Tonight I came out to my very homophobic, very racist, and overall very bigoted grandparents. It was one of the hardest, anxiety-inducing, scariest moments of my life and it felt amazing. Yes, hate was spewed from their mouths, insults were thrown and acceptance never came BUT I am proud. I’m proud of myself for having the courage, I’m proud of how far I’ve come & I’m proud to be a member of the LGBTQ community. 

I’m so thankful that I found my safespace in youtubers, I’m so thankful for the friendships I have made because of different fandoms & I’m thankful for the youtubers who truly saved my life. Thank you Hannah, Grace, Mamrie, Tyler & Steph for giving me that safespace and showing me so many other phenomenal humans to look up to. Because of y’all, I’m still her and I’m PROUD of who I am. @mydrunkkitchen @gracehelbig @mamrie @tyleroakley @ellosteph


A year later and I’m still laughing so hard at this video & their different reactions to it. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 @gracehelbig @mamrie @mydrunkkitchen


2 years later & their friendship is still going strong & is still goals. 💜👑👸🏼👸🏼👸🏻🎉 I’m so glad to call these three amazing humans my idols, role models, spirit animals & my safe space. 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜 @mydrunkkitchen @gracehelbig @mamrie @dirty30movie

Grace Helbig is a real life superhero reason #26816281


Grace Helbig, my favorite youtuber, you have no idea how much this video means to me. My life’s work involves this subject and it means so much to me to see someone I greatly admire speak up about this social issue that isn’t talked about nearly enough.Thank you for assuming your role over your vast audience/following and spreading such an important message into their minds. While people like Nicole Arbour may be the type of people who bring us down, people like yourself bring us right back up and inspire us to keep going and feel the best in ourselves. Thank you for inspiring people every day, for standing up for myself and many others, and for openly supporting something that is so close to a lot of us.👸