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Can I Get Some Cuddly Fluff With YOUR Favorite OHSHC Boy?(I love all of them so I wanted it to be up to you. Sorry if not Specific Enough.^^;)

A light shower came over the school during host time. Which led to a very large scale show by Tamaki, Hikaru, and Kaoru. Honey made teru teru bozu charms with his guests. Haruhi made tea and Kyoya had flowers brought in to help. The entire club seemed to be working hard to keep the girls in a good mood.

Except for Takeshi.

A little bit away from the Honey’s working table, Takeishi rested on a loveseat with you in his lap. A blanket was draped over his shoulders and around you. His head rested on yours while you both enjoyed each others presence. His warm body drew you in, immersing you in his scent.

“Mori-senpai and ___ look so cute together”

“I wanna be embraced like that”

The girls began to chatter about the two of you. It was mostly sighs and squeals, but it ruined the moment nonetheless.

“The club sure is lively today” you sighed. Takeshi responded with a grunt and raised his head to look. The side glances and sneers from the other hosts made you both make sounds of disagreement. “Let’s go into one of the extra rooms” you suggested, rising to your feet. Takeshi followed suit, despite Tamaki’s protests.

“That’s not part of the service, oh you two keep it classy!” Tamaki shouted from over his chair. You both didn’t pay him and the shrieking girls any mind as you shut the door behind you. Takeshi was already draped over the extra bed hidden for Honey’s nap time. He held the blanket up for you to enter. As you crawled underneath the blanket, Takeshi lowered his arm and pulled you close.

You yawned against him and tuned into the sound of his heartbeat. It was calm, the usual sound whenever you were close. “Get some sleep” he murmured into your hair before you nodded off.

“Love you”

Me in 2006: man I hope ouran high school host club gets a second season

Me in 2016: man I hope ouran high school host club gets a second season


『 Mystic Messenger x Ouran High School Host Club 』

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