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Recently, I can’t stop watching this video (which I already loved) and picturing it as Eggsy dancing. 

He was forced to drop gymnastics, and so he started dancing instead. He had to keep it from his mom, and from Dean, so everything he does is self taught. He practices in abandoned buildings, dancing to songs that speak to his situation - a closeted gay boy, growing up in the estates, avoiding the abuse of his stepfather and trying to do right by his mother.

So, now at 24, Eggsy’s this amazing dancer, and no one has any idea. Until one day Harry, staking out a potential safe house for an upcoming mission, stumbles across Eggsy dancing to this song. And he is profoundly moved by what he sees, at the talent this young man has.

He shouldn’t do it, he knows, but he follows the boy, wanting to find out more about him. And that’s when he sees him return to the Unwin flat and he realizes who this boy must be. Eggsy Unwin, who he had to tell his father was dead because of his mistake. And he becomes determined to make things right by this boy.

Cue a secret benefactor that gets Eggsy an audition for a major dance company, and Harry inevitably falling head over heels for Eggsy.

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what are some of your kingsman ships? ps ily

I dont have any shippy art at the moment :’)) but aha Hartwin  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) hahahaha my brotps are Roxy and Eggsy aandd the knights of the round table lol ( like squad goals galahad, merlin, percival, etc XD)

oh wait i almost forgot

^^^^^ The update HAHAHAHAHA //shOT

Anon requested: #8 - “Can I borrow a shirt to wear?”
Pairing: Lucaya

A/N: Wanted to get this out for you guys bc an anon wanted some more of my writing!! Enjoy!


It was late and she fell asleep. She didn’t mean to fall asleep, but she did, they both did. Lucas was supposed to wake her up, but he ended up drifting off too.

“Huckleberry!” Maya shakes him.

Lucas awakes with a jolt. “W-what?” He mumbles, rubbing his sleepy, drooped eyes.

“It’s seven and we’re late for school!” Maya shrieks, running around his room desperately trying to stuff their books into their bags.

“Shit.” Lucas jumps out of bed, throws on a old shirt and fresh jeans that he thinks his mom just washed.

“Can I borrow a shirt to wear?” Maya mumbles, arms crossed as she leans on his desk.

Lucas turns to face her. “You want to borrow one of my shirts?”

Maya nods, biting her lip. “Well, I can’t go to school wearing the same shirt two days in a row, can I?”

“I guess you can’t.” Lucas shakes his head, tossing her a clean, red and black plaid shirt to put on. “Hey, now everyone will know you stayed over.” He points out.

“Or they’ll just think I stole your shirt because I look cute in it.” Maya smirks.

“Yes you do.”



Ir abelas, falon. I don’t have any today.”

Her apology only earned a disappointed huff from the hart. He looked at Aylen with big, dark sad eyes. Oh no, not that look. “I said I don’t have any. Not even for myself. I’m sorry, I’ll get you some as soon as I can, aye?”

She had no treats for him, as much as he wanted them. He kept nudging her with his nose to try and get into her pockets, but there were no fruits or sugar lumps there.

“Orion. No. Stop. No. I don’t have- Don’t nibble my coat you big- No!” She gave him a scolding frown and pushed him off of her: he’d knock her down on her arse if he kept on nudging and pushing! Fenedhis, he was so persistent today. It was slightly amusing though, and she chuckled. “I said I don’t have any, I’m sorry!”

Obviously, the Orion was not nearly as amused. When she pushed him away, he snorted and turned around to take a look. If his tiny elf refused to give him treats, then perhaps someone else would. And there he went, clopping on the opposite direction in search for someone who might have food. And there! He approached the nearest figure, letting out a curious sound and fully intent on getting himself something to munch on.

“Oh for Mythal’s sake!” Fantastic. Now she had to run after a big fat hart pickpocketing for treats! He couldn’t just go and do that!! He’d get in trouble, then she’d get in trouble because of him!

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lucaya "push" for the prompt thing pls <33

Send me a “Push” and I’ll write a drabble about one character pushing the other against a wall and kissing them + lucaya

“Shut up.”

“Why don’t you come over here and make me, cowboy?”

“Maybe I will.”

That’s how they find themselves in their current situation, Maya shoved against a wall with Lucas’ hands on each side of her head.

Maya’s eyes are wide, daring him to take the final step, to kiss her.

He smirks, leaning his head down so his lips softly brush against hers, leaving Maya’s legs weak like jello.

That’s it, he presses his lips to hers hard. The kiss starts soft and slow, then it gains speed, rumbling through their veins into their entire body.

Maya gasps as Lucas bites down on her bottom lip, and he takes her open mouth as an opportunity to slip his tongue inside. He explores her mouth with an intense will. She matches him, her tongue finding his.

Maya groans into his mouth, clutching his shirt with her small hands.

They pull away.

“L- Lucas.” A breathless Maya gasps for air. “What was that?”

“I kissed you.” He states.

Maya rolls her eyes. “Yes. But why?”

“Because I wanted to.”

He smashes his lips back onto hers, fast, with no time to waste.

Honestly, let’s talk about how Eggsy is a book worm. Reading books all the time when he’s home from a mission or even just an hour or two during break time at HQ. Tell me that he has a secret stash of romance hiding somewhere in HQ, and indulges the break time he has before running around. Tell me, our smol egg son has a library of his own that Harry built for him for all the books he has, and future books. Like, can you imagine, Eggsy just sitting on the sofa, nudged into that corner of the sofa at his and Harry’s home, wearing nothing but a big baggy sweater with pug socks or slippers, holding a book in front of his face, seeping into the word of whatever he’s reading? And sometimes, Harry enjoys a nice whisky while reading or looking through paperwork in the same room as Eggsy. Like, can you imagine, Harry hearing tiny squeaks and soft gasps coming from Eggsy, while his boy is engrossed reading his book? Let’s talk about how much Eggsy is a book worm, who enjoys reading all the time.

Why do I feel as though Roxy would tease Harry with the fact that she has seen Eggsy naked a lot more times then Harry has, which is none, after she figures out that the older agent may have a liking that is more than mentor and apprentice towards Eggsy?

I see her and Eggsy being basically comfortable walking around in their knickers (or at times less depending just how much of a rush they are in for a mission) with the other there due to the fact they shared a n open room during training and probably occasionally rooms/lockers when they decide to sleep over with the other in base. I can so see Roxy teasing Harry every chance she can get, describing adorable little quirks that Eggsy has that only she has noticed so far. Like the adorable twin birth mark that Eggsy has near the side of his butt, or the scatter of freckles here and there. I don’t see her bringing up any of the deeper scars that Eggsy may carry due to his time with Dean, she respects him too much to tell anyone that if Eggsy himself is not comfortable saying it either, but I can see her proudly stating some of the scars that he has received and kept from certain missions.

Why do I feel as though Roxy and Eggsy would so compare one another’s battle wounds with each other? I just see that happening XD

But yeah, there you have Harry being teased because not only is he pining, he is now filled with so much curiosity in whether what Roxy is saying is true or not (I see her making some stuff up just to pull Harry’s leg, though I also see her being particularly evil by eluding on Eggsy’s dick size…oh god XD; ), so enter in a bit of pent of frustration as well as a dash of jealousy, but Harry does his best to take it all in stride. Because he is the very epitome of what it is to be a gentleman, dammit!

That is right until Roxy gives a small passing tease/push that Charlie, the previous Arthur’s candidate, along with other boys have most likely seen Eggsy naked as well due to the fact that they had also shared that small wide open room together. Everything just explodes after that.

And then you have Eggsy, who is so oblivious and innocent to the matter, not at all helping whenever he is caught exiting Roxy’s room with ruffled clothing after having taken a nap there, or pining after Harry but holding everything in because Harry is so far out of his reach, or so he believes.

Merlin is just so done with everyone that he basically goes with the flow and watch the clock that will tell when he can go home. At least up until Roxy drags him in on her plan and he finds the buried treasure of enjoyment when it comes to teasing Eggsy about Harry since the two did use to work field together back in the day XD

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Prompt: maya looses ginger and Lucas is the only one willing to help her look for him. Maya looses hope which leads to a lucaya moment and ginger shows up last second


“Riley! Thank god you finally picked up! I lost Ginger and can’t find her. Please come help me?”

Maya waits for a few seconds while Riley takes her sweet time to respond.

“You lost your cat?”


“You lost your rat?” Riley innocently wonders and Maya can’t help but laugh.

“No, god, Riles. Ginger is a ferret, remember? We’ve been over this plenty of times.”

“Oh yeah! Your cat that’s a rat is actually a ferret.”

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Can you do another "Roam" with Cory or Shawn walking in on them and then wants to give them the sex talk

this was fun… i’m still laughing lmao.


This was a bad idea, doing what they were doing smack dab in the back of Topanga’s cafe in the kitchen.

Maya’s straddling Lucas, one of her hands curled in his blonde hair, and the other wrapped around his bicep.

Lucas’ withering under Maya, she’s doing things with her hips and lower body that really should be illegal.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that Cory and Shawn walk into the kitchen with a handful of bagels and chips.

Maya looks over Lucas’ shoulder, and freezes.

“Oh crap.” She mutters, pushing herself off Lucas and stands by his side.

Lucas turns around slowly, sensing the incoming danger. “Hey, Mr. Matthews…. Shawn…”

Cory drops his bagel in shock. “Why are you touching Maya like that?”

Shawn turns to Cory absentmindedly. “Uh, Cor, they’re kissing.”

“Shawny! Your daughter is being groped by this… this…. cowboy!” Cory cries, hands thrown all over the place.

May groans and rolls her eyes. “He was not groping me.”

Lucas also disagrees.

“I was not groping her!”

“Let’s talk about sex, kids.” Shawn grins, wiggling his eyebrows up and down, causing Maya and Lucas to shiver in horror.

“Nope.” Maya plugs her ears.

“Sex is a beautiful thing shared between two people who love each other.” Shawn starts. “But, Maya, you can get pregnant if you’re not safe.”

“Damnit, Shawn, I know that.” Maya mumbles, hiding her head in Lucas’ chest.

“There are also many sex positio-”


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#3 lucaya*

“Fuck me” + lucaya

…. this turned out so weird ?? enjoy ??


They’re smack dab in the middle of a make out session when Shawn and Cory walk into her room.

Lucas’ eyes widen and he pulls away from

“Well, fuck me.”

Maya makes it worse.

“Dad, Cory… you know Lucas.”

“What the hell is going on here?” Shawn mutters out and glances back at forth from them and Cory in confusion.

“Well, Shawny, it seems as if they’re kissing.”

“Yes, Cory. I can see that, I do have eyes, believe it or not.” Shawn resumes his glaring, but now focuses his gaze more on his friend instead of the two.

“What does all this mean?” Cory throws his hands up in the air, and Maya thinks he might be drunk because he’s usually much more protective of her then this.

Shawn rolls his eyes and waits for Maya’s answer.

“Lucas and I are sorta dating.”

“What?” Shawn bursts. “And you didn’t even mention it to me? Your father? Your entire heart and soul?”

Maya bites back a laugh.

“I guess I like to keep my love life private.”

“Yeah, we can see that.” Cory butts in, pointing his finger between the two.

Lucas shudders as they glare at him.

“Hey! I didn’t do anything wrong here! We were just kissing a little.”

“A little?” Shawn huffs.

“More like a lottle.”