I Seriously Need To Know

I mean, I made GOD KNOWS how many posts about it, but I see it everywhere, and I need to know.

There is so much complaining in this fandom about how everyone favors:

1. Maya Hart

2. Lucaya

3. Peybrina

4. Sabrina Carpenter

And how everyone attacks:

1. Riley Matthews

2. Rilucas

3. Rilucas fans (or anyone who like Rilucas)

4. Reyton

5. Rowan Blanchard

And I’m not saying that no one attacks these characters/fans/people (everyone will say this post is an attack). Because I have.

But I seriously need to ask.

Why is it, when I’ve seen a number of anti-Maya posts, anti-Maya blogs, anti-Lucaya posts, anti-Lucaya fan posts, anti-Peybrina posts, anti-Sabrina posts, they are praised and loved and adored by all fans alike in the Girl Meets World fandom?

But, GOD forbid, anyone makes an anti-Riley post, or anti-Riley blog, or anti-Rilucas post, or anti-Rilucas fans post, or anti-Reyton post, or anti-Rowan post, everyone loses their damn minds and goes on the attack? And then these same exact people turn around and make and like and reblog the anti-Maya/Sabrina/Peybrina/Lucaya/Lucaya fans posts?

What in the world makes it okay for you to say whatever you want about people and characters and whatever, but if someone says something you don’t like, they deserve to be attacked and taken out?

And before I’m attacked for the belief that, “Oh, she hates Rowan and she hates Riley and she hates everyone!”


I think Rowan Blanchard and Sabrina Carpenter are both incredible, intelligent, lovable girls.  I think Riley Matthews and Maya Hart are both incredible characters. 

But this, “let’s bring one down to lift the other one up” and this, “let’s complain about how we’re the ones who are always attacked and then turn around and attack others because we don’t like what they say&we only want to say what we want to” is so utterly disgusting.

If you think I’m exaggerating and I’m just another, “Maya/Lucaya/Sabrina stan”, go to the, “Girl Meets World Confessions” page and look at the posts (including the likes and reblogs of the posts).

I can’t even imagine how it’s going to be once Girl Meets High School airs….

But I have an idea of how most of the fandom will be feeling about the Maya/Sabrina………

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Here it is! The HartSquared video I promised a long ago (on another blog. If you’re still following italianyoutubefangirl I’ll have you know that I forgot the password to that account. I know, I’m dumb).
Anyway, this is for hart2hartsquared, hope you enjoy and thank you for your patience! :D