hart nation

“It was the United States who used advanced chemical weapons in Syria. Your tax money literally goes to fund chemical weapons, agent orange and terrorist groups. They are trying to kill Syrians and make Assad look evil so we can puppet the country and build oil pipelines for Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

Remember that we fund ISIS, we are allies with Saudi Arabia and we are pushing for pipeline projects now more than ever - we are the terrorists. We are the terror. We are the United States.” - Andy Hart of @wearethemediatv (Instagram)


Remain Politically Active > https://alexaweinstein.tumblr.com/7_Ways

Reliable Sources of Information > https://alexaweinstein.tumblr.com/Sources

You guys liked Corey’s song I posted before so here’s him (and August and Sabrina) singing at the Paedena Playhouse:) I demand a musical episode for Girl Meets World beacause this is so cute.

I watched the jellybean scene

and then pondered all the reactions of rucas shippers and… here’s all I have to say:




nuff said. bye bitches.


Happy Halloween! 

Please enjoy my newest Rilaya video on this special day, where the only scary thing here is that they’re not canon.  ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Girl meets “World”

Texas = North America

Texas is main thing in the girl meets “World” fandom rn so texas is taking over the Whole country. Texas, a place where bull riding is the annual celebration. It’s a place where strawberry smoothies are always taken for granted and It’s divided into two sections The state of rucas & the state of lucaya.

Huckleberry Island = South America

Huckleberry Islands is a place where everyone is kind and loving towards their friends. Their national food is short stacks of pancakes with huckleberry sauce. The countries flag is mostly blue and everyone n the country always wears blue.

Farkle Nation = Europe, Asia & Middle East

Farkle Nation is the world’s biggest ruling countries. National foods are Sloppy joes & chicken pot pie  & for desserts it is angels food cake and devils food cake. The country used to be dictated but the ruler decided democracy was a better idea.

Mayaville = Africa

mayaville isn’t the safest country to live right now. Although there is alot of conflict in mayaville the citizens are happy with how their lives are. The national food is Pasta Bake and the country is amazing at arts and is very well known for its drawings, music and much more.

Rileytown = Australia & New Zealand 

Rileytown Is a very happy and joyful town, they don’t realise it but they are loved by some many other countries. national food is cotton candy and tater tots. National celebrations include national cheer day. 

*Please don’t take this offensively its just a fun little thing i made that i think everyone will enjoy xx*