haru same


make me choosekenma or haru-chan-san? asked by @sawtsuki

he doesn’t defend himself on anything, but he can get really intimidating if you get to bothering his friends

you know the boy’s pleased to be told that, whoever it’s from

Was listening to music the other day and realized that it’s a good opportunity to mess with headcanons about what genres Akira and the gang could like so messed around I did

I should probably draw this on something bigger than 5.5″ x 8.5″ paper tho :v

I need to practice motion lines… Akira’s headbanging looks weird without the (terrible) bit I did as is :P

Also, I decided to fuck around with it on Photoshop to give a bit more personality to the characters by using fonts (plus I edited some of the dialogue for fun) and try to smooth the drawing out …I fucked it up, obviously

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