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i loved Kingsman, and its been on my mind since i saw it.  so have some cuteness, and be happy.


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Farkle: “How is there magic? That’s impossible.” 

Maya: “Wow, man do I wanna be like her.”

Riley: “You know, the Charmings give me hope that true love is out there.” 

The film was charming and witty, as expected. Was it better than the first? Not really. What made the first film so much better was that it was unsuspecting, and therefore, surprising in many ways. Coming in to the second film, we already know what to expect, and what we want to see. In many ways, it delivered and lived up to expectations, it just did not exceed it. And that’s okay. Not all films should be revolutionary. It was entertaining, and I cannot wait for its next installment.

Our Last Summer

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The summer air was soft and warm when Y/N and Harry fell in love during a chance encounter whilst Y/N took a gap year to travel the world, first stop was Paris. Harry was there on a mission with the Kingsman, he had been a Kingsman for around a year and was enjoying every moment of it. It beat any desk job he could have had after University.

Feelings coiled around Harry’s heart as his breath was taken away as he watched the young lady he knew now to be known as Y/N walked past him, her hair blowing in the light breeze, her sweet scent engulfing his nostrils. A small piece of paper dropped from her pocket and Harry made it his mission to give it back to her. “Mademoiselle!” He called out as he raced along the Elysee to catch her up. The young lady turned around at the call of his voice. “Excusez moi, Mademoiselle,” Harry smiled as he tried his best French to speak to the lady before him.

“British right?” The girl smiled as she eyed the smartly dressed man. “Oui- I mean yes,” Harry replied nervously, he had never seen such a beautiful woman before. He then stuttered out, “I believe you dropped this,” Harry held out the piece of paper to the woman, who took it from him, “Thank you, Mister…” she trailed off. Harry flashed her a charming smiled, “Hart. Harry Hart.” Y/N’s heart began to beat quickly and she grinned, “Well Mr. Hart, as a thank you, would you accompany to a cafe and I will buy us a coffee?” She twisted her feet waiting for a reply. “It would be an honour, Miss…” She chuckled softly. “Y/L/N, Y/N Y/L/N, Mister Hart.” Holding out his arm to her, Y/N softly took it, “Please, just call me Harry.”

The pair took a seat in a small café and ordered coffees. Y/N listened to Harry as he spoke of politics and philosophy whilst Y/N just smiled like the Mona Lisa at each of the words that came. That moment they began to take a chance in building a blossoming summer romance.

Walking the streets of London, high heels strapped to her feet, she avoided each puddle as she daydreamed about that summer. She could still recall it so clearly. The walls they took hand in hand along the river Seine and the laughter that would emerge from their lips as the rain began to fall. That summer she spent with Harry Hart, those memories still remained clear in her mind.

 As Harry put up his umbrella and stepped outside onto the streets of London, his eyes saw the reflection of light in the rushing water into the drain. A smile came across his lips as his mind took him back to the times he spent in Paris with the Y/N.

They made our way along the river and Harry laid a blanket in the grass in the perfect view of the Eiffel Tower. It was their first date after the night they met and Harry was so thankful and happy that they had met.  They were so young then, not a care in the world, no regrets to be had. Yet, as Harry walked along in the Thames, Big Ben in sight, he began to realise he regretted the moment he was called back to London, leaving Y/N. Seeing the flowers that grew near the Thames, he chuckled to himself at the thought of the daisy he tucked in her hair.

Bumping into a woman, Harry quickly apologised, “I’m terribly sorry,” He supported the woman who wobbled in her heels. Harry’s mind was else where when he bumped into the women. His thoughts were laced in Y/N, where she was, what she was doing, was she happy? The time they spent together in Paris, though happy, was filled with fear of growing up. They took their chance with their romance and now Harry regretted the moment he left France.

“No apologies needed, I should’ve been looking where I was going,” The woman laughed as she regained her balance. The sweet tone in her voice sounded familiar as Harry fully took at the woman who he held in his arms. Her piercing eyes and her puckered lips caused his mind to jump back to that summer. It was all so clear to him. The tourist jam around the Notre Dame. “Sorry, do I know you? You seem so familiar,” Harry asked taking his hands off of the girl. “Hart? Harry Hart?” The girl questioned, a surprised look on her face. 

Harry nodded as the pair stood under Harry’s umbrella as the rain began to pour. All the memories they shared together that summer. The Paris restaurants, the morning croissants they shared. The times they lived for the day, all their worries were so far away. The times they could laugh and play without a care in the world. “Gosh, how long has it been?” Y/N questioned, stepping closer to Harry as drops of water dropped from the edge of the umbrella. Her scent drifted across his nostrils, the same scent that he had come to love all those years ago.

He shrugged, wrinkling his suit slightly, “Years, say, would you like to get a drink, I’m sure we have a lot to catch up on,"  He held out his arm like he did the first day they had met, a soft smile graced her lips, "I’d like that,” Y/N replied as they began to set out to a local bar.

“So let me get this right, you’re working as a tailor?” Harry nodded, “And your a big football fan?” Y/N questioned, a smile tickled her lips. All those years ago, she wouldn’t have taken Harry to be the typical English family man. “Yes, all correct, but I’m still single. The closest thing I have to a family was my dog Mr Pickles, but he pasted not too long ago.” Harry confessed as he watched Y/N’s beautiful features in the bar light as he sipped on some whiskey. “That life seems so dull,” Y/N admitted, “My life is just as dull if I’m completely honest.” She would never admit she followed Harry back to London and had been living here ever since. She saw how happy he had become and how he easily moved on. Yes, it broke her heart to watch him move on but he was still the hero of her dreams. 

“I can still recall our last summer Harry,” Y/N said, swirling her finger around the rim of her glass. Her eyes didn’t meet his. “I do too, the walks along the Seine. You kicking up the puddles in the rain,” Harry laughed as he lifted up her chin, to meet his eyes. “Why did you leave me?” She asked as she pushed away his hand. Guilt coursed through Harry’s veins. He could never tell Y/N about his job, his real job. “Why did you leave behind all the memories that we made?” She questioned as she pushed away her chair. “I urmI,” Harry stuttered.

“I followed you to London, only to see you moved on Harry, it broke my heart, yet I’m still in love with you…I’ve been in love with you for all these years. Yet, you’ve still only met me with disappointment and heart ache,” Harry watched tears well in her eyes. She scrolled something on a small napkin. “Call me when you’re ready to admit why you left behind all our memories,” Y/N said bluntly, her voice shaking. Harry watched her walk about if the bar, his heart breaking.

Magic Fingers - Part Three of Four

Yessss my good peeps, I am back with that silly story of mine! We are closer to the end and the actual date :D

We are totally away from spa-related stuff now, but eh, who cares? :p There is still Harry freaking out about his date and now Merlin being 100% done with him

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Magic Fingers

Part One - Part Two

Part Three

“Merlin, I need a favour.”

Merlin sighs and consider just hanging up on Harry, but the thing is, after decades knowing the man, he’s developed some kind of Stockholm syndrome.

“If you need me to bail you out, again, you’ll have to wait until the restaurant closes up. Tonight’s the busiest night of the week.”

“Shit. Shit, shit, shit, fuck.”

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Girl Meets Game Night? More like…


Actual canon dialogue. This episode was hella gay.

“You and me. Let’s win this thing.”

I mean seriously. Maya watches Topanga say that to her husband and goes: “I should say the exact same thing to Riley and mimic Topanga’s intonation as closely as possible.” She steps onto the same playing field as CORY AND TOPANGA, in front of Lucas and everybody, and effectively says to Riley, “this is where you and I belong.”

They’re linking arms and making some fierce heart-eyes at each other. Maybe I’m just a touch-deprived introvert, but are people usually like that when they’re just friends?

Come on!

I mean, this thing is basically like a gay Terrigen Crystal, right? Those who have the gay within them get it awoken when they take the diviner to the temple play the long game.

More like Girl Meets GAY Night, amirite?

I have more friends than fingers. I have seen more love than most, but I have also seen more good people turn evil than most. I have loved and lost in each and everyone of my lives. And I will keep losing people and finding love in the oddest places. Because that is life…😍

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