haru haru haruko


Haru: “He hasn’t changed.”

[Haru in the video]: “Haruko-san… What?”

[Haruko in the video]: “I was just thinking that he’s really taken a liking to you.”

[Haru in the video]: “Cut it out! He finally fell asleep!" "Ah, sorry, Ren. Sorry for waking you. We won’t make any more noise. Goodnight.”

Haru: “I haven’t changed at all, either.. And what kind of face was Haruko-san making when she took this? How ebarrassing.”


Hey you! Yeah you, the one eating pocky on the couch. Do you love doing cosplay? Do you love meeting fellow cosplayers? Then look no further! My name is Cory and I am a fellow cosplayer looking for some cool cats to cosplay with at this up coming anime milwaukee/ ACEN. 

I have a killer haru haru haruko cosplay and am DYING to have you be apart of it. I’m looking for some cool peeps to go in on a fooly cooly group cosplay. I’m looking for other group cosplays, and am willing to discuss details. I love meeting new people, especially geeks like me:)

Are you interested?

30 Day Anime Challenge Day 7 My anime Crush

I’ve put alot of thought into this one because I sincerely had no clue but after much deliberation the answer came to me and the winner is Haru Haru Haruko from FLCL.

To give some context FLCL first aired on Adult Swim around 2003 which would’ve made me around 13. At that age I was unhappy with how life was and seeing a series about a kid who was alot like me get their entire world turned upside down was a real experience to watch I wanted to be Naota and experience the great and horrible sides of being an adult. Haruko has definitely  left a lasting impression on me.