I don’t drink and I can’t sleep
I drink and I can’t wake up

I don’t drink and I am too harsh
I drink and I’m too chill

I don’t drink and I’m cold
I drink and I am too friendly

I don’t drink and I’m sad
I drink and I’m depressed

I don’t drink and I can’t stop thinking about drinking
I drink and I want to stop thinking about drinking

There is no way out of this hell
Think twice before you fall in love with your drink

- Hira


Summary/translations of AKB48 Tadaima, Idouchuu #12 (hulu original ver., features further talks between members that were not aired on Tabishoujo)


Apparently they talked much more detailed than in tabishoujo, and there’re lots I wanna include >.< so I think I’ll separate into 3 parts.

  1. 1st one is when they were on the bus
  2. 2nd is when they were at the hamburger&steak restaurant, and
  3. 3rd is when they were at the cottage

Read PART 2 | Read PART 3 | Read summary/translations of Tabishoujo #12

Yukirin’s kennin in NGT48

M: It’s like starting again from zero right?

Y: But I mainly feel excited and looking forward to it.

Y: I’ve never been in a group right from the time it forms. But because it’s kennin, I can feel sad right before it even starts.

M: The feeling of sadness when your kennin is cancelled?

Y: Yeah

M: I’ve never got a kennin position before so I don’t really know, but it’s definitely sad when your kennin is cancelled and you get separated from the members you’ve been with and working together

M: It’s the same with when you have kennin in Namba right?

Y: Kinda, but NMB is an already-formed group, so it just felt like “thank you for have taken care of me”, but for NGT, because it’ll start from 0, I’ll be a part in creating the group, so…

M: Right, so just get separated suddenly is kinda…

Y: Not just that, I’ll be the only one to get separated won’t I?

M: You’d feel like a parent, right, because you’ll look over new members like that.

Y: Yeah

Y: Because it’s kennin, so in spite of how much I teach my kouhai and how hard I try, by the time it’s become a group that can have a CD debut I may not be there anymore, right? But I really want to make NGT48 be successful, and not all about my loss and gain.

Yukirin sees that team A and then HKT have lots of young energetic members so a group with all adults in it is also good (refer to NGT)

Mayuyu mentioned the two draft members as they look mature, and Yukirin said that they can be the basis/standard for the group.

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13 skate

13. “It hurts!”

(Nate’s POV)

I watched the pictures the paps made of my ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend. She looked… happy. She never looked like this when we were together.

“Aye, man. Have you seen those pics of-”

“Yeah.” I interrupted John. “I have.” I harshy swallowed.

“She looks different.” He commented while sitting next to me. “Not like when you two were together.”

“Happy.” I vaguely answered.

“Nah, she doesn’t look happy. It’s rather a cover up.”

“She’s happy.” I once again said.

“No, it’s-”

“She is fucking happy! When she was with me she never looked like this, she’s fucking glowing, man! Dude, why didn’t she look so… so alive when she was with me? I don’t fucking get it!” I suddenly burst out.

It was 90% of drunk and high Nate speaking. Which is, the truth, “It fucking hurts, bro! Does- Does that mean I was shit? Does that mean she was never happy to be with me? Fuck,”

Swazz was just sitting there, looking like some demon possessed me. “I’m telling you… It’s a cover up, bro.” He quietly said.

I buried my face in my hands, “I talked to her this morning.” Swazz said, making me look up at him. “She ain’t happy, man. At all.


Harshi & Satnam | Wedding Highlights videofrom Rolling Canvas Presentations

This video captures some very sweet details of this Indian wedding. Punjabi weddings always look like so much fun! The bride looks beautiful in her sparkling pink bridal, and her bridesmaids look great as well.


A/N: this is my first reader insert fic!!! I just wanted to do some freelance writing with random ideas i had– more or less reader has been friends with peter since childhood and has always stood up for him and held his hands through things so seeing the change is weird and yada yada idk i was playing around!! sorry if theres mistakes i got lazy and didnt feel like spell checking – ps sorry i didnt use gender neutral pronouns! i will next time– that being said too if you have any writing recs for peter/reader or want me to continue this one shoot me an ask! <3 ok thats all im done rambling

“I guess I don’t … I’m not used to it.”

Y/N sat, her back propped up against the blue tint of Peter’s bedroom wall. Her mind tapped away at the thoughts she’d accumulated in the past week– that is,her best friend was (is) the one that New York looks towards as “Spiderman”.

The idea stressed her out, frankly, that her best friend (if not her only friend) was becoming the crime fighting web slinging hero that everyone so admired. It was too ironic to her. Her awkward friend with his soft arms and t shirts coated in stains from Aunt May’s spaghetti. The kid who stuttered over his own words, that she had to fight for ever since his parents died when they were young; he was spiderman.

“ Neither am I.” He replied, tapping his pencil away at some problem about some kind of inverse functions in polynomial equations.

The simplicity of everything about their lives, their relationship, that’s what seemed to hurt the most. That the reason he’d been missing school in the morning was because he stayed up too late, swinging across the skyline like it was no big deal. Especially after he cared so mind blowingly much about his education and school and science. He changed. Y/N wasn’t used to change like that, in that sort of large capacity. She was used to changes like ‘can we get together around 6 instead of 5?’ and ‘make sure you’re wearing a jacket today, it’s starting to cool down’– not ‘I’m spiderman.’

It scared her. Not just the thought that he was going about, getting in small fights and earning spreads of violet and blue across his cheeks and eyes, but because she was the one that was used to doing that. Hell, she only signed up for self defense and karate classes in the 4th grade because she wanted to protect him– not because her parents were scared about her walking alone around the busy streets of New York. Everything she did was to protect and defend the things she loved, and she just had to love Peter Parker above all things.  

“Sorry, I’m just used to being the one to defend you … I guess… and I– I don’t have to anymore? You’re taller than me and ‘I’m starting to think you might be smarter than me and nothing’s like it was when–”

“I was normal”

“I guess you could say that. But I don’t think you’ve ever been normal. You used to tuck your shirt into your sweatpants in third grade–”

“I’ll stop you there, don’t ruin this moment … I mean– I don’t think you’ve ever been this open with me, so there’s something that’s changing for the better if it makes you feel… better”

She glanced to the side.

“Sorry I’m so tense.”

“W- You’re not!”

“I am.”


He paused

“ It’s not that you’re tense i just feel like you don’t talk to me about how you’re feeling. . I mean, after so many years with you i’ve started to assume what your actions mean but you’ve never been open with me and I– It scares me! That you might be keeping your feelings from me just because you don’t want me to worry.”

She looked at him with her eyes bigger than a full moon. Not out of surprise, but out of realization– that what she did to prevent worrying others only worried them more. Sure, she had her feelings, but she always told herself to tough it out. She had to be the strong one.

“I’m sorry,Y/N i’m not trying to bag on you i just guess– i feel like you pity me sometimes and because of that you feel like you’re not allowed to … tell me if you’re sad or uncomfortable.”


“And now that I’m– what, this big ‘tall’ smart guy… you’re starting to pity me less and it scares you… maybe.”

She knit her eyebrows together

“N-Not in a bad way I mean I’m not upset–” He started

“Don’t lie to me to make me feel better. You always do that.”

“S.. orry.”

“Me too.”

“Just… I still rely on you for things y’know? You can do the same with me, I can be supportive.” He pulled at the sleeve of his shirt, and flexed “I mean, check these guns amiright.”
Y/N smiled, which happened to be a rare occurrence. But these sort of moments made her feel so at home. So nostalgic and loving towards her best friend, this nerd.

“What guns? Where? I think I need a microscope, do you still keep yours in your desk?” She joked, looking over towards the small white desk squeezed into the corner of his room.

“Harsh! HarshY/N.”

She turned back, flicking her sleek hair across her back. A small smile tugged at the side of her warm cheeks, “I think when I look at you I’m always just gonna’ see the same kid that stood all proudly next to his junk science fair volcano in kindergarten y’know. It’s weird, like how when you see your relatives you haven’t seen for a while and they’re like ‘oh you’ve grown so much’ and you just stand there kind of confused. That’s me with this.”

Peter decided to shut his chunky algebra book, a soft wave of air coming from it. He sat it to the side of his wrinkled bed sheets and repositioned himself to lean a shoulder against his bedpost to face Y/N.

“You afraid you’re gonna lose me or something? I- I mean you know you’re my best friend and I mean I love.. I love you and all that mushy gushy stuff.”

“Maybe you’re right maybe I’m just afraid of something like that. Like, moments like this seem rare nowadays where as a couple months ago it was nearly every day. “

“M’ sorry Y/N-”

“No it’s” she paused slightly, retracting emotions. “It’s fine. I understand you have this weird duty to fulfill now.”

“Now who’s the one lying to make another feel better huh?”

She shot a glare at him. They knew each other too well. Any sort of interaction between the two was mutual. Neither could lie because the other could see right through it, and nobody wants the one they love to lie. Nobody wants the one they love taken from them either. So maybe that’s what it was. Y/N was jealous, she was jealous of the world and of dumb spider chemical things that she didn’t want to even try to understand, she was jealous of Tony Stark and the normalcy between Peter that he took from her. Y/N was also angry, angry that she couldn’t do more like she’d always done, angry at the world that refused to turn any slower and angry at her hands for shaking so much when she woke up at three am and peter was gone in Berlin getting hit god knows where by god knows who.

And most of all Y/N was in love, because she was angry and scared and jealous and at home and her hands got ecstatic from small brushes of skin between borrowed pencils. And she was so unsure about the love she had– because was it romantic or platonic?

Her gaze softened.

“I don’t know. I love you I guess, just don’t die or I’ll kill you.”

[part 2]