hart fisher

Hartwin Detective AU

I’ve been watching a lot of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries (and if you haven’t seen/ heard of that show yet FOR THE LOVE OF GOD WATCH IT MISS FISHER IS SO PERFECT) and I was like, why not a Hartwin AU?

You know, business as usual.

So, since I’ve been thinking about this for the better part of a month now, it got a little… out of hand.

Basically, Eggsy is the estranged grandson of Chester King, though the two are pretty much forced to reunite when Chester’s health begins to fail and Eggsy is his only surviving heir. Unfortunately, Eggsy would rather ‘gallivant’ with the lower classes than ever be a part of the snotty, arrogant, upper-class crowd that his dad fought so hard to keep him away from. Things aren’t helped when a murder happens within the King household, and that’s when Detective Inspector Harry Hart enters the picture.

Eggsy, being naturally brilliant and too curious for his own good, sort of muscles his way in on the case and “assists” the good Inspector. Harry is quite obviously annoyed, but he can’t deny that Eggsy is pretty good at the whole investigating thing. In the end, they work together to solve the murder, and they do, and that seems like that’s the end of that. BUT NO

Eggsy decides he quite likes the detective business, although he hates the process the police have to go through, and so he begins making a name for himself as a private investigator, to Harry’s chagrin. He keeps interfering with all his cases, and to make matters worse, he’s a charming little shit. Who is also unfairly pretty. And seems to enjoy flirting with Harry at every. Single. Opportunity.

And then, naturally, feelings develop.

I keep imagining this as a TV show so there’d be a ton of sideplots, like Chester and Eggsy’s inheritance dilemma (and family drama), Eggsy’s mum and that suspicious new boyfriend of hers, and lots of snark coming from Harry’s two constables, James and Merlin.

Roxy would be the first aristocrat Eggsy genuinely likes hanging around- and she helps him investigate crimes, of course. And I like to imagine Charlie as this stuck-up rich kid who gets accused of a murder he didn’t commit; Eggsy helps prove him innocent and they become friends after that uwu

but yeah. I have an entire folder full of story ideas and unfinished drafts, so I’m just going to leave this here for a while. Also, coming up with murder-mystery plots is hard.

anyway you guys should watch Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries. It’s on Netflix. And it’s fucking amazing.

k bye