jumped onto him, and shouted “Fight me~”, giving him a heart attack. You laughed when he screamed, causing him to realize it was just you and laugh with you. He shoved one of his pillows into your face, and a pillow fight ensued.

  You were no longer bored~

Honey: “(Y/n)!!!~” You smiled as you heard that familiar voice whining for you. You were in the kitchen, taking your time with the one thing he had asked for. You were feeling particularly evil today. You finally made it to the dining room with his cake, and the second he saw you, he cheered, eliciting a small, fond smile from you. You made your way to him, carrying the cake and humming something akin to a funeral march. He looked up at you, confused, when you reached him. “Why were you doing that song (y/n)-chan?” You shrugged your shoulders merrily. “I don’t know Honey, no particular reason. It just felt… right.”

  He giggled at your antics, and asked for the cake you had “forgotten” about. “Oh, this cake?” He nodded merrily. “Fight me for it~” His eyes widened in confusion and slight amusement. In less than a second, you were pinned to the floor by a happy Honey, while the cake was safely on the table, unharmed by your antics. “I win~” The two of you laughed, then, after a moment of just enjoying each other’s proximity, got up and shared the cake.

Mori: You were finishing your makeup, just putting the final touches on your blush, when Mori came in to check on you. In his defense, you had been in there for a while, but in your defense, you were meeting his family, and you were extremely nervous. You were taking your nerves out on your poor face. He saw you aggressively applying the blush to your cheeks, and noted your nerves, so he took it upon himself to make you feel better.

  You were surprised when he appeared behind you like a shadow. You jumped slightly, but then smiled up at him, refusing to let him see your nerves. “What’s up Takashi?” He simply placed his arm to rest on top of your head, fully taking advantage of the height difference. “Are you ready?” You simply raised your eyebrows, and recapped the lipstick you had just uncapped. “Are you implying, that I’m short?” He raised his eyebrows in mock surprise. “Me? never.” You narrowed your eyes at him, then pushed his arm off of your head. He simply put it back. “I’m not short!” He simply nodded.

  “Oh fight me mister! I’ll have you know I am only two inches shorter than the average height for someone my age and-” He lifted you up, interrupting your ramblings and setting you on the counter, so that you were eye to eye. Your jaw dropped. “Did you just…?” He simply nodded again. That finally broke you. Nerves forgotten, you doubled over in laughter, causing him to smile in response.

  Mission accomplished.

Haruhi: Spring cleaning time had come once again… joy. It had been fun at first, cleaning Haruhi’s house with her, playing around, but as the day had worn on, the both of you had gotten over it. So that takes brings you to now, trying desperately to finish the bathroom, as it was the last room of the house. Haruhi was in the kitchen, making food for when you were done cleaning the mirrors. You just had one more mirror to go, then you would be done, and the two of you could watch a movie together and eat whatever Haruhi was making. 

  As if someone had summoned her, Haruhi popped her head into the bathroom. “Hey (y/n)! I finished… the…” You looked away from the mirror, confused at her faltering. The look on her face had you looking back at the mirrors in confusion. It was then you realized, that you had used the toilet scrub on the mirrors. “Hey uhm, (y/n)?” “I noticed Haru. And you know what? Fight me on it. I’ll have you know it’s a new and improved was of cleaning the mirrors.” “With the wrong soap.” She oh so helpfully pointed out. You groaned and put your head in your hands. “I was so close to being done…” you whined. Smiling lightly, Haruhi grabbed your hands, and pulled you to the couch. “I think we’re done cleaning for today.” You apologized, but she brushed it off. You two sat on the couch and watched movies until you had to go home so you could sleep

  After you had left, Haruhi fixed the mirrors.

I seem to have gotten carried away with Tamaki’s section… oh well! But honestly, I say this way too much. I hope you enjoy!! Feel free to send in any requests you may have!! Sincerely,

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