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your backpack (bokuaka) comic reminded me of how. my friend would always hold onto my backpack when i'm trying to run off/ go somewhere. so i understand how bokuto-kun feels :>

hahaha oh nooo! your ask made me think of akaashi using bokuto’s backpack instead of the child leash(because bokuto refused it) and then bokuto fighting for his freedom again… so i just drew a quick little something

(I hope you don’t mind but if you do please tell me!)

(and just now i realized bokuto carries around one of those japanese school bags instead of backpacks. whoops)

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Tablo Shares Touching Story Behind Why He Can’t Open This Yogurt Drink

On his birthday, rapper Tablo of hip hop group Epik High shared a story about his daughter Haru that is bound to warm your heart.

On July 22, Tablo posted onto his Instagram a photo of the yogurt drink in his hand and reveals the story behind why he can’t open it.

“A few days ago, there was one yogurt drink left in the refrigerator, so I was about to drink it, but Haru said she’s saving it. Just now as I was heading to the concert hall, she said, ‘Wait!’ and gave [that yogurt drink] to me, wishing me a happy birthday. I just can’t open it,” he writes.

Tablo concludes, “I think I’ve already received the [best] gift I could possibly want. Thanks everyone.”

What a special moment! Happy Birthday, Tablo!


“A few days ago I saw a yogurt drink in the fridge so I took it out to drink it, but Haru said not to because she’s been saving it. But just now, I was getting ready to head out [for Epik High’s summer concert] when she said wait! And she brought me the yogurt drink and told me happy birthday. I don’t think I can open it.”  - Tablo

i need a well written fic of haru and rin having a serious and legitimate conversation about their psychological issues caused by the absence of their parent(/s).

haru’s parents were said to be pretty absent the majority of his life which is why haru is so independent. but the like the idea of haru having continuous nightmares, being excessively detached and being clearly bothered by in incapably to express himself more than he usually does and rin wanting to help him through it again

rin and haru sitting on a couch at 3 AM, talking about their parents and their emotional issues and how they feel how certain events with their parents negatively impacted their lives.

just a serious conversation. quiet, and raspy and unsure if its there is too much being said out loud, but do it anyways out of trust. haru staring at his feet with long pauses because he’s scared of what could come out of his mouth. haru never thinks about himself in that aspect, and doesn’t want to because he wouldn’t know how to deal with it, but it’s getting so out of hand that he has to. he opens his mouth, and nothing but air escapes him. when hit with silence, rin is so patient with haru. he waits for haru to be ready and talk about what’s wrong and is just so relieved haru is being vulnerable; he never gets to see haru’s personality fully and wants to see haru letting himself be something else than just purposely dense and apathetic.


12 Days of Rave Day Five: Favorite Relationship: Haru and Elie!

This was actually incredibly difficult for me, since I have so many favorite relationships (both platonic and otherwise) throughout Rave. but, when it comes right down to it, nothing will ever hold as dear a place in my heart as these two dorks ♥

Blog’s 1st Birthday/Tsukiuta Appreciation Post

On Thursday (6/21), Tumblr sent me 2 emails notifying me that it’s been a year since I have created this blog and that I’ve posted about 50 posts. Despite this blog being a huge mess, I’m glad that I have a place where I can fangirl and obsess over anime and manga. I never knew that seeing just a handful of people liking (sometimes reblogging) my posts would make me feel so happy. SO…to celebrate my blog’s first birthday (and reaching over 50 posts) I’ve decided to make this post an appreciation post for the anime series, Tsukiuta. The Animation

Before watching this series, I had no prior knowledge over it’s origin other than that it was another boy band anime with a cast filled with popular voice actors, both veteran and new. I never expected that I would love the show and its characters as much as I do now. What I love about this show is that besides focusing on a certain character for each episode, the audience gets to know that other characters as well. It doesn’t completely disregard the other characters in that particular episode. The audience also get to learn how that certain character interacts with the other characters as well. 

What I was also surprised to see was the close interactions between both Six Gravity and Procellarum. It’s easy to tell that these groups are familiar with each other and have a healthy rivalry going on. No one is fighting or obsessing over a female heroine (no offense to Utapri and B-Project…I LOVE BOTH SHOWS I SWEAR). 

As I’m continuing to watch this show, I’m really looking forward to learning more and more about these characters and how they work in the music business. 


Kakeru Shiwasu (CV: Yuki Kaji)

In the first episode, Kakeru is introduced. He’s described as being “cheerful and energetic” which is not an overstatement AT ALL. You can tell that he loves being an idol and puts 100% into his work. Kakeru also loves his fans, as seen in his episode during the handshake event. He also brings energy into the team along with Koi, who will be mentioned later. He’s clumsy at times, but this also adds to his charm. I’m looking forward to seeing him more in future episodes.

Koi Kisaragi (CV: Toshiki Masuda)

The other half of the “junior pair” in Six Gravity is Koi. Not much is known about Koi so far except that he has an energetic personality…and is weak against roller coasters (referring to ep 1 XD). You can tell why he’s paired with Kakeru since both characters bring energy and life into Gravi. His voice actor Masuda-san is slowly getting more main roles, which makes me really happy. I can’t wait to hear more of him as Koi.

Arata Uzuki (CV: Yoshimasa Hosoya)

In Kakeru’s episode, we learn that he and Aoi are known as the “middle pair” and will appear in a play together, which will be covered in his episode next week. You Hazuki from Procella also describes him as being “spacey and does things at his own pace.” His voice actor Hosoya-san has played a lot of angry characters before XD (ex: Hyuuga from KnB and Tengenji from Starmyu) so seeing him voice a spacey character is nice for a change. 

Aoi Satsuki (CV: KENN)

Although not much is known about Aoi either since his episode hasn’t aired yet, we learn that like Arata he’s a year older than Kakeru and Koi, making him a third-year in high school. He appears to have a calm personality, which is seen in episode 3 when he calmly does his duties at the Animate store. His voice actor KENN, also has amazing vocals in Six’s Gravity’s song, “Gravitic Love.” I hope we can learn more about him in Arata’s episode next week. 

Haru Yayoi (CV: Tomoaki Maeno)

As one of my favorite characters in the series so far, Haru has a smart and kind personality, acting as the big brother of the group. Haru also appears to have a close relationship with Hajime since they’ve known each other since high school. He acts as the guidepost for the team since he looks after the others. To no surprise, he was the student council president in high school being respected by students and faculty. Maeno-san is one of my favorite voice actors, which is a plus for this character. ^_^

Hajime Mutsuki (CV: Kousuke Toriumi)

Hajime is another one of my favorite characters in the series. He’s the charismatic leader of Six Gravity and the other half of the “senior pair.” From what we’ve seen so far, Hajime has an intimidating and serious personality, but behind that wall lies a caring person who is passionate over his work. (He’s also one of the hotter characters…which I’m not complaining about. XD). Toriumi-san and Maeno-san’s characters in Utapri had a senpai/kouhai relationship, which makes it funny that they’re paired up again. LOL!


Iku Kannazuki (CV: Kensho Ono)

Kensho Ono plays another singing cutie in this series (referring to Starmyu). In his episode, Iku is shown to be positive and hardworking as a student, idol, and track runner. He strives to do well in both Procellarum and the track team no matter how difficult it is. He respects his senpai in the group and is appreciative of their support for him and his running. Iku is also close to Rui, calling themselves “Procella’s twin pair” in the group. 

Rui Minazuki (CV: Shouta Aoi)

Rui is the stone-faced singer in Procella. Although he doesn’t show a lot of emotion, he does care a lot about the other members, especially Iku. He’s also a terrible drawer…LOL! In Iku’s episode, we learn that Rui has a hidden dream, which he plans to reveal in due time. I suspect that he wants to be a songwriter (watch the ep to understand). It seems Aoi-san plays a lot of emotionless characters (referring to Utapri). 

You Hazuki (CV: Tetsuya Kakihara)

In the first episode You is shown as a flirtatious character. However, he also has a caring and supportive side to him, as seen in Iku’s episode. He can also be a bit of a tsundere…haha. Iku describes him as the “big brother” in Procella. Like Arata and Aoi, You along with Yoru Nagatsuki are third-year high school students and will appear in a play as well. Kakihara-san’s flirtatious voice reminds me of his character in Yowapeda. 

Yoru Nagatsuki (CV: Takashi Kondo)

Not much is known about Yoru in the series yet, other than he has a caring personality and attends the same high school as You. It’s also mentioned and shown briefly that he’s a bookworm and makes lunches for You. Iku calls him the “mom” of Procella. Yoru is another character I hope to learn more about when he and You start working on the play along with Arata and Aoi. Surprisingly, this is the second time I’ve watched Kondo-san play a singing role. 

Kai Fuzuki (CV: Wataru Hatano)

As one of the oldest members in the group, Kai acts as the guidepost, similarly to Haru from Gravi. He watches over the other members and cares about their wellbeing. He seems to keep the other members in line, especially Shun Shimotsuki. It was mentioned briefly in Iku’s episode how he used to be the captain of his high school soccer team and even went to nationals. I can’t get enough of Hatano-san’s singing voice~!

Shun Shimotsuki (CV: Ryouhei Kimura)

Shun is the self-proclaimed “white demon king” of Procella. He’s a dramatic and mysterious character in the series, who appears to love drinking tea. Like some of the other characters, not much is known about him. Being the leader, Shun also looks after the other members in his own way (referring to Iku’s episode). However, it seems Kai is the only one who can keep him in line. In my opinion, Ryouhei-san does an excellent job voicing Shun. 

Wow, this was a long post! But I had to do it! LOL! I love this series too much right now. As the series continues to air this season, I don’t see it disappointing the audience at all. If you haven’t watched Tsukiuta already, I hope I’ve convinced you guys to watch it, at least a little. If you have watched it, let me know who your favorite characters are! ^_^ Maybe I’ll do a song appreciation post for the series later…haha. Thanks for reading!