Here’s the next (3 of 4) in a set of 4 paintings for the Flash of Splendour “Children’s Poly-Olbion Project”/Exhibition. This one depicts Michael Drayton being rowed on the River Anker by an oarsman bear, entitled: “Michael Drayton on the River Anker, at Witherley, Evening, 1608.” Drayton has spotted a couple of goats dancing in the midst of a field – why they’re dancing there is anyone’s guess – and points them out to his unnamed companion, who stays his oars from which fall droplets of water. In the distance is the spire of the Parish Church of St. Peter, Witherley, on the borders of the Counties of Leicestershire and Warwickshire. The “Poly-Olbion” is full of Drayton’s descriptions of rivers, and I depicted him on the Anker because it was his local river, having been born in Hartshill, Warwickshire. The Anker’s source is near the village of Wolvey and merges with the River Tame at Tamworth. I was quite pleased with the rowboat in this one; I’m not a sailor, but I think it might be quite accurate for a change. #englishriver #riverside #river #rowboat #evening #churchspire #church #spire #warwickshire #riveranker #brownbear #bear #oars #oarsman #rower

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