The Free! boys at the amusement park headcanons

So yesterday I went to an amusement park and I was thinking about how Haru would react to the water attraction I was currently on and then all these headcanons about the free! boys (makoharu and reigisa) entered my mind and I just had to post it mhihi~ (/ w \)

- In every water attraction, Haru wants to strip (he’s wearing his swimming trunks obv) and jump out of the ride to swim in the water. Luckily Makoto always sits next to Haru to stop him from doing that.
- Haru gets very sad when he didn’t get wet in a water attraction.
- Makoto doesn’t like scary attractions. When Nagisa suggests going to a scary attraction, Makoto agrees because he doesn’t want to let them down even though he’s afraid to go in. Haru can see the fear in Makoto’s eyes and suggest that he and Makoto will get some food or go to the toilet instead while Nagisa and Rei go to the ride.
- Makoto and Haru always try to sit in the rear carts of the roller-coaster so they can steal kisses from each other while nobody is watching.
- Rei and Nagisa sharing cotton candy and also feeding each other.
- Rei doesn’t like attractions with photo moments because he thinks he doesn’t look beautiful on them. Nagisa, however, always makes cute poses on the pictures. Haru always misses the photo moment which results in him looking bored and annoyed on every picture. Makoto, no matter how fast the ride, always looks perfect on pictures with his angelic smile (which makes Rei very frustrated because he also wants to look beautiful on pictures just like Makoto-senpai).
- Nagisa’s mission is to go on all rides, even the ones only for children.
- Nagisa runs to all mascots to hug them and take pictures with them.
- Haru makes no sounds in roller-coasters (he’s just not very impressed). Makoto sometimes lets out a small chuckle or cute little scream. Rei screams very loudly while Nagisa can’t stop laughing.
- Rei tends to get very sick on rides with lots of spinning which will cause Mamakoto’s motherly instincts to rise and look after Rei so that he’s feeling better again.
- Makoto plays a basketball-ish kinda game at the arcade in the park and wins a little dolphin plush for Haru. Haru treasures the plush a lot and holds it very close to him the rest of the day at the park, refusing to let go of it in attractions (which Makoto thinks is too cute).
- Nagisa also wants to win a plush for Rei, but he fails to win which makes Nagisa very sad (he was SO DETERMINED to win that big penguin plush for Rei). Rei tries to reassure him that it’s alright and his effort to win something for him already is enough. As a consolation prize, Nagisa can choose a keychain, and he happily picks the butterfly one for Rei, which warms Rei’s heart.
- At the end of the day, they go in the Ferris wheel (Makoto and Haru together, and Rei and Nagisa together) for some sightseeing of course… and maybe some kisses~