But I Wanted To - One Shot

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But I Wanted To

“Silke, come on!” Harry grabs my hand and pulls me into a little boutique tucked away between two larger shops.

“Harry, what are we doing in here?” I say stopping in the door way.

“We’re here because when I was helping Louis shop for Eleanor’s birthday present, I found you something.”

I laugh as Harry pulls on my hand again, dragging me to the back of the store.

“I found this, and I wanted to make sure I got you the right size.” He pulls a dress off the rack, winks and hands it to me, “Try it on.”

He pushes me into a changing room before I have time to protest.

I emerge from the room wearing what I thought was a grey dress with some cheetah print around the bust.

But when I get a better look in the giant mirror in front of me I see the reason that Harry had spotted this particular dress.

The strapless sweet heart neckline looked nice, and where the skirt started to fan out actually did wonders for my figure.

But when I saw black and white cats at the bottom of the mess covered skirt, I looked at Harry with a very sinister expression.

“Really?” I ask, holding out the skirt to make the cats more prominent.

“I think it looks, amazing.” He says, trying to hold in the laugh that I know is about to burst through.

I roll my eyes and strut to a near by dress rack and look through it. My hand lands on a light peachy coloured cocktail dress with a low back.

“As long as we’re here…” I trail off and wander to the shoe section.

What’s the point of trying on a cute dress without a pair of cute shoes.

I say to myself as I pick up a pair of black suede wedges.

I return to see Harry laughing hysterically in his chair, and slip into the changing room.

I quickly get the dress and the shoes on, and open the door. I check the giant mirror again, and am satisfied with my choice of dress.

Harry quickly stops laughing and stares are me, “Well, that one I like.”

He stands up and wraps his arms around my waist, pulling me close.

“Look,” I say pointing to the mirror, “I’m almost as tall as you in these heels.”

“Funny,” He says, letting go of me, and with a smile he says “Now go change." 

"Yes, Sir!” I snark and walk back into the small room.

When I am done, and back in my normal clothes, Harry takes the dress and shoes from my hands and runs like a maniac to the counter.

“Hurry, ring these through before my girlfriend can stop you!” I hear while walking after him.

When I reach him, I sigh because the girl was really quick and Harry was already putting his card back into his wallet.

He gives me a triumphant smile, thanks the girl, grabs the bag and my hand, and leads me to the front door.

When we step out of the shop, I notice that to sky has darkened and is now spotted with menacing grey clouds.

And just as quickly as I realized, the rain starts to fall from the sky, leaving the sidewalk splotchy.

“You know you really don’t have to do that.” I say as we start walking.

“But I wanted to.” Harry says sweetly, looking down at me.

I look back up at him, his facial expression is so cute and I get lost in his eyes.

Because of this I don’t notice that the curb has suddenly risen a couple of inches. So when I go to take my next step my foot doesn’t clear the cement, and I begin to fall.

Suddenly Harry’s strong arm is wrapped around my waist, and I am pulled up close to his body.

I look straight into his eyes, shock ridden all over my face, “I always have been pretty clumsy… Always tripping and falling…” I ramble, trying to hide the red hue forming on my cheeks.

Harry drops the bag with my dress and shoes, and pulls me even closer with his other arm, “As long as I am the only one you’re falling for.” He says seductively.

So as the steady drops of rain fall into his messy curls, he leans down and moulds his lips to mine - finally getting his kiss in the rain.

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One Shot for Silke - Meeting her parents.

“Are you nervous?”, Silke asked Harry with a little chuckle in the end, noticing Harry being a bit nervous. Today was the day where Harry would finally met Silke’s parents, and he was very excited. He hoped that they would accept him and let him be together with their daughter, because Harry truly loved Silke. 

“No, I’m good.”, he replied fast and made up a smile on his face, assuring her that everything was just fine.  “Don’t worry, they won’t eat you. We’re just having a family dinner and they want to get to know you better.”, she said while they were on their way to her house. He looked down to her and smiled, taking her hand in his and kissed her forehead softly.  She smiled back and pointed at the second house, saying that that’s her parent’s house. Harry tried to hide his nervousness away, because it was really his first time meeting Silke’s parents.  She rang the doorbell and Harry was still holding Silke’s hand, this time a bit tighter, but she didn’t seem to mind.  Silke’s mother opened the door and smiled widely.  “Hello sweetheart! It’s good to see you again.”, she said and gave her a big hug, while Harry was standing next to them awkwardly. He didn’t know what to say nor what to do. He couldn’t even speak, it was like someone took every word he knew away from his brain.  Silke’s mother let go of her daughter as she looked over to Harry with a warm smile.  “Eh.. uhm. Hello, m-my name is H-Harry. Harry Styles.”, he stuttered and handed out his hand for a shake.  She took it welcomely and smiled at him. Her smile took his nervousness away just in a second. He smiled back.  “Nice to meet you Harry. Come on, lets get inside, shall we?”, she said in a nice tune and got inside, followed by Silke and Harry.  “Who’s on the door?”, a male voice shouted out and Harry got again nervous.  Silke’s father. How should he behave in front of him?  “Silke and Harry.”, Silke’s mother said as she went to a room that seemed to be the living room. Silke took Harry’s hand and looked at him with her beautiful eyes that Harry fell in love with.  “Harry? Who is Harry?”, her dad said in a kind of angry but confused voice. Silke took Harry to the living room where her parents were waiting for them to step in.  “Harry is my boyfriend.”, Silke said as she smiled at her father and looked up to Harry again. 
“Why haven’t you told us that you have a boyfriend?”, her dad said. He sounded mad, and that was making Harry feel insecure.  What if he wasn’t good enough for them? For Silke? 
“But that’s what we’re here for now, daddy. I thought I could introduce him to you while we’re having our family dinner.”, she smiled, not caring at all if her dad was pissed off or not. 
Silke’s father looked at Harry from up to down, lifting an eyebrow.  “You look familiar.”, her father said in a surprised but confused tune. 
“My name is Harry Styles. You might know me from X-Factor. I’m in a band called One Direction.”, Harry tried to smile but it faided away as soon as Silke’s father spoke up again. 
“Boyband huh? What a ridiculous job.”
“Dad!”, Silke shouted as she looked madly at her father. 
“It’s okay honey, that’s his opinion.”, Harry said and forced a smile, letting no one notice that these words were kind of hurting him. 
“Dinner is almost ready. Let’s go to the dining room, I will bring the food in a few minutes.”, Silke’s mother said as she led them to the dining room. Harry took a seat next to Silke, opposide of him was Silke’s father and next to him was his wife, who was currently busy with the food. 
“I’ll go see if mother needs some help.”, Silke said as she got up and smiled at Harry before she dissappeares in the kitchen. 
“So”, Silke’s father said as he cleaned his throat. 
“How long have Silke and you been together?”, he asked interested and looked at Harry. His look made Harry even more nervous as he already was, if that was even possible. 
“Uhm, for about two weeks.”, Harry said and remembered the amazing time he spent with his girlfriend, not regreting anything. 
“And how do you think will your relationship with my daughter work while you’re busy with the boyband thing?”, Silke’s father asked. Harry knew that this question would come up soon. And he knew the perfect answer. 
“Nothing will change. We will still be together. Our tour starts next week and I’ll be away for two months or so, so we will see how it will work. If it’s too hard, I will ask Silke to join us on tour then.”, Harry said proudly and looked at Silke’s father. He didn’t look happy at all. He looked mad. 
“What if you cheat on her?”
“I would never do that. I truly love your daughter. I’m not a player.”
“Good to know that you’re so sure about that.”, Silke’s father said and just in that time, Silke and her mother came with the food. 
The family and Harry started to eat, but in silence. 
Silke’s mother tried to break the awkward silence that came among all of them. 
“So Harry, you’re in the band One Direction?”
“Yes, it’s amazing.”, Harry answered with a smile. 
“Because otherwise I wouldn’t have met Silke.”, he smiled at her and held her hand under the table, rememering the first time when they met. 
“Oh really? Tell us how you two met.”, Silke’s mother asked curious. 
“Well. Silke was at the meet and greet with a friend of hers. And as she stood in front of me, I knew she was the right one. Her smile, her eyes.. it was just like magic. And I wanted to get to know Silke better. So we exchanged numbers and met the day after in a park. It didn’t took us long to notice that we both fell in love with each other.”, Harry said and grinned at Silke who was blushing before Harry gave her a small peek on her lips. 
“How romantic!”, Silke’s mother said as she smiled at both of them. And this time even Silke’s father smiled. 
“I really hope you’ll stay true to your words.”, Silke’s father said still smiling. 
“I will never let her go.”, Harry said proudly as he held Silke’s hand tight, this time on the table as all four of them continued eating.