Yeah? And what did my naughty kitten think about to get herself off? *I question and grasp your wrists tighter in my hold once you move them, my hot breath hitting your skin as I speak* Did you think about me holding you down and pounding you out?.. Or me filling up your mouth until your throat closes up? All of those times I made you wet the bed… *I lower my position over you as I talk, my eyes not leaving yours and my lips slowly approaching your heat* Did you think about you leaving a mess on my face, shaking when I let you grind against my tongue? Tell me, baby… -Harryxo

*I let out a light breath and clamp my hands around your fists, my body arching again* All of it, love it when you fuck my throat daddy, love imagining you getting off because of my mouth and my mouth only. Fuck, and just thinking about you pounding me into the bed could get me off. I love thinking about it as he’s trying to fill your shoes.