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I honestly dislike Haru and Kyoko's characters... Can I request them hanging out and seeing Tsuna with his girlfriend and him being happier than they have ever seen him. (Kyoko has realised her feelings for him already)

honestly im kinda meh bout them myself 

You wrapped your arm tighter around his and dragged him over to the enclosure with the otters.  “Look how cute,” you squealed, pressing your face up against the glass to see the small creatures wrestling.

“Tsuna?” Kyoko asked, walking up beside the two of you, Haru next to her.

“Hm?” Tsuna said, turning to look.  “Oh, hey Kyoko, Haru,” he said.

“Who’s your friend?” Haru asked as you turned to look at the two girls.

“This is *name*, my girlfriend,” Tsuna said, making the rounds of introductions.  

“It’s nice to meet you,” the two girls said.  “Have you seen the lions yet?  They were running around and playing, even the cubs, it was so cute,” Haru said, grabbing your arm and pulling you toward the lions.

Tsuna and Kyoko followed behind.  “You seem happy,” Kyoko commented, looking at the smile on Tsuna’s face.  

“I am,” Tsuna said after a moment of pause, his smiling getting bigger.


Hey look at that! A new episode! Reports of our demise were greatly exaggerated! I just want to say that the speech that I wrote for Nagisa wasn’t a huge call out against our fans. I love our fans dearly. But entertainment is a form of self expression and you always put parts of yourself into characters that you write. I’ve been doing this show for a few years now and it’s winding towards the end, so why not get a little weird? I wrote Nagisa’s little rant as some one who is a queer individual working and being privy to a culture that fetishizes the queer lifestyle. I don’t think this is MALICIOUS but sometimes its odd and upsetting. 50% Off may be a silly abridged series but it is by and large a show about queer characters, written by myself (a queer person) and made of course with love from both me and Alex alike. I hope we can have some fun with the last few episodes and continue till the end making a goofy show that treats queer people with respect while we poke a little fun. Y’now, and make jokes about supreme brain overlords, cursed amulets, and of course swimming!

  • Me: you know I've really been considering taking lesson on-
  • Family: which anime is it this time?
  • Friends: which anime is it this time?
  • World: which anime is it this time?
  • Me: ...
  • Me: honestly I feel so attacked!
  • Me from a distance: oh and it's Yuri on ice

girl me too….