((Sorry not sorry for drawing yuuri in bob’s burgers style and him as a pony :’D))

Part 2 of The Art Style Challenge!

If you guys wanna request an art style that you want me to try and what character should I draw with that style you can >u<

Part one could be found here


Hey look at that! A new episode! Reports of our demise were greatly exaggerated! I just want to say that the speech that I wrote for Nagisa wasn’t a huge call out against our fans. I love our fans dearly. But entertainment is a form of self expression and you always put parts of yourself into characters that you write. I’ve been doing this show for a few years now and it’s winding towards the end, so why not get a little weird? I wrote Nagisa’s little rant as some one who is a queer individual working and being privy to a culture that fetishizes the queer lifestyle. I don’t think this is MALICIOUS but sometimes its odd and upsetting. 50% Off may be a silly abridged series but it is by and large a show about queer characters, written by myself (a queer person) and made of course with love from both me and Alex alike. I hope we can have some fun with the last few episodes and continue till the end making a goofy show that treats queer people with respect while we poke a little fun. Y’now, and make jokes about supreme brain overlords, cursed amulets, and of course swimming!