At least the Scotch was good.  Harry should know. He was halfway through his third refill now.  Or was it fourth?  After some internal debate, he decided that the drink shared with the Dean before the party  began didn’t count.  Third refill then.  He took another slightly larger sip as he began to despair of this party ever ending. So far, it had been a total waste of time which wasn’t unusual; these events usually were after all, but he reminded himself that he wasn’t here to be entertained.  This was work.

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OTP Prompts

batwings79. Challenged me to answer these based on my Harry/Ruth (spooks) Toothbrushes fic. Fun to go back and re-read that along with tons of other Harry/Ruth fix this weekend while I was sick. I love these guys even if they tore my heart out and stomped it on the ground.

Who made the first move;
They constantly argue about who kissed who first. A certain section chief may or may not have tasked his team to scour the CCTV for all possible angles. Of course, a certain analyst may know where all the CCTV blind spots are.

Who said ‘I love you’ first;
Ruth—in Arabic, Latin, French, and German. Harry—in English

How often they fight;
They fight all the time at work. Two opinionated people with different beliefs. All that stays at work though. At home they only ever fight over whether to order Chinese or Indian take away (and who kissed who first).

Whose big spoon/little spoon;
Harry always curls up around Ruth. Protective instinct.

What their nicknames are for each other;
My spy. My analyst.

Whose the better cook;
Harry does better at ‘throwing together something’ from whatever happens to be on hand. Ruth is a baker. Follows recipes exactly and is a stickler for precise measurements and excellent ingredients.

Their song;
The Spy who Loved Me.

Who remembers their anniversaries;
Both. They go out of their way to out do each other with elaborate clues on where & what the gift is.

Their favorite thing to do together (besides sex);
Scour used book stores. Ruth can always find one or two new books and Harry loves to watch her look.

Who ‘wears the pants’ in the relationship;
Harry. Too much of an Alpha male. He’s perfectly happy for Ruth to take them off occasional when necessary and she’s never shy about doing so.

How they would get engaged;
I still might write part 2. Not gonna give that away.

What their wedding would be like;
Simple, but with Ruth’s mother there.

How many kids they’ll have;