OKAY. I’m going to show you a thing... but you need to promise to control yourselves.

THIS is the cover to Pathfinder Origins #5, a story I wrote called “Heartwood.”

Now please… restraint.

When you’re able to read again, here’s the gist. It’s the fifth part in the Pathfinder Origins series and features the Pathfinder iconic ranger, Harsk, and the iconic druid, Lini—as well as a smokin’ boy dryad, a lovely old lady, nasty redcaps, a racoon bard, a lazy badger, and a few other folks you know from Sandpoint.

The comic releases from Dynamite Comics next month, but THIS is the Paizo.com exclusive version. So, if you want this, you need to order it here.

I really expected Pathfinder Origins #3, featuring Seoni and Seltyiel (AVAILABLE NOW), to be my favorite of the two comics I wrote for this series, but this one ended up being way more fun than I’d expected. It’s a bit different from the usually fantasy hit-a-monster fare, so I think you’re all really going to dig it.

So there you go! And if some how you don’t get the reference, here.

Thank you all again for your restraint. :)



One more (three more) reason(s) to check out Pathfinder Origins #5: Druids, nature magic, fuzzy animals!

Aside from getting to see Lini, Pathfinder’s iconic druid, doing her thing, we also get a lot of her ferocious snow leopard companion, Droogami.

This also marks the appearance of Harsk’s rarely seen, here-now, gone-again animal companion Biter. (Yeah, that’s cannon.) As you can see above, there’s a bit of a reason for the name.

I also love that last frame, where Droogami and Biter have a deep, animal chat in the foreground. :D

Pathfinder Origins #5 from Dynamite Comics is a largely stand-alone story and it’s out now! Ask for it at your favorite comic shop, pick it up right now on Comixology, or get your Paizo exclusive cover right here!

Thanks for checking it out!