I don’t know what, how, and why this is happening (make up your own context) but you wanted Draco to have both of dem gryffindors, and I’m starting to like that ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

As always, Hermione doesn’t shut up


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i’ve been thinking about the kids at hogwarts playing pokemon go and what a disaster the school would be

  • students flying around the grounds on broomsticks trying to catch flying pokemon
  • “hagrid we need to borrow one of the first year boats there’s a blastoise in the middle of the lake”
  • mcgonagall threatening to and then actually transfiguring phones into rocks because kids won’t stop playing during class
  • “students are reminded that the forbidden forest is off limits i don’t care what pokemon are in there, the woods are dark and full of things that will kill you.”
  • kids from different houses trying to break into other house dorms to get pokemon
  • kids from different houses switching phones so they can get different pokemon from all the dorms
  • certain pokemon only showing up in certain rooms of the room of requirement so kids camp out in front of it during their time off waiting
  • sitting around on the moving staircase until the stairs move towards a pokemon
  • each house has it’s own gym right outside their common rooms and there is an eternal struggle for prefects to keep kids from sneaking out in the middle of night to have gym battles
  • the dueling club becomes half wizarding duels half just a pokemon go club
  • there’s a gym inside the headmaster’s office and kids keep getting themselves in trouble so they can get sent up there to overtake it
  • screencapping ghost pokemon with the actual school ghosts
  • hagrid drops lures near his hut and the kids come down there to hang out with him and end up learning about all the creatures he takes care of
  • “you can’t come in here we are in the middle of class” “okay but there’s a chansey in here” “10 points from slytherin go back to your dorm”
  • hogsmeade days are CRAZY because it’s a chance to finally catch new pokemon and the younger students are devastated that they can’t go
  • every single hidden passage way is discovered by kids who are pokemon hunting
  • harry does his kids a solid and reenchants the maruaders map to also show where pokemon are 
  • Moaning Myrtle:Comes back as a ghost and remains at the site of her murder
  • The entire Hogwarts staff, the Ministry of Magic, and the whole Wizarding World:Well it is just such a mystery how this girl died if only there was some way to ask her how it happened and who is responsible oh well let's blame this kid because he looks suspicious and this other kid said it was him