Hair Cut

     It was Thursday morning, a typical Thursday or so you thought. You rolled over in bed hoping to find Harry sleeping peacefully next you, of course he wasn’t there.. confused you sat up and rubbed your eyes. “Haz?” you called out. “Babee..” you tried again. “HARRY EDWARD STYLES!” nothing.. Slightly upset and slightly worried you jumped out of bed and ran downstairs. “Harry?” you checked the kitchen and living room and found nothing, not even a note. Rushing back to your bedroom you grabbed your phone and checked the screen. No texts. No calls. “UGHHH” you groaned in frustration, “WHERE THE HELL IS HE?” Just as you were about to call him, your doorbell rang. 

     Running down the stairs and nearly tripping over your feet you pull the door open. “Morning beautiful” Louis’ smiling face says. “Looking lovely as always.” he adds with a wink.

You look down and realize all you had on was one of Harry’s old t-shirts. “Ugh..” you sigh stepping aside to let him in.

“Wow what an excited greeting for your best friend, love, THANKS.”

“Sorry, I just thought you would be Harry…he is kind of missing.”

“Oh really? I just talked with him a little bit ag-”

“WHERE IS HE? IS HE OKAY? WHAT’S HE DOING?!?” you nearly scream.

“Easy love, he’s fine and I can’t tell you where he is at now can I? It’s a secret.”


“No buts (Y?N). Now the reason I’m here. Can you watch Freddie? Danielle and I have a date.”

You rolled your eyes at him annoyed. One because he wouldn’t tell you where Harry was. Two because you and Danielle didn’t get along. “Fine but only if you tell me where Harry is.” 

“Great love thanks! Ill go get the little lad.” A few minutes later Louis was back Freddie in his arms and a diaper bag on his shoulder. “He just ate so he may need a changing soon” he instructed handing his son over to you. 

“Yeah, yeah.” you said rolling your eyes as he rushed back out of the door and to the car. 

     Watching Freddie had completely distracted you from the fact that you hadn’t heard from Harry all morning so when Harry’s name showed up on your ringing phone you had completely forgotten you were mad. That is until you heard his voice.. “(Y?N)!” he shouted cheerfully into the phone.

“HAR-” you began cheerfully but then remembered what he had done and your tone changed to anger. “HARRY EDWARD STYLES.” you threatened. “Where the hell have you been all day. I woke up and you were gone, not even a text or note saying where too and then Louis comes by to drop of Freddie and says you’ve talked to him and not me?!? Are you fucking kidding me Harry? I’ve been worried sick!”

“Babe calm down. I have a really good explanation.”

“What? What is this really good explanation you have?”

“Turn around.”

You turned and found a very cheeky green eyed boy behind you. He had on a hat that covered his hair but you knew something was different. You walked over to him and lifted the hat as his grin only grew bigger. His shoulder length curls were gone, replaced by a clean cut hairstyle that was slicked up in the front. Your mouth dropped open as he held a braided pony tail of brown hair in his hand. “You.” you began. “You cut your hair? But, but why?” 

Harry held out his other hand to you and you grabbed it allowing him to pull you to the couch and onto his lap. “You know how I promised the break would be just you and me?”

“Yeah?” you nodded looking at him as he nervously bit his lip and tried to find the words.

“Well you see I sort of got this opportunity that I had to take. Babe, I accepted an offer to be part of the movie Dunkirk…” His eyes searched yours anxiously. He was worried you would be mad.

“Har-” you stopped yourself trying to find the right words. Instead you reached your hands behind his head and ran your fingers through his hair, leaning into his chest and pressing your lips to his. Gently you bit his bottom lip and pulled back. “Haz thats incredible! Congratulations!” you kissed him again. “I am so proud of you babe!” You kissed him over and over until both of you were laughing. “Now why don’t we show the world your new look babe, cause trust me they are gonna wanna see this.” you said with a wink.



+ “It’s about being strong, which [to me] means being comfortable with who I am. I think women, especially [women] my age, can relate. You’re figuring out who you are and there are so many different levels of emotions that you go through. The best is when you feel confident, beautiful, and comfortable with yourself.”


I have the feeling after the TS drama what Harry wants to do right now is:

“ I really want a mic drop but I won’t cause they’re expensive ” #OTRAmontreal #harrystyles #onedirection #ONETHEROADAGAIN

Made with Vine

          You rolled over to find Harry was already gone again. He’d been going to the studio almost every day for two months now. You always knew Harry was a busy body, but these past couple of months he’d been pushing himself too much. Every time he came home he’d complain of not feeling well. The mornings you happened to be up at the same time as him you saw how sluggish he always seemed.  

           At first you just thought maybe he caught a bug, but he was like that every day now. He’d come home from the studio with dark circles under his eyes, coughing, and wanted to go to sleep basically as soon as he walked through the door. There were times you didn’t think he’d even make it to the bed and sometimes he didn’t. You came down in the middle of the night many times and found him passed out on the couch.

           You tried to say something to him about slowing down, but of course that wasn’t an option. He had to get the music written and recorded, because he couldn’t disappoint the fans. You explained that there wasn’t even a release day yet and so he could slow it down a little. Harry just scoffed at the idea basically saying you didn’t know what he goes through. This was true, you had no idea what it took to be a celebrity, but you tried your best to understand.

           You had already decided that if he came home looking any worse than he did yesterday you were going to make him rest for a few days whether he liked it or not. Harry was stubborn, but you were even more so. Sometimes it felt like you and Harry had competitions on who could be stubborn the longest. At least 90 percent of the time you’d always won. You weren’t sure if it was because he actually thought you were right or he was just tired of arguing.

           You rolled back over falling asleep again since you didn’t have anything to do. When you awoke again it was one in the afternoon. You lay in bed for a while browsing the internet. Finally you had to get up because your stomach was growling.

           Walking down stairs you went to the kitchen and rummaged through everything until finally deciding on pancakes. Harry used to make them any time he was home, but he hadn’t lately because he was never home in the mornings. Harry used to tease you that his pancakes were so much better than yours, which you had to agree was true. There were times you begged Harry to cook because he was very creative and most of the time it turned out really well.

            After eating your breakfast or well lunch you hopped in the shower. You took an extra long shower and time to get ready. You hoped that tonight you and Harry might have sex. You hadn’t slept together in almost a month. You were used to going long periods of time without sleeping with Harry, but it was normally because he was on tour.

           It was torturous to not sleep with Harry when he was away, let alone when he was right next to you. You had tried a few times, but every time Harry was either too tired or not feeling well. He would always say it would happen the next night, but then the next night he’d say the same thing.

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