haru can read his boyfriend so well

All this RinHaru and Rin hate is really bugging me. Because honestly, Rin is doing nothing more than being a good friend. 

Take a look at this screenshot here. It’s about Haru admitting that he’s so upset about the fight with Makoto (which was obvious to Rin, who normally can’t read Haru well, but yet can tell that only Makoto would make Haru so taciturn and fucked up) 

And look at Rin’s face. He is sad. He is sympathetic. He seems genuinely upset that Haru and Makoto have had a fight. This is NOT the face of someone who has a crush on Haru and is secretly thinking “yay Makoto dumped him so I can be his rebound”, NO, Rin is better than that. This is his “aww my fav couple broke up that sucks” face. 

He even reassures Haru saying it’ll be okay, saying that ‘well me and MY boyfriend fight all the time so…“

And then notice that Haru says it’s his first fight. Excuse me, Haru, this is NOT your first fight. You and Rin have fought SO many times and Rin even had the decency to apologize when you didn’t. If I were Rin, that would bother me. I would think 'what so fighting with me means nothing and fighting with Makoto makes you want to leave the country??’

But Rin is a sweetheart about it. 

I also want to point out how nice Rin is being to Makoto. He was the ONE person who cared about Makoto’s future, or at least bothered to speak to Makoto about it. He was the one person who outright stated he had faith in Makoto’s abilities. And can we not mention the new drama CD which basically makes it canon that Rin and Makoto can hang out and have fun and do cute things together completely outside, unrelated to, and without Haru. To be honest, the MakoRin relationship is probably one of the healthiest friendships out there given that other than the married couples (MakoHaru, SouRin, Reigisa) we have all these one-sided longing relationships and jealousy/rivalry/hatred relationships (think of Haru, Sousuke, Kisumi, Rin, Nitori, maybe Makoto too, in whatever order you want, I don’t want to be explicit and piss off any shippers here)

ALSO the other drama CD has Rin suggest that someone kiss Haru (obviously he meant that someone to be Makoto since he’s far away himself and Reigisa weren’t going to do it) before promptly hanging up. I’m sorry Rin but that is the most random piece of advice ever and I can’t see why a 17-18 year old guy would really believe that "someone” kissing Haru would work. However, knowing how gullible Makoto is… well we can see where Rin may have intended to go with it. 

Rin is probably one of the strongest supporters of MakoHaru. Maybe that was why he felt awkward sharing the bed with Haru in the first place, and tried to have the arrangement. Haru wouldn’t mind because he knew Makoto wouldn’t mind, but Rin may have been worried that it would upset Makoto, or worse Sousuke (who isn’t subtle about his dislike/possible jealousy towards Haru). In my eyes the bed-sharing scene wasn’t forced fan-service at all.