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Band of Brothers ships and their "love languages!" We were talking about them in class today and I immediately thought of this. For example, my professor's mother's "love language" is giving gifts. Another's could be physical touching (i.e. hugs or leaning on one's shoulder). What are theirs? Harty and Frill are also appreciated :)


  • look, nix is like… incapable of saying things outright, okay?
  • he’s famn good with words. he can talk his way around almost anyone, but when it comes to just saying, “i love you”
  • nope. can’t do it. cannot compute.
  • so instead he gives gifts. he has a lot of money, and gift giving is much easier than saying things and meaning them. so, he lavishes the people he cares about with nice presents.
  • with his wives and sister, it’s easier, because they like expensive things. jewelry is impersonal, but all it really takes.
  • dick is… simpler. much, much more difficult.
  • he doesn’t want expensive presents, and won’t accept them. instead, nix has to look deeper. old photos of the two of them. letters left in places he knows dick will find them. books he’s sure dick will like, or tickets to the latest movie he’s been wanting to see. all things he knows will make dick smile.
  • dick isn’t verbal about his affections either, but he shows it through action.
  • just the way he looks after the people he cares about – the way he makes an effort to help them whenever he can, to personalize himself with them, to do favors without being asked or expecting anything in return.
  • when lew comes home and finds the bed made, or dinner prepared, or that dick has folded his laundry… he knows he’s loved.


  • lip is very much an action sort of lover. he shows how much he loves someone by taking care of them.
  • when he loves someone, he gets protective over them. he knows speirs doesn’t need protection, but that doesn’t mean he won’t move heaven and earth for him.
  • he does anything he can to keep speirs comfortable and happy. he’ll make dinner, clean up, give massages, and set speirs a bath when he’s had a long day.
  • speirs, on the other hand, is a very physical lover.
  • when he wants to show he’s possessive over something, he’s willing to say it, but mostly he’s physical. his demeanor radiates possessiveness – when he loves something, it’s his.
  • he won’t hesitate to swoop in for surprise kisses or pull lip into his chest while they’re watching a movie. he just likes having him close, so he knows where he is and that he’s safe. he likes feeling lip’s heartbeat against him, sharing their body heat, allowing their closeness to consume them both.
  • it makes speirs feel safe. more than anything, he wants lip to feel the same way.


  • babe has a lot of physicality to him, but he’s very verbal about his affections.
  • “this is gene! gene is my boyfriend! i love gene so much!” he’ll spout of variations of this any time, any place. he’s like… the world’s most loving broken record.
  • he also will give gifts any time he sees the opportunity, and do little favors to express how much he loves gene…
  • he’s a love fountain, tbh
  • but more than anything else, he expresses his love through his words. he’s no master wordsmith, but at least he knows he always means what he says.
  • gene is a little less confident expressing his emotions through words. he’s 200% an action guy.
  • it’s little things he’ll do, like have a bottle of water ready for babe after he works out, or absentmindedly feeding babe something by hand. he verges on a bit of physical affection – he loves to run his hands through babe’s hair or dust the occasional kiss on his face – but for the most part he expresses his love through little things.


  • webster is a poet, a writer, and a wordsmith. how do YOU think he expresses his affections?
  • he’s not the type to just blurt out how much he loves lieb at random. he likes it to mean something – so he’ll seize every meaningful opportunity he gets.
  • look, webster likes to make dramatic declarations. the amount of verbose, poetic love confessions he’s made could fill BOOKS. he’s a drama queen and proud of it. 
  • liebgott, meanwhile, is such a physical person that it’s almost ridiculous. he’s on the opposite end of the spectrum from webster. he’s no master with his words, but he sure has no qualms about expressing himself through touch.
  • he’ll grab webster at random. his biceps, his hips, his face – nothing is off-limits. when he wants a kiss, he’ll go for one. when he’s feeling possessive, he’ll tuck an arm around webster’s shoulders and pull him in.
  • (liebgott also has a weakness for cuddles?? he won’t ADMIT it, but he’ll snuggle up to web whenever he feels like it and just pester him until he gives in and pulls him close.)
  • they’re exact opposites at expressing their affection, and it can lead to a lot of miscommunication – but they work it out.


  • george luz is a fast-talking dork
  • the problem isn’t that he doesn’t know how to express himself – he doesn’t know how to shut up. he says a lot of things without thinking, so it can be hard for the people he loves to know when he really means it.
  • he’ll profess his love all the time, but when he really means it, joe knows. his face gets serious, his eyes go solemn, and there’s a vulnerability to him that is rarely seen. anytime he looks up at joe like this and says “i love you,” joe feels like his heart is going to explode.
  • joe, meanwhile, is the sort of person who shows his love through wordless gestures.
  • he does favors for people. if he notices something is broken, he’ll fix it for them. if he knows george has to run an errand after work, he’ll do it for him before he gets home. he’ll make george a snack when he’s hungry, and give him a massage when he’s tired before urging him to bed.
  • (joe also shows his love through protectiveness. he tries to encourage the people around him to take care of themselves – and when they don’t, through stubbornness or idiocy, he’ll do it for them.)


  • harry is very verbal about his affection.
  • he’ll proclaim his love for kitty at every opportunity. to anyone, anywhere, whenever he can, but especially to kitty.
  • when he sees that she’s feeling down, he’ll pull her close and whisper all the things he loves about her. when they’re twined together, unable to get any closer but still not close enough, he’ll gasp out how he adores her. he’ll throw a casual “i love you” over his shoulder and think nothing of it.
  • what’s more? kitty’s exactly the same way.
  • she’s a bit more reserved – she won’t go on and on to her friends about how much she loves harry – but she does adore him. she loves him more than anything, and she’ll tell him every chance she gets.
  • they’re the “i love you more” “no, i love YOU more couple,” and they don’t even cringe over how mushy romantic is it.


  • physical affection mixed with fond insults
  • they both speak the same language, tbh. it’s why they’re such a great match.
  • bill is definitely a physical kind of lover. he shows his feelings through touch, through arms around shoulders, hands on waists, mouth on lips, necks, and chests. when he cares about someone, he’ll touch them to prove it.
  • he also has no problem with saying it outright.
  • the people he really cares about, he’ll tease them. “ya fuckin’ idiot, be more careful.” “you’re really a dumbass, you know that?”
  • fran is also physical, and loves showing off her physicality
  • but when she has really strong emotions, she’s not afraid to vocalize them.
  • she’s communicative, because that’s the best way to be. it prevents misunderstandings, and people from being stupid because they don’t get what she’s saying. she’s a straightforward person.
  • but, when she really wants to show her love, she won’t hesitate to just sit down in bill’s lap and plant her lips on his – no words necessary.

“I was meant to sit next to Russell Harty and keep still and quiet. I was all dressed up like an Amazonian seductress, and treated like the hired help. This is no way to treat a guest. Being stuck there while he ignored me made me feel very uncomfortable.”

“I wasn’t attacking him because I was drunk or stoned. I was lashing out because I felt he was not being proper. Harty was rude. I wasn’t going to put up with it. I lashed out on live television. It takes balls to do that, which could be seen as a little crazy. And then they tried to get me back on the show! The ratings soared. I had done him a favor. They wanted a rematch. It was all so tacky.”

“When he died, my phone never stopped. It rang off the hook. What do you think about Russell Harty dying? Well, I am very sorry, but what do you want me to say? I didn’t know him at all. I didn’t kill him. I had nothing to do with it. I wasn’t there at all. I had an alibi.”

The problem is everybody treat teenagers like their idiots
—  Johnny Depp

Intr-o zare-ndepartata…
Intr-o prapastie care se termina abia pe lumea celalta…
Acolo, ai sa-mi gasesti inima, aruncata.
Batand, pentru tine, ca si cum nu s-a intamplat nimic rau,

 Ai sa intrebi de mine…
Ai sa speri c-o sa gasesti ceva ca dorul sa-ti aline.
Ai sa te-arunci in brate straine…
Insa, nimeni n-o sa te mai reînvie.

A fost ceva ce n-o sa mai fie.
Cum sunt gandurile nescrise pe hartie.
Pierdute pe vecie.
N-o sa ne mai gaseasca nimeni, straine.

—  20.04.2017

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Could I get that parenting otp ask for the regulars, harty, and frill? Thx babe 😎

meme your own destiny (ACCEPTNG)

WINNIX: here!


  • packs the lunches

Lip is very determined to do lunch right. He has it down to a science now – one juice box or mini-water bottle, one sandwich or yogurt, some fruit slices, and something sweet. Sometimes he’ll even throw in a quick note, just to lift his kid’s spirits on a hard day. He makes the best lunches.

  • blows raspberries while cuddling

Lip is an affectionate cuddler, while Speirs can be stunningly playful. He loves to bounce the babies around and do things to make them laugh (within the realms of safety – he’s terrified of accidently hurting his child). Lip once caught his husband making funny faces at their baby, and never lets him forget it (he has pictures).

  • is the tickle monster

They tag-team the family. Lip is the one to lure them in, soothe them into a false sense of complacency… and that’s when Ron strikes. This man will parkour across the room if he sees the opportunity to ambush his kids.

  • gives life lesson speeches

Lip is THE BEST at this. Getting life advice from Ron is like asking for a hug from a crocodile, or a very intimidating scarecrow. You don’t know what you’re gonna get. It might be the best idea, or it might be the worst idea.

  • kisses the boo-boos

Lip is very gentle with bandaging up bumps and scrapes, but usually their kids prefer Speirs to do it – “because Daddy always gives a kiss after.” 

  • breaks the bad news

Speirs, every time. He won’t allow Lip to shoulder that burden (it’s his way of protecting him and their kids). Even so, Lip insists on being in the room, because he needs his kids to know that they’re both there for them.

  • joins the PTA

Speirs might be president of the PTA, but Lip is his right-hand man, keeping the over-aggressive PTA mothers in line.

  • crashes sleepovers with embarrassing stories

They don’t need to. They have a lifetime’s worth of embarrassing photos framed and hanging around the house.

  • gives the crazy nicknames

Lip calls his baby “sweetheart” and “sunshine”. Speirs Does Not Do nicknames. Their kids get off lucky with them.

BABEROE: here!

WEBGOTT: here!

LUZTOYE: here!

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Day 14: What is your favorite book pairing?

Well, to be honest this couple is tied with another, but that couple is going to appear another day. However, for this day, I am picking Artemis Fowl’s Artemis and Holly as my favorite book pairing. What I love about Artemis/Holly is how much they developed. They went from enemies (kidnapper and kidnap-ee) to colleagues to best friends to something very profound.

Though Artemis and Holly never officially end up together in the books (quite honestly, I believe that was a wise choice on Colfer’s part), there is something extremely special between them, something inert and integral that cannot be simply undone. In every way, Artemis and Holly are a part of each other, intertwined by crises, trauma, and death. 

Artemis and Holly have grown exponentially. Holly has helped Artemis grow into a respectable young man. Though he’ll never be perfect and always have black edges to him (after all, one doesn’t simply quit being a criminal mastermind completely), he has blown on that spark of goodness enough to really become someone to respect. All of that is thanks, in large part, to Holly. For Holly, someone whom hated the Mud Men so deeply because of what they did to her family, Artemis, of all people, showed her that humanity, like his own, has a spark of goodness in them that just needs to be nurtured and cared for. 

Their development, to me, is an extremely important part of being in a relationship – making them a better person and accepting the flaws while not making excuses for them either. Something, I feel, that many fictional couples nowadays lack. Holly and Artemis’s teamwork and deep friendship is why I picked them as my favorite book pairing.