harsh humour

Why does everyone characterize James and Sirius as 

a) Stupid.

b) Scared of the tiniest things.

c) Extremely emotional.

d) Basically a couple of fluffy bunny rabbits.

I just don’t feel comfortable with so many (not all – some seem spot on)  of the fan depictions I’ve seen of them. They don’t have the same harshness or dark humour we see in the books, they’re not as sharply intelligent, they’re way kinder to everyone, they’re not nearly as real. They’re too goofy and seem like charicatures. Like, yes we see them make stupid jokes in the canon. Light-hearted, fun things, like the ‘furry little problem’ gag and the whole of the Harry Potter Prequel, but we also see their darker elements and you can tell that their humour is quite sharp, not all falling around and acting ridiculously. Sirius played a joke on Snape that almost got him killed, for goodness sake. Don’t pretend he was a harmless idiot who slacked off all his work. Yes they made jokes about the name ‘Elvendork’ but they also hexed random students when they were teenagers.