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Link do oryginału: When you say you love me, know I love you more 
Pairing: oczywiście Larry Stylinson
Autorka: Oopsandhilarry
Zgoda: oczywiście!
Gatunek:  fluff
Opis: Louis jest sławnym Youtuberem i namawia Harry'ego do zrobienia Boyfriend Tag

Od tłumaczki: Dawno nie było jakiegoś shota nie? Więc o to coś takiego króciutkiego, nie wiem czy dodam jakikolwiek rozdział dziś, ale na pewno coś potłumaczę.

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As Many As Possible
“How’s Y/N?” Suddenly came your name from some foreign interviewer’s mouth, making you look up from the stylist’s chair you liked sitting upon. You watched as Harry snapped out of the mini daze he had been stuck, your hand that held a nail filer slowly sinking as you paid attention.
“Erm, she’s,” Harry paused, sending you a nervous glance from his spot on set, “fine.”
“Good to hear,” the interviewer nodded with pursed lips before continuing, “how’s married life treating you?”
“Eh, good,” Harry nodded with a clear of his throat, his hands clasping behind his back as his eyebrows furrowed out of his attempt to remain focused on the woman that was addressing him, “’s made me put on a bit of weight.”
“That’s all muscle, though,” Liam spoke up from his spot far from Harry, his head poking out of line as he peered over at Harry.
“Yeah, he’s been lifting a bit more now that he has someone to impress twenty-four seven,” Louis teased as he glanced at Harry, a grin at his lips.
“I was about to say. Lookin’ a bit more fit, there,” the female laughed, “that’s really sweet, though. So, how much of an age difference is there, again?”
“You didn’t study up?” Harry teased with a laugh and a shake of his head.
“Sorry! I didn’t even know I was interviewing you ‘til just this 'mornin,” the interviewer said before the boys started talking all at once just to be overruled by Harry’s voice.
“Three years age difference,” Harry spoke up with a little nod of his head.
“Aw, that’s sweet. Listen, I know the two of you are young and free or whatever it is that the hip people say these days but the world needs to know when we’ll get to see little miniature Harrys and Y/Ns running amuck,” the older lady smiled with a small shake of her blonde bob, “when are the two of you going to combine forces and create the baby of this century?”
“Of the century?” Harry laughed at the over dramatized words of the lady before him.
“Yes, of the century,” she smiled politely, silently urging him for an answer.
“Ehm, soon, hopefully,” Harry slowly nodded, his eyes diverting from the interviewer’s as he softly smiled down at the ground.
Hopefully; I’d like to see that happen real soon. How many kids do you two want?” The interviewer inquired, raising an eyebrow in question.
“Hm,” Harry let out a single, dry laugh as he turned to look at you with a puzzled expression before he started putting up his fingers, in question as to how many children you wanted.
Four?” The female interviewer gasped with a surprised laugh as you shrugged at your still guessing husband.
“We don’t know,” Harry gave up with a shake of his head and a shrug, “as many as possible.”
“As many as possible?” The woman questioned, surprised by Harry’s answer.
“Sure. We might as well take advantage,” Harry shrugged, innocently.
“Of what, exactly?” The interviewer inquired, confused as to what Harry was talking about.
“Of our ability to have children. Some people aren’t as lucky,” Harry briefly explained, “besides, I think we’d raise some great people.”
“Goodness gracious; you’ll end up with a dozen,” the interviewer laughed.
“That’d be nice,” Harry shrugged once more before the interview moved along, leaving you with the excitement for when the two of you decided to start having children.


Vlogging For Y/N
 "Hello, Y/N’s viewers! How are you today?“ Harry paused, as if he was actually waiting for a response from the camera you usually vlogged your daily activities with.
"Good? … Great! Wonderful to hear! Now, if you’re wondering why on earth it’s me you’ll be watching for the entire video, it’s because your precious Y/N has given up on you!” Harry offered an awkward smile.
“Harry! That isn’t true!” You scolded from tapping away on your phone.
“Alright, I was just joking. She just happened to wake up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. That’s right folks, she’s being a great pain in my… can I say it on your channel?” Harry turned to your monotone features beside him.
“No,” you shook your head as you resumed scrolling through your Twitter feed.
“Alright! In my bum, then. So, I’ve chosen to spare you from her negativity today and vlog for her! How’s that sound?” Harry paused once again before you had had enough of his odd vlogging style.
“Alright,” you spoke up as you turned to his smiling features before your hands went for the petite camera in his hands, “I think that’s enough. You aren’t even holding the camera properly.”
“No chance in hell,” Harry gently pushed you out of the camera’s view as he stared into the lens with a great, big smile still plastered on his face, “so, let’s begin!”
“Harry, I’m serious. Give me the camera,” you laughed as you reached out for the device he was growing more and more fond of. He only ignored you with a shake of his head before he started walking down the hallway of the hotel the two of you had stayed in the previous night.
“We’ve just stepped out of our hotel and now we’re heading to breakfast. Now, I’m quite hungry so, I think I want something quite big. Maybe an overstuffed omelet? I don’t know! What about you, Y/N? What are you in the mood for?” Harry turned the camera to focus on your walking body.
“Blueberry pancakes!” You cheered up as you fixed your purse’s strap on your shoulder.
“Sounds absolutely disgusting,” Harry exclaimed with faked cheerfulness,  "but that’s okay because we’re most definitely not going halfsies today.“
"More for me,” you laughed and shrugged as the two of you continued walking.
“Now that you know what my wife and I like to eat, I’m going to ask you what you like to eat. What is it that your little hearts desire when you wake up in the morning? Coffee, scones, poached eggs? Let us know all of your odd little cravings in the comments section below!” Harry chirped, pointing his index finger to the ground.
“Harry, why are you talking so strangely?” You raised an eyebrow as you suppressed your laughter.
“Sorry, I didn’t hear you, Y/N. What was that?” Harry inquired, his faked happiness now just sounding sarcastic.
“Why the world are you talking like you just took happy pills?” You laughed as your turned the corner, making your way to the elevators.
“I’m trying to act like you when you vlog,” Harry defended with a frown.
“I do not talk like that while I’m vlogging,” you rolled your eyes as you pushed the button to call for the elevator.
“That’s what you think,” Harry mumbled before going back to vlogging, “and now we’re standing in front of the elevators where we’ll wait until it comes up for us!”
“Harry! Please, for the love of red velvet cake, could you hand me the camera?” You held out your hand, your other set at your waist.
“No, thank you. I’m having a quite the nice time vlogging for you,” Harry shook his head before the elevator doors opened and Harry stepped in, “now we’re in the lift. Here’s my finger pushing the Lobby button. Fun!”
 You only sighed and shook your head before joining Harry in the temporarily static elevator. You honestly did not know how much of Harry’s upbeat voice you could take. It would be a long day, you gathered.