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My Take on GM Sludge Promo

In no particular order…

1) I am aware that Farkle is not perfect, but I still love him despite his obvious flaws. It’s perfectly normal for a 14-year old boy to be sexist one way or another. Don’t hate on Farkle because he’s still growing just like Riley and Maya and the others. At the same time, it’s good that Farkle is not perfect. That makes him more relatable to male audiences especially (though I relate to him as a female too).

2) I really appreciate how the writers picked a science class setting for this episode. They could’ve done something non-STEM related episode like Liv and Maddie’s “What a Girl Is”, but instead they decided to focus on sexism in a community that generally doesn’t acknowledge it. There’s a lot of inequity in the STEM fields, with everything from males outnumbering females in the workforce to great discoveries being undercredited because it was done by a woman (ie Rosalind Franklin), and this episode really brings to light issues of prejudice in the scientific community rather than focusing on fashion like most shows do.

3) These girls are badass. They know what they want and they independently take initiative rather than rely on the help of a third party. It shows how much they’ve really grown up from the first episode.

4) Finally, the rest of the class is engaged! Props to Riley and Maya for showing that to defeat discrimination you need to work together as a collective rather than have only a few activists.

5) In general, I think Disney Movies/Disney Channel is getting better at bringing current issues into light, even if it means some nasty backlash from parents. Girl Meets World, Liv and Maddie, Good Luck Charlie, and even films like Inside Out are all giving kids a healthy dose of reality rather than filling their heads with purely delusional princess fantasies. Also, in general parents should know now not to shelter their child(ren) from the outside world because kids will simply find alternative means of obtaining the information adults keep under wraps, especially with the Internet.

The episode’s not out yet, but I want to hear your opinion, especially since it’s on such an important topic.

(Yes, I am a femenist.)

All of us have different processing speeds. We’re all, like, different computers operating at different algorithms. So just because you’re processing something faster, or somebody else is processing something slower, or they’re processing something faster and you’re processing it slower, doesn’t mean that there’s like a right and a wrong. You just are the way you are and you’re gonna process at your processing speed no matter what. So do what’s best for you, not what you see someone else doing as what’s best for them. But make sure it’s what’s best for you. Good luck.
—  Hannah Hart, MDK: Sweet Potato Mousse (x)

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