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I found this the other day and thought it was pretty cool, since I can fully endorse it. Mostly because I spent a month in Vietnam, but also because I wrote the extended version in my memoir:

How to cross a street in Vietnam

What was cool about HCMC was that the roads were filled with 90% motorbikes, which made traffic a helluva lot easier to tolerate. Unlike cars, motorbikes can move freely, avoiding pedestrians and other bikes with ease, instead of blocking traffic and causing congestion. One of the things we’d learned while being in Vietnam is that, while it looks dangerous and intimidating to cross a street filled with zooming motorbikes, it’s actually fairly easy. The people on motorbikes are constantly watching out for you, the pedestrian. So when someone crosses the street, they will easily maneuver around you. But the trick is this: NEVER stop in the middle of traffic. The motorbikes are watching and anticipating your moves—they are either plotting to go ahead of you or behind you. If you stop, that fucks them up and you risk being hit.

So my advice to crossing the street is this: find a good place to cross, find a decent gap in traffic, then walk, WITHOUT stopping, and WITHOUT looking from side to side, keep your eyes straight and un-deflected, like you’re walking with blinders. While this may seem stupid and suicidal, my reasoning is if you look from side to side and see the motorbikes coming straight for you, you’ll panic and freeze up, thinking that you need to jump out of the way. But NO, they need to avoid you, not you avoid them. The motorists know what they are doing. They’ll go around you. Hell, I’ll bet you could even cross the street with your eyes closed and you’d make it to the other side just fine. (It’s true, I tried it.)

Something's Gotta Give ♡

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader & Hoseok x Your Best Friend.

Genre: Fluff.

Note: This is literally just random drabbles I had sitting in my memos so don’t take it too seriously ♡

A profound stillness had cast itself over the hotel room in which Bangtan and their two female protege’s were residing.
It was 3:00am, and all was quiet, as it should be at that ridiculous hour of the morning.
All that there was were quiet snores, steady breathing, chests rising and falling to their own beats, faces buried into pillows, lips slightly parted and hair falling over faces as the nine of them rested.
The stark blare of Namjoons alarm caused him to sit bolt upright, slamming one of his large hands down onto the bedside table to shut it off.
He sat there for a moment, attempting to level his breathing, running his hands over his face and through his hair and rubbing his eyes before swinging his legs over the side of the bed.
With heavy steps he slowly ambled out into the hallway, yawning and running his hands along the wall as to not walk into anything.
“Rise and shine! We have two hours to get out of here and head to the airport!" 
He yelled hoarsley, hoping his voice carried far enough to wake them while stumbling towards the kitchen and collapsing on a bar stool, his elbows propped up on the bench, his head in his hands while he sat in the dark, a thick cloud of sleep deprivation and nausea overcoming him.

Jungkook stirred at the sound of Namjoons voice travelling dully through the walls and into his room.
He nuzzled into the pillow further, attemping to ignore it as it slowly tore him from the peaceful slumber he had let himself fall into late last night.
The warmth in the bed and darkness enveloping the room comforted him, and he wasn’t ready to leave the sea of sheets and blankets when it was snowing outside.
Beside him he felt the weight on the bed shift, he groaned as the warmth was taken away.
"You’re not actually getting up are you?”
He mumbled, still face down in the pillow.
“Well thanks to you Jungkook, considering you took most of the bed and blanket while still finding the time to kick me every five seconds I wasn’t exactly asleep, and you should be getting up too, our flight leaves at 7:00am and you haven’t packed like I asked you to last night.”
Y/N scolded, standing at the foot of the bed. Although it was dark Jungkook could make out her sillhouette, arms folded, hip cocked to one side as she glared at him, with that stern gaze he knew all too well was a facade.
Deciding she’d waited long enough for a response she took the bottom of the blanket between both hands and yanked it clean off the bed and grinning to herself.
He yelped at the sudden cold hitting him and sat bolt upright.
“Ok! I’m up!” He wailed, she threw the blanket onto the floor and smiled to herself, launching a jumper at him, hitting him square in the face.
“It’s not my fault you only sleep in boxers Jungkook, maybe if you actually wore clothing to bed you wouldn’t have this problem.”
She countered, feeling slight heat rise in her cheeks after seeing his bare torso in the dimly lit room.
“You’re such a brat sometimes Y/N.”
He grumbles while pushing past her into the dark hallway, she followed close behind, wanting him to be the first to find out if there was anything to trip over on the way.
He dragged his feet along the ground as though they were made out of lead, yawning and ruffling his hair.
“Could you actually move any slower?” She groaned, jabbing his back with her fingers.
To further annoy her he stopped dead in his tracks, causing her to walk into him, her chest coming into contact with his back.
She brought her hands down against his back in a harsh slap before barging past, no longer having the patience, and joined Namjoon in the kitchen, sighing as she sat down beside him.
“What’s your issue?”
He asked tiredly, giving her a bleak sympathetic smile.
“Why the hell did you stick me with the maknae? He’s not golden he’s downright annoying.”
She huffed, putting her head in her hands and whining, slowly massaging her temples.
“Because despite what you might think he actually happens to like you, might have a funny way of showing it but, it makes things easier.”
She brandishes a hand in the air questioningly.
“For who exactly? Because the only thing it’s making easier for me is deciding whether or not to throw him off the balcony.”
Namjoon laughed at her bluntness, his chuckles joined by Jungkooks as he wandered to the sink for a glass of water.
“Is that any way to talk about your oppa?”
He mocks, taking a swig and pouting at her.
“Please don’t flatter yourself, you’re barely a year older than me.”
She scoffed, rolling her eyes and turning away from him in protest.
He laughed again before placing the glass in the sink and flicking the excess water off his hands at her and sauntering back into his room.
Her fists clenched as she wiped the water away.
“He’s being a kid Y/N, ignore him.”
Namjoon tried to reason, she got up to turn on the light.
“I only have so much patience Joon.”
He shook his head before getting up to see if anyone else was as obedient as the two younger ones were.

Everyone apart from your best friend and Hoseok were out of their beds.
“When do you two love birds intend on getting up?”
Namjoon asked the tangled mass of bodies residing under the sheets.
She nuzzled into Hoseoks neck, Hobi pulling her body closer by the waist.
“We packed last night and only need to dress.” Hobi mumbles drawing light circles soothingly on her back.
“Ok, but you might want to get up before Y/N throws Jungkook off the balcony, she’s at her wits end, barely slept.”
“They need to hurry up and date already this is getting ridiculous.”
Hoseok interjected, sighing.
“If she wasn’t so proud and he wasn’t so competitive it may have happened already.”
She says against his skin, Hobi shuddering at the newfound sensation.

Namjoon shakes his head before exiting, leaving them to get whatever precious sleep they could while it lasted.
As he emerged into the kitchen once more he was met by a sight he wasn’t used to seeing, everyone actually making an attempt to help each other.
“Jimin are your clothes packed?”
“Tae did you empty the bathroom?”
“Yoongi check the cupboards!”
“Jin what time is check in?”
Y/N was asking and ordering while scurrying from one room to another, and what’s more, is they were all listening.
He grinned to himself, feeling a sense of pride before padding to his bedroom, they had this under perfect control.
Everything was happening at a timely pace, except Jungkook had gone back to bed.
Y/N walked into the dark room and rolled her eyes as she saw the unmistakable lump under the bedding.
‘He must be tired….’
She thought, proceeding to pack all of his things away, making sure he was ready when they had to leave, laying out fresh clothes.
Before she went to leave the bedside and check on everyone else Jungkook grabbed her wrist.
A sleep riddled “Stay.” Left his lips.
She rolled her eyes, which seemed to be all she was doing today, and pulled back the covers, slipping into the bed with him once again.
She hissed as she brushed against his icy skin by accident.
“You’re frozen!” She scolded, rubbing his arm, he flinched at the contact, shivering slightly.
'Why does she make you like this?’ He asked himself.
She nibbled at her bottom lip, debating what to do next.
“Come here.” She whispered, nudging a knee between his legs and shuffling closer.
“What are y—”
“Shut up before I change my mind.”
His heart beat as though it would break through his rib cage, her touch like fire against his skin.
He pulled her closer, and she snuggled into him, their legs intertwining, their fingers lacing, her lips resting on his neck.
For a moment he almost forgot how to breathe, she let her eyes flutter closed, drawing patterns on the back of his hand.
He hummed contentedly, her body heat lulling him back into a hazy state.
“Y/N…how do you do that?”
She smiled against his skin, his heart fluttering as he became terribly aware of the position they were in.
“A magician never reveals her secrets.”
She whispered, slowly drifting off.

Hoseok stopped dead in his tracks as he made his way into Jungkook’s room to wake him as they were planning on leaving in ten or so minutes.
He stuttered slightly and stood absolutely dumbfounded.
Were they….cuddling?
“Babe!” Y/B/F/N tiptoed around the corner inquisitively before her mouth dropped open slightly, her words failing her.
“Are they–no. Surely not.”
“They’ve been fighting like cats and dogs since we got on the road almost a month ago, I don’t understand.”
Hobi says rubbing the back of his neck.
She patted his back sympathetically.
“One decided they didn’t want to compete anymore, and one decided they didn’t need to be proud.”
Her laughter carried down the hall before walking back the way they came to make sure Namjoon was wrangling the rest of them.
When Hobi followed her, forgetting to wake Jungkook, the kitchen was filled with a cacophony of clamouring voices.
“He’s doing what?!”
“I have to see this!”
“Are Jungkook-ah and Y/N cuddling?!”
Almost at once they all swarmed down the hallway to catch a glimpse of what could only be described as a miracle.

Y/N woke as soon as she felt Hoseok at the door, but she didn’t bother trying to hide it, so instead pretended she was still asleep, listening to their conversation.
And when she heard them all talking in the kitchen, she knew she had to wake Jungkook up.
“Jungkook.” She whispered, poking his side.
He shifted, groaning in annoyance.
“We have to get up they’re leaving in ten.”
He sighed, hugging her closer to him.
“Noooo…” He whined dejectedly, his bottom lip pouting in a way that made your chest tighten.
“Yes.” You countered, letting an airy laugh escape your mouth.
He sighed defeatedly.
“You’re hard work.”
His pout exaggerated, proceeding to stretch his body out slightly.
He looked at her in the dim light, cutely tucked up with the covers just below her chin.
He giggled, feeling a sense of adoration spread throughout him.
“What?” She asked raising an eyebrow questioningly.
“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.” He teased.
She hit his chest, pausing as she felt his heart rapidly beating under her hand.
“Jungkook? You alright?” She asks, her brow furrowed with concern as she look up at him, completely doe-eyed.
Fuck it.
He thought before throwing his weight over her, his arms either side of her head, hovering above her.
She froze, eyes widened, speechless.
He gulped, placing his thumb on her bottom lip before craning his neck to leave a soft kiss.
He paused, lips sitting against hers, waiting for the life to be slapped out of him.
Instead, he found a hand grabbing the back of his head, tangling in his hair, bringing his lips back to hers, again, and again, and again in a sweet rhythm.

“I swear they were—”
They all stopped I the doorway, all of them at a loss for words.
They had assumed their original position, legs intertwined, fingers laced, lying face to face, leaving small pecks on each other’s lips and laughing giddily.
“Can I help you all?” Y/N asked against Jungkook’s lips.
All of them stuttered, choking on their words before Hoseok started screaming and clapping.
“IT FINALLY HAPPENED!” He hollered, rejoicing, everyone including the two of them broke out in roaring laughter.
A deadpan expression came over Y/N’s face as she kicked the covers off in a flurry, launched herself out of bed and chased her best friend down the hall, the boys all jumping on Jungkook, pinching his cheeks, ruffling his hair, and beginning the teasing that was only mandatory.

After being on the road with them for all these months the love hate theme was getting tiring, you didn’t know what had given Jungkook the courage to finally push you past the innocent teasing to a new tier of closeness, but you were glad he did, he’d been worming his way into your heart for a while now, after all, something’s gotta give.

Brian Anderson Special.

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