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Don't you think Eldarya look like Spririt Away? Well anyway that would be a great AU lol (with Gardienne as Chihiro, the mystery man or Leif as Haru and Miiko as the witch lmao)

lol yeah ur right Gardienne is kinda forced to work for the Guard like Chihiro is for the witch (poor Miiko lol) and there’s also the whole thing with her parents (at least the pig thing is reversible. idk for the potion)

but I can’t believe u suggested Ash/Leif as Haru to me, someone who doesn’t like Ash/Leif,


girl me too….


Super Lovers is one of the only shows that I bother to follow weekly - not only because I’ve read the manga but also because these boys are my weekly eye candy! Haru and Natsuo…. They’re first cousins and boy does it show.. Just how gorgeous can two guys get?

“Get Out Of My Preschool: a RinHaru AU” feat. Single Dadsuke and thirsty Model Young Parents MakoGou. 

Rin and Haru meet at kindergarten and Rin rly wants to be friends with that cool and pretty Nanase boy!! and Haru is absolutely taken aback by Rin’s cute and insistent attempts to get close to him because this Matsuoka kid is so weird… and smiles at him a lot… and gives him toys…. and candy he grabbed at the doctor’s waiting room apparently… and doesnt make fun of his Iwatobi-chan backpack……. so he has this “get out of my preschool” kind of crush. So that’s what he says. Rin starts bawling, Haru is so distressed by that he breaks into tears too, and that’s how they accidentally make their parents meet - by having them called by a teacher :’)

Ssk is Haru’s single dad who Does His Best. He had him young with a girl from a swim team who had a Future and all he had was a screwed shoulder so he decided to raise the kid alone, or smth. I guess not having the proper recovery time to get over the whole injury fallout and mental repercussions he’s self-conscious and lost as a parent and probably worried about Haru being a quiet boy and not getting along well with other kids. It’s probably his fault, he’d think, he’s not a dad Haru deserves. Ofc he’s dumb and Haru loves him with all his bby heart.

Gou and Makoto are your regular nice young parents who may be a bit into that single dad… probably when they’re in bed Gou says casually that ‘Yamazaki-san is pretty hot, don’t you think Makoto?’ and Makoto malfunctions but finally admits from under a pillow that yes, maybe, why… And so they start to test the waters and flirt and Sousuke is very confused. But it does him a lot of good. Makoto would be all “Haru-chan is such an independent, well behaved boy, you must be a great dad Yamazaki-san!” Of course Haru likes Makoto very much so he’s extra polite to him but still.. Sousuke starts hanging out with them and believe in himself and fall in love and all that. Help me.

  • Yuu: before my dad tried to kill me he said, "Yuu, don't let your friends get eaten by vampire and one get fully turned to one"
  • Yuu: and here we are. All our friends eaten by vampires and..one fully...turned into one...
  • Mika: Yuu, I love you, but shut up.
  • Yuu: that's fair.
65 More Years
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65 More Years

(65 More Years)

Happy Birthday, Makoto!! A sappy song thing for youヾ(´︶`♡)ノ

It’s kinda long, I’m sorry for stretching your dashes, especially if you aren’t into free! or makoharu!! ; v ;