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The Flash characters + Values - Barry Allen [5/?]

I’ve spent my whole life searching for the impossible, never imagining that I would become the impossible.


Oliver: We’re facing a small army out there, Chloe. We need Clark.

Chloe: I know, Oliver, but I can’t make Clark believe in me. Somewhere along the way, he stopped having trust in me.

Smallville - 10x12 - Collateral (02.04.2011)

can we just talk about an au where hartley is a high school physics teacher and cisco is the robotics program instructor and hartley being buttmad because hr hired cisco as the new robotics head when hartley’s been gunning for that position ever since the last guy resigned

but then they keep running into each other in the breakroom and hartley wants to hate him so much but goddamn he’s charming even if his wardrobe is tacky as fuck (and maybe he’s jealous the kids actually like him because, you know, hartley isn’t exactly the most popular teacher … not that he really tries to be)

there’s also hartley calling cisco “mr ramon” and cisco calling hartley “mr rathaway” because hartley is weirdly formal for a high school teacher and cisco just plays along with it because it’s kind of funny until eventually they get to know each other and there’s the transition from last names to first names 

and at some point hartley starts spending his office hours in the robotics room because it’s not like students ever come to see him (they’re all scared of him tbh) and when cisco asks why he’s always visiting him to grade papers hartley makes some excuse about the constant whirring of mechanical parts being soothing and fervently denies there being any correlation with him actually wanting to be around cisco which is obviously a lie because if he had his way he’d spend all his free time with cisco and he wouldn’t spend it grading papers, either

this obviously leads to frantic makeouts later down the line when hartley just can’t take it anymore and cisco is like yo hartley what are you doing i’m pretty sure this is breaking at least three different departmental regulations and hartley is just like i don’t care shut up and kiss me

i bet barry is like one of the chemistry teachers too and he and cisco are bffs and he’s just like damn you and hartley did what and cisco’s like yeah man i’m pretty sure we made out for like ten minutes and barry just sort of laughs because wow cisco’s got game he’s impressed

A Different Kind of Blue - Until Dawn (Video Game)
By Organization for Transformative Works

Rating: Explicit
Category: M/M
Fandom: Until Dawn (Video Game)
Relationship: Chris/Mike Munroe
Characters: Chris (Until Dawn), Mike Munroe
Additional Tags: College, House Party, Smut, Post-Break Up, Angst and Feels, Porn With Plot, Pre-Game(s), Past Relationship(s), Explicit Language, Explicit Sexual Content

Summary: People do stupid things when they’re on the rebound. Mike Munroe is definitely something stupid.


Big thanks (again) to @desperado-raspado for giving this a read  ♡ ( ̄З ̄)

IMAGINE, after the 'Flash Back' episode

Barry walks into the CCPD to be surprised by the sight of Hartley explaining an upgrade of the BOOT with Joe. When he draws near, Hartley asks him about how the new Flash suit is working for him. Barry awkwardly admits he didn’t notice anything different about it and Hartley’s like “Good,” when Singh walks out of the office. That’s when Barry really sees what a difference he made to the timeline.

Singh greets Hartley politely, like he expected him to be around today. He speaks with Joe briefly about a case, and harries Barry about evidence for another. While Barry mentally stumbles over which one, Hartley snickers and admonishes, “Quit picking on the lab rat, David.”

Barry reels because since when was he on a first name basis with The Captain? And then Hartley steps into Singh’s space with a coy smile. “Ready to be picked up?”

From the workplace apparently. For a lunch date. A DATE. It echoes in Barry’s head, and as Singh curls an arm around Hartley and they walk towards the lift, Barry regains his voice.

“Wha- what happened to Rob?”

“Nothing we can prove,” Joe deadpans.


Joe laughs.

Bartley Headcanon 2

Barry has the self preservation skill level of a curious puppy. He has no idea what the words ‘personal safety’ mean.
This results in an overly-worried and overly-stressed out Hartley panicking at all of Barry’s injuries, trying to make sure his boyfriend doesn’t accidentally kill himself whenever he walks around a corner.
Barry’s all like ‘I have to save everyone before myself.’, and then there’s Hartley, with a fire extinguisher and an unamused expression on his face, screaming ‘You can die too, moron!’

Justin Hartley Gifs 1/2

In this pack you will find 84 HQ VARIOUS SIZED GIFS of Justin Hartley in Revenge.

All of the gifs were made by me for roleplaying purposes. Feel free to use them assidebars, reaction gifs or include them in your gif hunts, but don’t forget to give credit!

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