haruhi on the phone


- pretty much everyone in the school has it. loads of the girls are low key about it though, they don’t want their parents knowing they’re spending a lot of money on catching Pokémon
- the black magic club is literally a spawn for ghost / psychic type Pokemon
- the south wing has a gym on it.
- students request to be excused to the toilet literally just to go and catch a Pokémon
- one of Tamaki’s Pokémon is called Haruhi. he wouldn’t shut up about it and so Haruhi now has a Pokémon called Tamaki
- did I mention that the Host club brought Haruhi a Pokémon GO compatible phone just so she could play it too because “it’s not fair if we all play it and Haru-chan can’t!!!”
- The host club have taken over the gym on the south wing. (They’ve all chosen Team Mystic because “ooo blue” and, “but mommy family has to stick together !”
- loads of students end up bumping into each other running around the school for Pokémon
- Haruhi is probably the one with the most Pokémon purely because she walks/catches a train home (she’s got ALOT of rattata candies)
- despite this Kyoya probably has the strongest Pokémon in the Host Club, Kaoru in close second
- Hikaru’s Pokémon are probably all nicknamed to the lyrics of All Star Smash Mouth
- Ouran hosting school wide pokétreks. ends up being a bunch of rich kids in limos driving at 5 miles per hour
- Mori’s surprisingly good at hatching eggs quickly. Students giving him their phones so he can hatch eggs for them
- Hani and Mori go out on walks together to find Pokémon, often taking Haruhi with them
- Host Club Pokémon competitions
- Hani & Kyoya probably go out late and catch Pokémon && take over gyms when no one’s looking
- a lot of the students homes being Pokéstops; or students paying for their homes to be Pokéstops
- “if you were a Pokémon, I’d choose you”
- Students working together to get Pokémon, announcing that there’s a Pikachu in the west wing or something
- the newspaper club is definitely all in team Instinct
- students finding rare Pokémon on their exotic holidays. Meanwhile Haruhi’s still stuck with a million rattata candies
- Nekozawa probably doesn’t go outside for Pokémon GO, so his little sister goes out for him and Kirimi’s so cute that the high school students can’t help but assist her in finding Pokémon
(I’ll probably think of some more eventually)

You stood in the large corridor of the school, waiting on Haruhi to come show you wherever she needed you to come. She had invited you to some event at her school that she didn’t want to go to herself. So, you weren’t quite sure why she wanted you to come.

“Haruhi, where are you.” You mumbled, clicking on your phone to see that she was at least ten minutes late which was unlike her.

You couldn’t find your way to the place yourself, the school was way too big for that and you’d never been there before. No use in getting lost, besides, you knew that she would come… eventually. She was rather reliable–

“You must be Haruhi’s cousin.” Two voices mumbled in unison. This caused your head to snap up and your eyes to fixate on the twins in front of you.

“And you are…?”

“The Hitachiin brothers.”

There was an awkward moment of silence, you placing these two together before three things clicked– 1.) Haruhi had warned you about these two, 2.) their names were Hikaru and Kaoru, and 3.) their mother was a designer.

You breathed, wondering if Haruhi has sent them and why. She had expressed that they were very mischievous and a little too cunning for their own good, “yeah, I’m _____.”

“We already said that!” One of them stated before chuckling, “anyway, I’m Hikaru and he’s Kaoru.”

“That’s… chill.”

Once escorted to the room where– where God knows what was going on you felt two arms wrap around your shoulders.

“So, let’s show you around.”

The evening didn’t go all as bad as you expected, although you did send plenty a glares to Haruhi for leaving you with two complete strangers the entire time while she was off flirting with who you could only expect to be Tamaki.

After you shared a few laughs, exchanged embarrassing stories about Haruhi, and pretty much got both of their numbers you had to say your goodbyes.

“So, anyway, this thing is ending and it was fun talking with you guys but I’ve got to go before Haruhi leaves me.” You shrugged over to your cousin who was growing a bit impatient.

“Well, hopefully we’ll see you again.” Hikaru smiled.

“Yeah, hopefully it’ll be soon too.” Kaoru waved you away to Haruhi.

The both of you walked down the gigantic stairwell and towards the front doors.

“I’m really sorry that I le–”

“No, it was cool. They actually weren’t all that bad.” You quickly waved her off before she could finish she sentence.

“Really?” She breathed, glancing over at you in near-shock.

“Yeah, they seem… fun.”

The Nervous Game + Hikaru

You were in the same class as the Hitachiin brothers and you ended up forming a friendship with them. You got into a lot of mischief because of this, but you paid it no mind. You did notice, however, that Hikaru loved to tease you all the time. You tried to talk to Kaoru about it, but he just smirked at you and told you to let things work themselves out. What a lot of good that advice was, you thought.

You were over at the Hitachiin residence, as the two had coerced you into coming over for a “weekend of fun”, as they put it, when Kaoru received a phone call from Haruhi. He stepped out of the room to answer the phone and you noticed Hikaru didn’t seem too upset. You knew he had some sort of history with the natural host, but you didn’t know the full story. Either way, he didn’t seem too bothered.

“Hey, Y/N-chan,” he said suddenly, a mischievous glint in his eye that made you nervous. “Wanna play a game?”

“A game?” You echoed unsurely. With the way he was looking at you, you didn’t think this was going to be a good idea.

“Yeah, unless you’re scared,” he said with a smirk and you sighed.

“I’m not scared,” you said, quickly becoming defensive. “Fine, let’s play this stupid game and get it over with.”

“Are you sure?” He asked once again and you glared at him. You didn’t know what he was playing at but it was starting to annoy you.

“Yes, I’m sure! I want to play this game with you, Hikaru!”

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Anime and Ponyboy
  • *sodapop walks into his and ponys room, ponys watching tv*
  • Sodapop; are you watching anime ponyboy?
  • Pony; *singing ouran high school host club intro song*
  • Sodapop;*slowly walks out of the room* Darry you need to call the doctor!
  • Darry; why?
  • Sodapop; see for yourself.
  • Darry; looks in ponys room.
  • Pony; Haruhi you need Tamaki love him!
  • Darry; *Runs to the phone*
~The biginning~{CLOSED RP!}

i-Tamaki awoke on a bright sunny, there was not a cloud in the sky. Today was the day, he had been waiting for this day for a long time. House hunting, he knew that he may not get exactly what he wants due to his and her differnce in taste, but he did not mind at all, for he was getting what he finally wanted. He was finally going to live with the one he has loved for a long time. 

Finally Tamaki pulled out his phone to calll Haruhi to make sure that she is up and ready. 

He heard the phone ring out two times before she finally answered. 

“Haruhiiii!!!” He spoke cheerfully.

“Are you readyyyy???” He asked curiously


I want an OVA of Haruhi and Tamaki after they’re parents with at least one kid, or maybe more (perhaps they have twins? c:) and one of them asks Tamaki how they met, while Haruhi is out of the house. Tamaki then makes up some huge story of how he saved her life or whisked her off her feet the moment they met, then they hear totally different stories from each member of the host club via phone or in person. Till finally Haruhi comes home and tells them the real story.