Heinz Guderian.

Heinz Wilhelm Guderian (June 17, 1888 - May 14, 1954) was a German military, the Wehrmacht Generaloberst and Chief of the General Staff of the Army, considered one of the greatest military geniuses of the twentieth century and known as one of the main developers of the concept of Blitzkrieg modern, architect of mechanization Gun German armored cavalry of the Second World War.

His work was instrumental in developing armored vehicles in the two world wars, widely highlighting the Panzer II, III, IV and V Panther especially, some of the most effective of the second world war and among the most innovative in history. Guderian was one of the architects of the optimization of radio intercom gun blindada.1 His ideas were heavily influenced by theorists John Fuller and Liddell Hart2 and Soviet military Marshal Mikhail Tukhachevsky. During the invasion of Russia was known as one of the most effective and proactive general Eastern Front and was dubbed Schneller Hein


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