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ok but imagine you’re sitting in bed at night, harry writing in his journal, you reading a book. but you can’t concentrate because harry has been staring at you for quite some time now and it’s making you feel weird. so you turn to look at him and find him looking at you in awe and something else that you can’t really pinpoint. “ what’s the matter, h?”, you giggle quietly, reaching out to stroke his hair which causes him to hum in delight. he looks at you for a while and then all at once spills what’s on his mind: “ ‘ve been thinking of marrying yeh, tha’s all. “ your hand stops scratching and you look him in the eye. it’s not that you don’t want to marry him, in fact you’d love to, but you had talked about it before and you made it clear that you didn’t want to get married until your and his lives were in order and everything was right. he takes your wrist in his hand and starts leaving small little pecks. “ m’ not proposin’ right now if tha’s wha yeh think. yeh told me before how yeh didn’t feel like doin’ tha’ any time soon an’ i respect that.” he held you tightly now, arms around your waist. “however,’ he continued, ‘ tha’s not goin’ to stop me from givin’ yeh one of my rings until i get yeh a real one someday.” he slid his rose ring off his finger and put it on yours, kissing your hand after. “someday.” you added, smiling graciously at him.

#48 The Age Gap (Harry Styles)

Could I date a younger guy? Opinions, please. Help! 

Word Count: 2,457

“How long are you going to sit in the room and groan?” My flat mate asked me, seeing me cuddled in the duvet with wet cheeks.

“Not a single person, Emily! Not a single person! How can my luck me so bad! I changed colleges, opened my horizon and there is still no decent single guy out there for me? How is this possible? I’m so tired of being alone!” I said, sitting up.  She had been hearing me groan for a long time now.

“Maybe you’re looking in the wrong age group?” she said, sitting down on the bed.

“I can’t date people above 28! I mean, I’m 21! I’m giving a 7 year age benefit!” It was so hopeless. This love came when you need it was bullshit. I’ve been without love for a long time now and, I don’t know who decides when I need it or don’t need it.

“I meant below 21, you know people who are 20…19…18 – let’s keep it till 19!” She said, trying to pull the duvet off my face.


“Why not?” She said, “I’m younger than you! And look we gel so well! I think you’ll do brilliantly with a younger guy!” she said. She was right. I was the online postgrad kid living in this flat with the 4 undergrad kids and, a year or two difference doesn’t really matter.

“But, you’re my friend! This is having a sexual-emotional relationship! I will be a paedophile!” I argued.

“No, a year or two difference of age doesn’t make you a paedophile. Now, wipe your tears and wear a nice dress cause I’ve a brilliant idea!” she said snatching my blanket and, going towards my wardrobe. “I’ve a guy for you. He is single as well, and fits according to your taste buds for men.”

“Why haven’t I met him yet?” I asked, sliding into my fluffy slippers.

“Because he is 19…will be 20 in two or three months and, I wanted to introduce the idea once!” she pulled out my classic black dress and pushed me inside the washroom.

“He is child!” I groaned.

“You’re a child! Give him a chance! You know, this might be love!” She kicked the door, leaving me to get dressed.

I didn’t like cab rides. I was more of a tube person. We were too dressed to me in a tube and cab was cheaper and closer at the moment. I dressed as I always did for clubs. My black heels, my only black dress amongst the things that could fit in my little wardrobe, and the only little makeup I knew how to use. Learning about makeup was always on my to-do list, but I wanted to buy it from my own money and not my parents who were already paying for everything else. For now, my little knowledge helped me enough. “You know this guy?” I asked Sophia, my other flat mate,

“Yeah, he is studying law! Very intelligent…he knows about you. Vicky mentioned about you not finding any men,” She giggled and I hit Victoria.

“Hey! He was complaining about not finding any women!” She laughed.

“He is a boy!” I said.

“You’re a girl,” she retorted. “If you’re giving this a chance, please do it with an open mind. At least get to know him!” She said.

“Is this the first time I’m meeting your friends?” I asked her.

“Yep, but they have come home…” she said, asking the cab to stop.  “Don’t be so tense, you are not an old lady amongst us!” She giggled.

“Oh god!”  I cried, and the girls laughed. We entered the pub where I’d been a couple of times before with my friends. Seeing my friend working at the bar tonight, I walked up to him.

“Sam!” I yelled over the loud music.

“Hey, babe! How are you? Are you here with everyone?” He said, making my favourite drink.

“No, with my flat mates,” I told him, “They want me to socialise,” I smiled.

“This one’ s on me,” He handed it to me.

“You don’t have to – “

“Go socialise, see ya in class,” I nodded, taking my drink, and giving him a flying kiss. Taking a deep breath, I walked towards my girls. They already had their drinks on hand, so I didn’t feel too bad for leaving them. I looked around and saw all of their friends, as I wrapped my hand around Vicky’s waist.

“Oh, she is here! Say hi…” She said, pushing me forward.

I gave my best smile, and nodded as she introduced me to everyone. It was pretty easy for me to gel with them. I meshed with the people around me so, it worked well for me. I spent a while knowing all the people around me, talking about what they did, and so on, whatever became the topic. They got up to dance, pulling my hand to the centre of the floor. Sticky people around me was never ideal, but it worked since I was so tensed about life at the moment. Letting my neck loose, I started dancing with my girls as we got sweatier and jumpier with the beat.

“What’s the name of the guy?” I yelled in Vicky’s ear.

“Oh, he is not here! Will come in some time. Name’s Harry!” she yelled back, taking my hand giving me a twirl. I nodded, letting my body to the DJ’ beat. A guy came up to me, and started dancing with me, doing really weird steps and going down to my feet and coming back up. Vicky and I giggled, and I left the dance floor to get away from the creep. Ordering another drink from the bar, I danced at the table, laughing at the ridiculous song that was playing.

“Hey, could I have a repeat of my beer, please,” I looked at the guy next to me, and my heartbeat skipped a beat. I was sure, I was not exaggerating. He was so handsome. At the moment, I was shamelessly with no regret checking him out from her short black hair, to his red lips and that neck. Down to his broad shoulders wearing that sheer black shirt and, his tight butt fitted skinny jeans. It happened fast, I knew the trick as I repeated the image in my head. I took a sip of my ice cold drink to cool down unsure if it was from the dance or not, as he was handed his as well. He looked at me and gave me a nod, walking away into the crowd.

I pouted, not having the same reaction from him. The bartender, who was not my friend, gave me a small smile knowing what was going on in my head. I shrugged talking through my eyes, plenty more fish in the sea, right?

“Come here!” I was suddenly pulled again, as Sophia took me again to their table.

“I was getting myself a drink, babe!” I said, giggling. She wrapped her hand around my neck and whispered in my ear about the guy she was talking about…Harry.

“He’s here! I hope you like him!” She said.

“I hope he likes me,” I tell her.

“That too…” She titled her head, “Why wouldn’t he? HARRY!” She yelled, taking me forward as I tried not bumping into people and spill my drink.

That guy was there, the one I was checking out! “SOPHIA!” he yelled back making her laugh. I couldn’t believe my luck. How is this guy not older than me?

“I want you to meet my flat mate!” she introduced me.

“The old one?” He said, as his eyes did the same to me what I had, only he wasn’t so discreet.

“I’m 21!” I frowned.

“Yeah, that’s just how we tell you apart!” She kissed my cheek.

“Old one? And you were telling me…” she was such a hypocrite when I called them kids.

“She doesn’t date younger guys,” Sophia said, and I gave her a piercing look to stop.

“Oh, why not?” He frowned, clearly acting. “You’re missing out on us gems!”

I stepped away from Sophia, suddenly not too comfortable anymore. Taking a sip from my drink as I saw the others join the gang on the dance floor, leaving Harry and me on the table, clearly looking planned. I gave him a small smile, as he continued to stare at me. I turned around watching them dance, “are you offended?” Harry stood closer now, his voice much more deep, and softer.

I turned my head to see his face so close to mine. I, instantly, looked at his lips, and then met his eyes. I shook my head, “No…”

“I think you did get offended,” He said, wrapping his arm around my waist and turning me around. He was taller than me, and well built as I looked at his arms.

“How are you 19?” I asked.

“I’m going to be 20 if that makes you feel better?” He said, taking a sip of his drink.

“I’m not old…” I told him.

“No, you’re not…” He smiled, his dimples showing. He was truly beautiful, but many were.

“A year or two isn’t a huge gap…” I repeated my thoughts.

“That is what they’ve been trying to tell you,” He raised his eyebrows, smirking. I huffed, clearly losing my thinking capabilities in the loud music. “Do you want to step out? We can go to the balcony…” I nodded as he took my hand, the fingers knotting themselves as I stared down. There was this sexual tension which I couldn’t disagree with at all. We climbed the stairs to a quieter and almost empty balcony, excluding the girls heavily making out in the corner.

I took a deep breath looking at the view of the city from this point. It was all so pretty, it made me feel very happy. I wrapped my shrug around me, the wind blowing at a slow speed, making it a perfect balcony experience. “So, what are you studying?” He asked.

“Media…you’re studying law…” I stated. He gave me a shake of his head, taking a sip of his drink. I took a deep breath wondering where this conversation will go. We didn’t speak for a while, as I looked down at the passing cars. He kept his glass on the floor table and came closer to me.

“So, younger guys don’t do?” He said.

“It’s not logical,” I said.

“Dating older guys is not logical!” he laughed. “Now, dating older women though, is a different case altogether, at least for me. My age girls don’t work…”

“Really how?” I laughed.

“Okay, look at it like this, is it about maturity?” He asked. I nodded, “I might be 19, but my mental age is 28, maybe even 30!” We both laughed, “No no, hear me out! Dating a younger guy is always better! I can never use age on you like all men do! Age as maturity is bullshit…when it comes to me!” He stated. I laughed, throwing my head back.

“Let’s take a few shots, c’mon…” He wrapped his hand around my waist. As soon as our bodies met, there was this tingling feeling which I was sure he felt too. We went to the upstairs bar and ordered shots. Taking three each, he continued, “Look men getting older, get really snobby and crabby. Now, I will always be younger than you, so always less crabby,” I giggled at his explanation.

“I have more, listen to me,” He held my face in his palms, making me meet his eyes, I nodded clearly drunk as him, “Okay, there will always be fewer ego clashes because, you will be my teacher and guider in a lot of ways like I would be, and that is so important to a relationship. I don’t have to act like this big responsible man all the time, and you don’t have to act like the responsible woman, we can both be kids as we are already breaking social rules.”

I nodded, agreeing to everything he was saying, “then, you know, sex with a younger guy will always be better.”

“You have to explain this!” I asked, holding a frown, as I wanted more explanation.

“See, we will always be more energetic, and tricks can be learnt. Why will you not want to have sex with this sculpted body and learn your way through sex, than be with an old man who has too much experience and not much-moving capability.”

“Yes your honour, you’re right!” I yelled raising my hands.

“I will always cook, no this man business you know, that’ll be bullshit, and you can always set me right. I have so much more!”

“But, you’ve already won the case, sir!” I said, wrapping my hands around his neck. “Now, we have to see if we are mentally and well, physically compatible as well.”

“Sex and talk are so important,” he nodded, we both were pissed drunk. “We should check-“ I didn’t give him any more words as I crashed my lips to his. It was so intense and passionate, as he pushed me against the wall, my head hitting back, as his lips shifted down my neck creating this feeling of ecstasy is me which I had never felt before.

“I’ve dated only once before,” I said. “So I don’t…fuck,” feeling his lips suck on the nape of my neck, “ No experience, and isn’t that bonus?”

He stopped, resting his head against mine, as we both tried to catch our breath, “we’ll figure it out,” he said kissing my forehead.      


Tell me what you think about dating younger guys, help a girl. 




Harry Styles - Boys Make Fun of Relationship - Imagine


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one shots:

Heated Apologies [Smut]

And he’s absolutely drowning in her, like she’s a weight tied around his ankle and he’s sinking quickly towards the bottom of the Atlantic and maybe it’s the pressure of being in so deep or maybe he too is feeling the effects of the sips of beer he’d taken but he feels like kissing isn’t enough. Her lips are amazing but her touch is so inviting that it’s opening the door for him to yearn more. 

In-Between Pink Sheets [Smut]

“Ya know, caesar salads really get me going, too.” He chuckled as he stepped tauntingly towards her.

She rolled her eyes, “Fuck you.”

“I bet tha’s what ya want,”

Birthday Girl [Smut]

“Well birthday girl,” he sighed as he rose back to his feet, gripping her wrists to pull her from the door. “I’m quite ready to deliver your present.”

“Then, I’m quite ready to receive it.” She replied with a cheeky smile adorning her face.



Book of Endearment  

Harry finds Y/N very endearing

Red Handed…And Blue  

Olivia is a very naughty girl



something about being on top

something about your kisses

something about a baby carrier

something about face sitting

something about a kitchen sink




¤ Eu peço desculpas a leitora que pediu esse imagine pela demora ENORME! Sério amor, me sorry aê

¤ Ficou meio bobinho mas eu fiz com amor hahaha então se quiserem mandar ask dizendo o que acharam, EU NÃO ME IMPORTARIA \o/

¤ Boa leitura pra geral, é nois \o


   A chuva caia em torno da enorme casa de verão, as flores do campo eram regadas da forma mais natural existente e os passarinhos estavam escondidos em seus devidos ninhos. O dia estava completamente fechado fazendo Harry suspirar a cada cinco segundos enquanto olhava para a janela.

  Ele havia programado aquele fim de semana a mais ou menos um mês, era a primeira vez desde que conheceu S/n, que sua agenda estava completamente vazia naquele mês e aquela chuva fez com que o sentimento de frustração dominasse seu peito.

  - Você acha que vai passar logo? - Perguntou para a namorada como se fosse uma criança querendo brincar no quintal.

  S/n sorriu de forma aconchegante para ele.

  - Bom, você quer que eu seja sincera ou otimista? - Perguntou fazendo graça o que não ajudou no desespero de Harry. - Relaxa Styles, nós podemos fazer alguma coisa aqui dentro. - Sugere abarçando a cintura do encaracoldo.

  Harry ainda não convencido solta um suspiro mais forte fazendo S/n rir de seu jeito mimado.

  - Hazz…não fica assim. - Ela forma um biquinho fofo em seus lábios para tentar de alguma forma tirar aquele ar desapontado de Harry.  - Que tal você me ajudar a fazer alguns cookies? - Pergunta empolgada com a ideia.

  Harry da um sorriso de lado, já que seus planos não deram certo é melhor ele aproveitar seu tempo com S/n.

  Os dois seguem para a cozinha. Ela é bem diferente da que eles tem na cidade, chega a ser simples mas ainda sim confortante.

  - Que sabor você quer fazer? - S/n pergunta ao abrir o armário e encarar os ingredientes.

  - Chocolate. - Responde um pouco mais animado e ela sorri com isso.

  Então vamos lá!


  Farinha, farinha, farinha e mais farinha. Aquele balcão estava um caos assim como a roupa de Harry que estava um pouco manchada do chocolate que eles haviam derretido. Apesar dessa bagunça toda, os tais cookies estavam a salvos já dentro do forno começando a soltar um aroma agradável.

  - Acho que vou precisar de um bom banho antes de comer. - S/n diz tentando tirar um pouco da sujeira que ficou em seu avental.

  Harry sorri e abraça a namorada a sujando um pouco mais.

  - Se você quiser posso ir te ajudar. - Ele diz sussurrando no ouvido dela mas não de uma forma sexual.

  S/n encara Harry e sorri desacreditada.

  - Você não perde tempo mesmo. - Diz rindo enquanto toca o maxilar marcado de Harry.

  - Não, eu não quis dizer isso. - O moreno diz um pouco desconcertado, ele não queria que S/n pensasse que ele era um tarado, apesar de já terem um boa intimidade ele não queria que ela achasse que só estão juntos por prazer.

  - Tudo bem amor. - Ela diz sorrindo e o coração de Harry se comprime por ser a primeira vez que ela o chama por tal “apelido”. - Você pode me “ajudar a tomar banho”. - Ela ri no final e se vira indo para o banheiro que fica no corredor ao lado da cozinha.

  Os dois, já dentro do banheiro, retiram toda e qualquer roupa. Os olhos de Harry apreciam o corpo de S/n mais uma vez como ele faz toda vez que a garota esta nua para ele. Ela não é como suas ex’s, passa bem longe, seu corpo não se encaixa ao padrão que segundo as pessoas, é o bonito. Não, ela é carnuda; suas coxas são grossas e seu cabelo não é tão liso, porém Harry, agora, sabe que esse sim é o seu tipo de corpo favorito, o de S/n especificamente.

  O barulho das gotas de água caindo desperta o rapaz de seus pensamentos e o sorriso convidativo de S/n o chama para entrar de baixo do chuveiro. Ela fica de costas pra ele e sente o peitoral de Harry encostar em seu corpo.

As gotículas de água molham os dois que lutam por espaço ali, os fortes braços cercam S/n ao que Styles se estica para pegar o sabonete que fica em um suporte na parede.Ela fecha os olhos e suspira sentindo o toque das mãos de Harry em seus braços.

Ela se sente tão bem perto dele, como nunca se sentira antes. Harry é a paz que S/n sempre buscou, a forma carinhosa com que ele cuida dela só concretiza os fatos…e ela acha graça nisso, ela acha graça pois em tão poucos meses ele fez coisas na vida dela que ninguém fez em seus vinte e dois anos. Isso é tão surreal que chega a duvidar que Harry realmente está ali com ela, mas os lábios carnudos em seu pescoço faz ela acordar e ver que aquilo é realmente verídico.

Harry a beija com tanto carinho enquanto suas mãos passam o sabonete por seu corpo, que por um momento chega a pensar que ela é uma boneca de porcelana prestes a se quebrar.

- Eu gosto da maciez da sua pele. - Comenta enquanto os longos dedos passam pela lateral daquele corpo que agora parece frágil.

- E eu gosto quando sua boca está a beijando. - Retruca de uma forma sapeca fazendo Harry sorrir largo. - Deixe-me passar em você agora. - Diz ela tomando o sabonete da mão dele que em momento algum protesta.

S/n se vira e fica de frente para o rapaz de olhos esverdeados. Seu corpo se estica um pouco para que ela possa depositar um beijo nos lábios que a leva para o paraíso e assim que volta a posição normal, encara o tronco todo tatuado. Um pequeno suspiro sai por sua boca e ela começa seu trabalho.

Primeiro passa de forma delicada a espuma no pescoço que ela tanto adora beijar.

- Tem uma marquinha aqui. - Ela diz com falsa inocência, como se não soubesse o que causara aquilo no pescoço de Harry.

- Culpa de uma morcega sem coração. - Ele responde puxando a cintura de S/n pra mais perto de si e ela morde o lábio de baixo sorrindo.

- E aqui também. - Diz quase como um sussurro descendo a mão para o meio do peito de Harry, que segue com o olhar. - E outro aqui. - Ela diz aproximando o rosto do tronco dele e beijando de forma experiente fazendo Harry suspirar.

Assim que ela chupa a pele branca uma marca avermelhada fica na área.

- Você deveria tomar mais cuidado com essas morcegas. - Os dois ri ao que ela termina a frase.

No ponto de vista de uma terceira pessoa, como eu, essa cena pode ser totalmente sem nexo ou cabimento, chegando a ser boba. Mas para Harry e S/n, tudo faz sentido, todas as piadas dela tem graça para ele e tudo que ele faz é encantador, é como se eles estivessem em uma órbita própria somente para os dois. Ele tem plena visão de todos os defeitos dela e ela também conhece todos os defeitos dele, que por sinal não são poucos. Mas a forma de como eles se tratam faz com que o mundo de ambos tenha mais cores e mais vida.

O rosto de Harry se aproxima do dela e suas testas se encostam. Os olhos não se desgrudam por nenhum decreto e ambos sorriem. Harry se sente tão bem perto dela que por momento pensa que seu peito irá explodir.

Por Deus, essa garota é incrível demais pra mim!

Harry pensa com toda sua insegurança.

Jesus, eu realmente o mereço?

S/n se questiona.

- Eu amo você. - Harry diz baixo mas com toda certeza do mundo.

A respiração de S/n falha e seus olhos piscam, sua perna fica um tanto bamba e ela tenta se apoiar na outra para não cair.

- C-como? - Ela pergunta surpresa se afastando um pouco para que possa encarar Harry de uma forma melhor.

Harry sorri vendo o nervosismo da namorada e a puxa pela cintura mais uma vez colando seus corpos.

- Eu, Harry Styles, amo você S/n S/S! - Ele diz devagar vendo S/n sorrir ainda meio perdida.

- Eu amo você Harry Styles! - Ela repete vendo as covinhas aparecerem.

E então eles se beijam devagar e de forma carinhosa tentando demonstrar o real amor que sentem um pelo o outro, mas antes que possam continuar algo a mais, S/n se lembra dos cookies que ficaram no forno, fazendo Harry rir de seu desespero.

Mas aquilo não acabou ali, com certeza não!

Especial de aniversário!

•Faz um q ela tá com ciumes dele por ele ter ficado cv com um mulher, e ela para de falar com ele e ele vem todo manhoso e carinhoso ( parte hot)

Anne e eu havíamos combinado de fazer um almoço para toda a família comemorar o aniversário de 23 anos de meu namorado Harry, a ideia era genial, reunir todos os parentes que ele não via a anos seria perfeito, realmente Harry ficaria muito feliz.

Conheci Harry em uma casa noturna onde tínhamos amigos em comum no local, de cara senti uma atração pelo moreno de cabelos compridos que se mostrava não tão socializado com o local.

Harry tinha cara de homem sofisticado, de um estilo próprio e bem elegante, seus cabelos eram seu ponto forte para mim, realmente fiquei encantada com aquele ser. Logo começamos a conversar e quando me dei conta já estávamos nos beijando, e que beijo era aquele.

Já estamos juntos há três anos, e posso dizer que foram os melhores anos da minha vida, como meu namorado é um cantor mundialmente famoso, isso faz com que muitas mulheres o desejem e confesso que sinto um pouco de ciúmes, mas quem nunca?

Já estava tudo pronto para a festa, vários parentes já haviam chegado, Harry estava com o sorriso de orelha a orelha, é muito bom ver quem a gente ama feliz assim.

- (S/N), daqui a pouco minha irmã Tyna está chegando, queri que você a conheça!- Anne disse sorrindo animada.

-Vai ser um prezer poder conhecê-la!- sorri da mesma forma.

Me sentei uma mesa onde minha cunhada estava sentada e começamos a conversar sobre nossas vidas, trabalhos, essas coisas, escutei Anne me chamar e logo me levantei ajeitando meu vestido.

-Sim Anne!- sorri para ela.

-(S/N), essa é minha irmã Tyna, que eu havia te falado!- Anne me apresentou a mulher sorridente ao seu lado.

-É um prazer te conhecer Dona Tyna.- estendi minha mão para cumprimentá-la.

-O prazer é todo meu, ouvi falar muito bem de você linda!- ela era um pessoa muito legal.- Essa é minha Giulia!- uma bela moça apareceu ao seu lado.

-Olá (S/N), muito prazer!- ela era linda, seus cabelos louros caiam perfeitamente em seus ombros, olhos verdes penetrantes e um corpo de dar inveja a qualquer uma.

-Olá Giulia, é muito bom te conhecer.- forcei meu melhor sorriso.

-Vou falar com Harry, faz tempo que não nos vemos!- assenti e a acompanhei com o olhar até onde meu namorado estava.

Me senti desconfortável com a aproximação dos dois, afinal eu sou bem ciumenta, talvez por medo de perder meu namorado para outra mulher.

Durante toda festa Harry e Giulia não se desgrudaram, sempre conversando, rindo como se existisse somente os dois no local, o que me deixou bastante incomodada com a situação.

-Harry, vamos embora, não estou muito bem.- menti com a intenção de tirá-lo de perto da linda mulher ao seu lado.

-Espera só um pouco amor, estou conversando com a Giulia.- ele sorriu para ela.

-Harry eu prometi que ficaria com a Avery essa noite.- tentei convencê-lo.

-Só um minuto amor, ela não deve nem estar lembrando disso. - ele disse rude.

-Ela é minha filha Harry! - falei e me virei entrando na casa de minha sogra.

Liguei para minha mãe avisando que não poderia ficar com minha filha hoje, o que segundo ela deixou minha garotinha bem triste o que consequentemente me fez ficar acabada, me sentei em um dos sofás da sala tentando me acalmar um pouco antes de ir embora, sozinha.

-Anne eu vou andando, não estou muito bem.- tentei dar alguma desculpa que a fizesse acreditar.

-O que houve? Está sentindo alguma dor?- ela disse preocupada, me senti mal por ter mentindo.

-Só um pouco de dor de cabeça, logo passa!- me despedi de quase todos e resolvi voltar andando para casa mesmo.

Caminhado pelas ruas escuras comecei a pensar se realmente eu estava fazendo o certo em namorar um cara como o Harry, ele é lindo, gentil, o homem perfeito para toda mulher, será que logo eu merecia estar ao seu lado?

Um carro preto parou ao meu lado e não me dei o trabalho de olhar quem era, afinal eu sabia bem quem estava o dirigindo.

-Entra amor, está frio ai fora.- ele disse com uma voz doce.

Entrei no carro sem olhar para ele, encostei minha cabeça na janela e voltei a pensar em tudo, logo chegamos em casa e fui direto para nosso quarto.

-Amor, você está bem?- Harry apareceu no quarto e eu apenas assenti com a cabeça.

Entro no banheiro e deixo com que a água quente que caía do chuveiro molhasse minhas costas me fazendo relaxar um pouco.

Tudo estava me deixando confusa, eu sei que não deveria me preocupar com isso, afinal se ele não me amasse de verdade não estaria comigo, não?

-Posso tomar banho também?- me assustei com sua voz bem perto de mim.

-Claro.- peguei minha toalha de saí do banheiro escutando ele suspirar.

Me deitei na cama e me cobri, antes eu esperava terminar esse dia melhor que agora, escutei os passos de Harry no quarto e fingi estar dormindo.

-Me fala o que está acontecendo, o que você tem?- ele perguntou acariciando meus cabelos.

-Não é nada…- falei em um sussurro.

-Eu sei que tem algo de errado, não minta para mim.- seus carinhos continuaram.

-Eu só estou mal por não ter visto minha filha hoje.- tentei fazer com que ele acreditasse.

-Você sabia que talvez não a veria hoje, tenho certeza de que não é só isso.- suspirei e me virei para ele.

-Você me ama?- perguntei o encarando.

-Que pergunta é essa? É claro que eu te amo!- era possível ver a confusão em seus olhos.

-Harry, você tem 23 anos, é um homem lindo, gostoso, o sonho de consumo de qualquer mulher, enquanto eu tenho 27, sou mãe de uma criança de cinco anos que ainda por cima não é sua, o que você viu em mim?- perguntei com lágrimas nos olhos.

-Por que esse assunto agora?

-Só me responde Harry, eu vi você e sua prima hoje, ela tem sua idade, não tem filhos, ela parece ser perfeita para você! - limpei uma lágrima que insistia em cair.

-(S/N) eu não me importo se você é mais velha que eu, na verdade eu adoro mulheres mais velhas, não me importo de você tem uma filha, eu aprendi a amar a Avery como se fosse minha filha, mesmo ela não morando com a gente, não me importa quantas mulheres podem paracer “perfeitas” para mim, só existe uma que ocupa todo espaço em meu coração, e essa mulher é você minha princesa!- ele disse olhando em meus olhos. -Me desculpa por duvidar do seu amor, mas que eu não consigo me conformar que sou a mulher ideal para você.- sorri triste.

-Você é sim a mulher ideal para mim, é você que eu sempre vou amar!- sorri e nos beijamos.

Harry me deitou na cama ficando por cima de mim me beijando intensamente, minha mãos acariciava suas costas, enquanto as suas passeavam por todo meu corpo. Senti minha blusa ser puxada para cima, logo Harry a retirou e sorriu ao ver meus seios expostos.

-Eu não poderia querer alguém melhor.- ele disse antes de abocanhar meu seio direito.

Gemi com o contato de sua língua em meu mamilo, Harry mordiscava, chupada meu seio como se sua vida dependesse daquilo, chupões era depositados em toda região dos meus seios.

Levei minha mão até seu membro o a acariciando por cima da cueca o sentindo ficar mais duro, enfiei minha mão dentro se sua cueca e comecei a masturbá-lo de forma lenta.

Harry tirou meu seio de sua boca me fazendo gemer em protesto, o puxei para mim de forma com que pudesse o beijar. Nos virei na cama ficando por cima dele e fui fazendo uma trilha de beijos de seu abdômen até sua cueca,retirei a mesma bem devagar fazendo com que seu membro quase batesse em meu rosto.

Segurei sua base e passei minha língua em sua glande o fazendo suspirar, envolvi minhas mãos ao seu redor fazendo movimentos vai e vem junto com minha boca, Harry segurava meus cabelos ditando a velocidade em que ele queria, senti que logo ele iria gozar então aumentei a velocidade até que isso acontecesse.

Harry me colocou de quatro e arrancou minha calcinha de uma só vez, senti seus dedos em contato com minha intimidade me fazendo ficar ainda mais molhada. Senti sua língua em meu clitóris fazendo movimentos circulares me deixando totalmente louca, Harry sempre soube usar bem sua língua.

-Harry… por favor…- implorei para que ele acabasse com essa tortura deliciosa.

-Calma meu amor!- ele disse e introduziu dois dedos dentro me mim.

Isso foi o bastante para que eu gozasse em sua boca, senti ele se afastar um pouco e logo seu membro roçar em minha entrada, rebolei em sua direção a espera de mais contato.

-Anda logo com isso Harry! Minhas palavras foram o suficiente para que ele entrasse em mim de uma só vez me fazendo soltar um gemido alto, Harry sempre foi muito controlador, sempre estava no comando e dessa vez não seria diferente.

Suas estocadas ritmadas me faziam o querer cada vez mais, sentir ele entrando e saindo de dentro de mim era uma das melhores sensações possíveis.

Ele me virou de frente me fazendo deitar com as pernas abertas para ele poder se encaixar entre elas, o beijei com vontade tentando conter meus gemidos que mais pareciam gritos pelo imenso prazer eu estava sentindo.

Senti que poderia gozar a qualquer minuto e não me privei disso, deixei que o maravilhoso orgasmo me consumisse me deixando cega de prazer, Harry estocou mais algumas vezes e logo gozou me preenchendo com seu líquido.

- Obrigado por estar comigo minha princesa! - ele disse entrelaçando nossos dedos.

-Eu que tenho que agradecer por você ter entrado em minha vida, eu te amo Harry!- sorri e o beijei.

-Eu também te amo minha linda, para sempre!

Espero que vocês tenham gostado, me digam o que acharam do imagine!


Thunderstorm (Niall Horan OS)

Word count: 2,049.

Warning: none.

Author note: so! I wrote this after a thunderstorm wake me up very early, and casually is raining now 😭 hope you’ll enjoy this! Dedicated to the lovely @flniallgirl 😊💚 🍒


It was 4:30am when a lighting enters in the room, a few seconds later thunders appear and the windows vibrate. I crawl into Niall’s back unconsciously but I find nothing.

I opened my eyes and I realise that I was in the living room…after our fight last night I went to the living room to sleep. I came to NYC three days ago, finding to a Stressed and tired Niall. Not the typical carefree guy. This Niall argues even about the little things. Socks sprawled? He went mad. A dirty plate? He was in crisis. The shampoo staying open by accident? WWIII .

I let him be because I saw him tired because his album debut and he was always nervous trying to know what do the people think about it.

Last night he touchs my limits.

I entered in the hotel room sneezing, we’ve been in Los Angeles in the morning and it was warm, when we landed in NYC at noon it was cold, so my allergy took presence.

I knew he was signing some cds, or at least that was he doing in his livestream on instagram. I was coming watching him since I jump in the car on the 5th Avenue.

I saw how Camila Cabello send things and he answered. Yes, I was jealous but I didn’t want to tell a word because it will be such a mess.

I entered finding Basil in the living room drinking water and watching a game.

“Hey Basil, Niall still signing Cd’s?” I said after place the bags in the floor.

“Yup. Still on it. I think you should talk to him, he is signing like 2000 records non-stop. Don’t want the kid get sick” he said looking me.

“I know, I’m worried too. I’ll see what can I do” I said going in silent to where he was. Watching him still on the phone.

I look at him and just nod. I went to the room taking my phone out and going to his livestream typing a short “you should be sleeping you silly x” then I log out and went for a bath.

By the time I was out I find him changing his clothes carefully, a sign of how tired he was. Normally he was all messy and louder.

“You can’t keep doing this babe” I started.

“Oh. Hey petal, why time did ya came back?” He said ignoring my words

“I’m serious Niall. You had been non-stop since the album came out. Did you even had lunch or dinner? Since I came I have to make you remind or you forget” I say walking through the closet searching for my pj’s.

“I know. I’m just worried for the album. What if is not good enough?” He said jumping onto some comfy pants looking me, with barely open eyes.

I put my lingerie on, knowing he was watching me, but too tired to even notice.

In silent I put my pathetics pink pj’s with mouses on it and I look at him.

“That’s what you’re afraid of? Not being good enough?” I say sceptic.

“Isn’t a enough reason?” He said with furrowed brows. “Ya wouldn’ understan’. Ya just look at it from outside, ya don’t have the pression I had with this album. There’s a lot on makin’” he said going to the bed automatically taking his phone, taking a selfie and writing something on it.

He looks at me after locking his phone.

“Shot” he said knowing that I was frustrated at the moment.

I looked at him one more time and left the room .

How he could tell me that? His album was like the calm after a thunderstorm, like listen to the birds in the early morning, it was beautiful.. everyone says that, not only me! And he stills worry. I can understand his worries but he can’t just get sick because of this!

I heard his footsteps behind me

“Babe..” he started.

“No, Niall. I don’t want to hear what you wanna say. How you can tell me this? Are you even listening yourself? We were looking into every damn social media since your album came out , and there’s nothing more than just excellents comments about it! You were number #1 in I don’t know how many countries, countries that we don’t even know about their existence! Countries that we had to googled! As well I wasn’t with you the day it come out, I supported you, I’ll tell to unknown people to buy your album! I stand there proudly watching your achievements. I flew to USA to join you and I just got told you were about to get such a sickness because you’re not.taking.care.of.yourself. I don’t think we deserve this Niall, your fans that are with you every damn moment supporting you , giving you love, they don’t deserve this. Me, that I’m in every step you take taking over me all the shits they say, did you know how hard it is to handle those peoples? That are telling me how badly was my decision to start dating you? That for example one day you will get tired of me, you will leave me for someone 1000 prettier than me, and I don’t blame them. I’m here standing in the middle of the kitchen in such a ridiculous pijama talking you, but that again, is not the point. I need you to take care of yourself. I don’t want to you get a flu that could get into something worse. Now, I’m going to make some soup in case you wanted to eat I will leave in the microwave” I finished turning to the oven.

“I-I didn’t know that they told ya those things” he said after a few minutes of silent. Typical. You tell them such a whole bible but they will answer just the last line of it, men’s.

“If they did in London, in Amsterdam, in Asuncion, why would not here? People is a shit and You know that” I said cutting the vegetables.

“I love ya, ya know that?” He said in the counter.

“No you don’t! If you love me , you will take care!” I said leaving the knife.

“Again with that? ’M FINE FOR FUCKS SAKE. Ya don’t see me? ’m fine, you’re just bein’ dramatic” he said looking me and going to the room .


“I DON’T GIVE A FUCK. I’M TIRED OF YA, OF ALL THIS, OF ALL THE PEOPLE WHO SURROUND ME, TIRED OF THIS ALBUM OR THOSE SHITTIES TV SHOWS. I’M TIRED” he said slamming the door. And all went calm. At least he admitted he was tired.

I called to room service and ordered some pizza, salad and a soup if he wants to eat some.

I sit down in the living room to watch a program extremely boring but I wasn’t really watching it cuz my mind wandered through the things he said before, my mind keep running by the last thing he said. I knew that I practically forced him to said what he said .. but I can’t let my ray of sunshine extinguish.

Hours later I went to the room carefully, thinking I’ll find him like the last days, with his notebook and phone simultaneously. But no, I find him in a deep sleep, sprawled all over the bed. His hair all messy and the blankets falling in the floor.

I took the blankets pulling over his body knowing how cold is he at nights.

I took a pillow and a blanket from the placard and I came back to the living room carefully as I entered.

I re-adjusted in the couch , now being a maniac looking through the notebook and my phone seeing what people thinks about his incredible album.

I remember that I tweeted “Niall deserves so much love (not saying this as his gf😝) but he’s so perfect that he doesn’t even notice sometimes and said stupid things… anyways everyone buy #Flicker in iTunes! 💚” and I fall asleep.

And here I am, a few hours later, with a scaring thunderstorm outside and my boyfriend sleeping so comfy that I don’t even wanted to disturb him.

Almost 5am , still awake, I decided to make some coffee, I know that Niall will have a performance at the Today Show, so basically I know he will be up soon. And I left a mug for him too.

I heard his alarm rings but didn’t heard him. Usually he’s all louder when the alarm rings because he ran to the bathroom still with closed eyes. This time I didn’t heard nothing.

Basil come in, look at me and said “kid isn’t ready yet right? Driver will be here soon” he laughed at my pj’s .

I ran directly to the room finding him still snoring, I rub my hand through his back for waking him up.

“Hey Niall, get up. You have a tv show to attend and is late already. C'mon love” I said rubbing his back, neck and face to get him a movement at least.

He turned up and hardly opened his eyes “ I don’t wanna go. ’m tired” he groans and look at me, I was about to leave him sleep more but this show is really important.

“I would really love if you keep resting but is the Today Show honey, you’d need to get up now”

The rain at least has stopped.

He sighs, and after meditate a few seconds he stood up, look at me and hug me.

“Don’t ya sleep here?” He said looking at the empty space in bed without being touched.

“No. I came and you were all sprawled sleeping and really comfy so I slept in the couch..well I tried to” I said leaving his arms and went to the bathroom to brush my teeths.

“But ya still lyin’ down even if imma all sprawled ” he said frowning his brows with foam in his mouth.

“I know, but after what you told me last night it was better give you your space” I said cleaning myself, he look at me confused then he remembered.

He tried to hug me but I went out of the bathroom.

“Love..” he said looking at me.

“It’s getting late, please get ready. I’ll wait in the lobby with Basil” I said going out and taking a sweater, putting some jeans and boats in.

I take my purse and my phone and went outside waiting for him with Basil drinking coffee.

“All good?” He said pointing at the dark bags under my eyes.

“We had an argument last night. Told him he should slow down and we discuss. Being honest I was the one who talked the most. He ended up with a scream and closing the door later” I said starting to put some make-up on trying to cover the zombie face I have. I gave it a bit of colour but still looking like I haven’t had any sleep at all.

Finally , Niall come down looking fresh as a lettuce.

He looked at me noticing my tired face and just sighed.

“Lets go” he said trying to take my hand.

I take it and we made our way to the car in silent.

In the ride to the studio I was almost sleeping on his shoulders when he saw my face, and whisper in my ear “ ’m really sorry that ya haven’t sleep at all, ’m sorry for bein’ an asshole last night too. Didn’t want that ya have the necessity of sleep in da couch ‘cuz I needed time. I love ya, and I’d appreciate all the worries and constantly support you’re giving me, I know I had been a bad boyfriend lately but I really love ya and I promise to take care of maself since now” he said kissing for a long time my forehead staying there for a while.

I didn’t have the strength enough just to mutter a slow “I love you too”

And I feel him smiling.

#52 - Playing the Intermediary (Harry Styles)

Where Y/N plays the intermediary in a breakup and is stuck with the ex-boyfriend. 

“So, it is just this. I don’t know how to do it,” She shook her head. 

“But, you are sure that he loves you?” I asked. 

“That’s the only thing I’m sure about. You know, how it is, it’s just after the death, it’s like he clings to me. And we have been together for three years, I just don’t want to make it a four. God, just make me break up!” She moaned. 

“I feel you’re the first person who wishes to get rid of someone who loves you. Here, nobody loves me and I would love a boyfriend!” I laughed. 

“I wish he cheats on me. Like I don’t see us together. I don’t see any part in the future where our ideologies match, or our interests. It’s like I grew up and he never did!” She went on explaining, “I think, he is just used to me, and then he calls it love. Because I don’t spend more than five minutes talking to him. I hardly respond to his texts and he still doesn’t get the clue. I told him I don’t want to get married until I am 28 while he does, and he still doesn’t get it!" 

"Why don’t you just break up? Like just lay it out. All clear." 

"You think I haven’t tried? I have done it repeatedly. REPEATEDLY. He doesn’t understand, then starts crying and then, it’s just - you have to help me. Tell him, that I am depressed with him. I can’t deal with this anymore. I can’t marry him. I never will. Our minds don’t match, our nothing matches and I don’t want him. He will be happier with anyone else other than me. Tell him!” She groaned. 

“Alright, I am sending this recording to him." 

"Wait, what? You recorded it?” She played it again, “Yeah, as proof. Poor guy should hurt now than when you make it four years, you know. So, promise he won’t come running after me if I send him this and ask him to lay off?” I asked. 

“I have a feeling, that he won’t believe it. Like he will just be like, you’re joking." 

"Not after, I have spoken to him…” I dialled his number. “Hello? Is this Harry?" 

"Yeah, it’s Harry. Who is this?" 

"Not important. What’s important is that I’m Sara’s friend.”

“What? Is everything alright? Is everything fine? Is she hurt.” My heart broke for him. But, this was good for him. They were both breaking each other. 

“Well, not really. Look, Sara is depressed. And, I have been seeing her for months now. She is not happy. At all. She wants to get rid of you. She doesn’t want you in her life anymore. She doesn’t care for you. Doesn’t see any future with you, and I feel you should stop embarrassing yourself and live your life and let her live hers." 

"What? Who the fuck are you? Give her the phone." 

"No, Harry. I know you are better than this. I know you have been together for a long time, but you have to see she is miserable and if you do truly claim to love her, then you will leave her, cause she doesn’t want you or have any respect left for you. I mean, she made me call you. Made me do it because you don’t even acknowledge her words when she tells you the same. This is toxic. I have sent a voice message. That’s her begging me to tell you. Give it up, Harry. Let her go. You are not worth each other." 

There was pin drop silence on the other side for the next 10 seconds. Long enough, I cut the call. 

“What did he say?” Sara looked at me hopefully. 

“He played the recording according to my notification.” My heart was breaking for him. No one should be hurt like that. But, he did call for it. 

“God, I hope it works,” She groaned and checked her phone. He has sent a ‘why would you do this to me?’. Cause I want to get rid off you, you fucker! I have texted - we are over, to him. Hope it’s final this time!” 

“You really don’t love him, do you?” I asked. 

“Never did. I don’t even know why I was with him. Promise me, don’t ever be in a relationship where you can’t say why are you together. It’s the worst thing.”

“It happened!” Sara called cheering the next day. “We are over! You did it! We did it!” She yelled. I was back home since I was just visiting her place. 

“Oh wow, that’s great for you! You are the first I have seen this happy as well!” 

“I am rejoicing my freedom!” 

“Yeah, umm is he alright? He won’t go and hurt himself or anything right? I don’t want to go to prison,” I tried to laugh. 

“No, he is heartbroken. But, he will be fine. I am not the bad person here. You know that right?” She asked, looking for my approval. 

“There is no right or wrong here, Sara. I just hope you don’t regret it.” I smiled. 

“I don’t think, I will. I have wanted it for so long. More than a year, and it feels right. Anyway, got to go, I have a class! Bye baby!” 

I didn’t get relationships. People were just confusing, and this case just confused me so much more. How does love become a noose around your neck, and why do we let it get it to that stage. 

It had been a month since that day. Sara was happy, and getting better. She looked much more relaxed than before, and I knew it was because she didn’t have him in her life. She had less stress and she was finally getting into herself. I wondered at times about Harry. How was he dealing with it? Dealing with wholly believing that his love loved him, only to be absolutely shattered in the end by it. 

I thought about him a lot. More than a lot, at times. It felt wrong, but as much as I understood Sara, the more I tried to understand Harry. Why did he lead himself to that stage? And why did he do that to himself and her?

“Hi, can I have a Latte, size medium, please?” I needed a coffee. 


“No, thank you. I am trying to get rid of it!” I laughed. 

I sat down on the side table with my coffee, ready to work, when I felt someone staring at me. I looked up and, I was right. Only I didn’t expect to stare back. He was beautiful. His eyes were so big, and his face looked as if it was carved to perfection. He was frowning though, “Can I help you?” I asked. 

“It’s you.” He whispered.

“Umm, me?” He got up from his table, and came and sat in front of me. I looked around, finding this weird. 

“You’re the one who broke up with me.” 

“Excuse me?” I frowned. 

“I mean, broke up with me for my girlfriend, ex..girlfriend,” he stared, his face not giving any other emotion. His voice sounded so much better in person. Shut up, Y/N. 

“You must have me mistaken?” 

“No, I can’t. I have tried. I can’t forget that voice. I can’t forget your voice. I don’t remember anything hurting me more. And, I think I have seen you in one of Sara’s pictures, I have a good memory.” 


“Yeah, fuck. I’m Harry,” He put his hand forward, and I just looked at it. 

“How are you?” I asked, my curiosity getting the better of me. He pulled his hand back and got comfortable in his seat. 

“How do you think I am?” His voice was so straight, deep and sharp. 

“I don’t know.” 

“You broke my heart, shattered it.” 

“Excuse me, but your girlfriend shattered it.” 

“And, you approved?” He asked, his eyes were watery. 

“I didn’t have the say. It wasn’t about me.” 

“Then, why the fuck were you in it?” He raised his voice, and moved forward as I pushed back. 

“I was asked a favour, and I did it.”

“Were those your words or hers?” 

“Shouldn’t you be over her?” 

“After you humiliated me?” He pointed. 

“I didn’t do anything. You were both doing it to yourself,” I should shut up. At least bite my tongue. 

“I thought I was having a new start, until I heard your voice,” He looked to the window. There was something wrong with him. 

“I would still recommend it,” he looked at me. “This is a great place to have one. It should be easy.” 

“Are you in a relationship?” He asked, and I shook my head. “Ever been?” I shook my head again. “Then, you don’t know what you’re talking about, so stop advising.” He sneered. 

“Right, why are you at this table? I did nothing to you. I have nothing to do with you. I was the intermediary, a mere messenger…” 

“Do you like playing the intermediary in places?” He asked. Why was he so beautiful? Why hadn’t I asked to see his picture before? Sara had put me off him, that I was sure there would have been something rotten about him. He just looked broken to me.. 

“I like helping.” 

He looked at me, then shook his head. “Well, then Y/N - help me.” He said smirking. 





Sickness and Cuddles

Originally posted by harrysimpact

Harry loves mornings, he is always so cheerful and full of energy but you can’t say the same for his girlfriend Y/N. She hates mornings, but today something was different. Harry usually wakes up with Y/N cuddled up with him, but today she was on the other far end of the king size bed, but even so he could feel how hot the environment  under the sheets around her were. Also there was this noise coming from her noise, like snoring, the only thing was that Y/N didn’t snore.

He could fell a frown starting to form between his brows, and his mind getting clouded with concerned thoughts. Harry extended his arm to gently pull Y/N closer to his naked torso and flashbacks of the day before of her saying she wasn’t feeling so good came to his mind. At that point they had already been in bed so Harry had asked if she wanted some tea (to what she answered no) and petted her hair until she fell asleep.

But now Harry could really see that she was indeed sick and his heart started to sink in his chest. Y/N stirred in his hold and a crease formed in her forehead.

“Baby” Harry whispered “Are you feeling okay?”

“My nose feels stuffy” Y/N whined, in a very constipated voice.

Y/N’s hands came to rest in Harry’s chest and she got closer to his body hiding her face in the crook of his neck. Harry rested his lips at the top of his girlfriend’s head, which felt warmer than usual.

“Can we cuddle for a little while longer?” he felt her breath against his neck.

“Of course we can darling. Do you want me to turn the tv on and we can watch Gilmore Girls?” Harry asked with morning raspy voice. He knew how much Y/N had become obsessed with the show very recently.

“Yes, please.” She said without moving from her place so Harry could get the remote that sits in his bedside table.

“I have to get the remote, baby” Harry said with a chuckle

Y/N let out a noise that sounded much like a little wounded animal, and moved a bit aside so Harry could get the remote.

Harry opened his Netflix account on the tv, and turned Gilmore Girls on.  They both laid glued to each other facing the lit up screen.

Y/N was incredibly quiet while watching the show when usually she’s always laughing and making funny comments because she loves the relationship that the two main characters have.

“Do you want something for the fever and pain, petal?” Harry asked worriedly.

“No, just need you” she answered squeezing her arms tighter around her boyfriend. “I love you”

“I love you too darling, but I should really make you something to eat so you can take some ibuprofen”

“But I don’t want you to leave me” She pouted

“I’m not leaving you petal” Harry chuckled “I will go downstairs and be right back”

“Promise?” she didn’t want to sound needy but she was sick and she just wanted to hold the curly haired boy and stay in bed all day, if possible.


Harry got up and Y/N pulled the duvet closer to her to keep his warmth around her. Rory and Lolerai were having one of their weird conversations on the screen which always made Y/N smile.

Y/N felt something jump up to the bed and instantly the corners of her lips shot up. She lifted her head and saw her adorable cat at the feet.

“Hey Rosie, are you on the bed because daddy is gone?” Y/N asked in a baby voice as the fuffly cat approached her. “You’re so spoiled” she giggled as the cat curled up beside her.  

Y/N is kind of allergic to fur so Harry had a strict rule of “no kitty on the bed”, and it always broke Y/N’s hearth to have to leave the little fur ball downstairs alone although she knew Rosie would be fine.

She heard Harry’s footsteps on the stairs and soon he was at the door of their room with a plate and a cup of tea in his hands. He set all down on the night stand and got comfy on the bed.

“Just today” he said to Rosie while petting her behind her ears, and Y/N smile.

Y/N sat on the bed and Harry gave her the plate so she could eat the toast he lovingly made, she took the pill she was handed, and after and half an hour she was in a deep sleep while resting her head in her boyfriends chest.

“I love you” Harry whispered and kissed her head.

parallel // part two of fwb

Harry stayed over for a week at your place, catching up on all of the late nights he had missed out on when he was gone, catching up on a bunch of tv shows, and not getting any sleep because he couldn’t stop thinking about making you his.

Sometimes, when you got a little too close to his face, his heart would beat rapidly against his chest, thinking hoping you were going to kiss him.

See the thing is, you had a no kissing rule. This was established in the beginning so that the lines between platonic and romantic don’t get blurred. At first, it was fine, he settled for kissing you on the neck, on your cheeks, your nose even.

But now? Now, he was aching. When all you wore around the house were his shirts and your underwear (sometimes it was his, on occasion) , he would want to push you up against the wall and feel your tongue against his. When you were making breakfast for the the both of you, your hair resting on top of your head in a disheveled fashion, your eyebrows drawn together in concentration as you tried to whip up the perfect vegan pancakes, he would want to hold you closely in his arms and press his lips against yours, and revel in your touch and kiss. If you heard his thoughts, you two probably wouldn’t speak to each other again, he thought.

His contemplation was interrupted when you came up to him, handing him a big plate of peanut butter cookies and plopping down next to him on the sofa, your phone in hand, and your eyes not leaving the screen.

“Thank you.” He mumbled quietly before taking a bite into the delectable dessert. “ What are you doing?”

“Huh?” you glanced up quickly, “Oh, I’m texting a bunch of my friends to invite them over for dinner tomorrow - if that’s okay with you? I know you wanted some time just to relax, but I’ve been planning this for a while now. It’s fine if you don’t want to though, I can still cancel.”

“No no, it’s perfectly fine!” He rushed to say. He found it awfully sweet how considerate she was when it came to him. To be quite honest, he doesn’t think there will come a time when he refuses her something she wants. Especially, when he knows that she is going to offer that grateful grin of hers that he absolutely adores as a result. She’s got him wrapped around her finger, and he doesn’t mind it one bit.

Even though Harry still won’t admit to himself that he loves you, he can admit this: he fucking loves your dinner parties. For many reasons. One, you’re a freakishly good cook. Two, you always look damn good in your apron ( that you pretty much only wear during your dinner parties just to look fancy ). Three, your choices in everything from the music to the wine to the flowers in the middle of the dining table, never fail to impress him. Plus, your friends are pretty great as well.

Neither of you had had any drinks yet. You, because you tend to postpone your own drinking till way later in the night and Harry, because he had been wanting to cut down on the alcohol a little bit. However, as the night progressed, your friends got more and more tipsy. Mostly because you were so generous with the drinks and who were they to say no?

However, another person hadn’t had anything to drink at all since the beginning of the night. He was the same person who was currently sat next to you on your love seat, whispering in your ear and making you giggle. Harry was sitting on the opposite couch, visibly pouting, and was feeling his heart drop all the way down to his feet.

You had barely spent more than 15 minutes with any of the guests, trying to balance your time between every single one of them. But now that everyone was settled down in your living room, you had given your full attention to Faris, a guy from your university, that he had seen quite a few times. Harry couldn’t really bring himself to hate the guy; there was nothing wrong with him! He was charming, a proper gentleman, and quite a good looking one at that. 

He spent the night trying to ignore the funny feeling in his stomach by being the usual charismatic person he was and initiating conversations with the people around him. Every now and then, he would glance in your direction, but he stopped altogether when you caught him staring too many times.

When you finally said goodbye to your guests, with Faris being one of the last to leave, you sighed very loudly; sad that the night was over but happy because you could finally get some peace and quiet.

You looked over at where Harry was collecting the glasses off your coffee table and made your way over to him.

“Did you have fun tonight?” You put your arms around his waist and rested your head on his chest.

“Uh huh. Did you?”

“Yes.” You stayed silent for a moment, simmering in the peacefulness that surrounded you. “I missed you.”

“I was right there, petal” He chuckled softly, squeezing your body tighter against his. He assumed you were sleepy, because you were never one to hug him out of the blue. But, you were wide awake actually. 

“I know, I know. I just didn’t spend too much time with you today, and I wanted to.”

“Hm. Don’t you go soft on me, Y/L/N.” He mocked your words from a couple of days earlier. You laughed loudly at his words, before slapping his chest lightly.

As the laughter died down, you found yourself staring at his eyes. Then, his lips. You don’t think they’ve ever looked this inviting before. You drew your face nearer to his slowly and he did the same. You landed your lips on his cheek, giving him a quick peck, before pulling away.

“Goodnight, Harry.” You left him breathing heavily as you stepped away from him, then headed towards your room. 

“Goodnight, Y/N”

The whole night, the thought of kissing Harry wouldn’t leave your brain. You were stunned by your own thoughts. You wanted to tell him that you wanted to kiss him, but you were certain that he would undoubtedly end the agreement you two had set up, and you would probably never see him again. That would kill you. So, for now, you would just keep your mouth shut.


A/N: thank you to the lovely anon who requested part two of fwb!! i’ve been meaning to turn part one from a oneshot to a series for a while now but i had no motivation whatsoever lmao!! but i hope you enjoyed it and let me know what you think!!

you can read part one here!


The images kept replaying themselves in your head. A mangled body being pulled out of the vehicle, Harry’s precious new car smashed beyond repair, and his panicked face when he arrived at the scene. It hadn’t been your fault, the other driver was drunk and had managed to swerve into your lane and smash into you before you even had time to realize what was happening.

It had been a week since you were discharged from the hospital with nothing more than a few minor injuries, but the other driver wasn’t so lucky. In his drunken misjudgment, he hadn’t been wearing a seatbelt and was thrown into the windshield of his car, killing him instantly.

For the first few days after the accident, you’d been in too much pain to think about what happened. But now that the soreness had faded, everything was weighing down on you at once.

It was you that killed him. If you had only passed down the road a few minutes later, he would’ve swerved into an empty lane and could possibly still be alive. Or you could’ve taken a different route home, or just not left the house altogether.

Not only had you killed someone, it was Harry’s car. You were sure it cost more than anything you’d ever owned and it was brand new; he hadn’t stopped talking about it since he bought it. He trusted you to drive it, and now it was gone.

The accident had been hard on you, but what you didn’t realize was that it was even harder on Harry. He’d woken up in the middle of the night to your crying, despite your desperate attempts to quiet yourself down after the nightmares that wouldn’t stop. He’d hold you, making sure your face was free of tears and you were softly snoring before he allowed himself to join you in a somewhat peaceful slumber.

He put up with all the crazy mood swings, too. There were times when you just wanted to cry in his chest, letting him comfort you with his strong arms and comforting scent of vanilla. But there were also times, more of them than you’d like to admit, that you had completely shut him out. He understood you needed some alone time, not that he didn’t worry about you while you were lonely in the bedroom, but he let you kick him out every time you felt you needed to.

He really had no idea what was going on in your head; why on earth you wouldn’t let him comfort you. He didn’t know the struggles you’d been facing ever since that day.

You didn’t quite understand it either, because you truly wanted him. Wanted him to hold you and tell you everything would be okay; he was there and he wasn’t leaving. And you let him do that sometimes, but then fear would take over.

You killed someone. You destroyed his car; his prized possession. You can’t be trusted.

These thoughts echoed through your head constantly, making your heart ache and your anxiety skyrocket. Maybe you were bad luck. And if that was the case, how could you trust yourself with the man who was most precious to you? It was only a matter of time before you lost control and something happened to Harry, right? Just like that lifeless body of the man that probably had so much to live for.

You’d been sitting alone for a few hours, staring at a random speck on the wall and trying so hard not to cry. But when the sobs finally came, they hit hard.

Harry was downstairs when he heard you. There was no hesitation; he needed to be there. He was fine leaving you alone, but if you started crying, especially the way you were now, he couldn’t justify not being there.

The door to the bedroom opened slowly, a contrast to Harry’s fast-beating heart. He needed to make this better, and he felt like shit for not knowing how. He made his way over to the bed, sitting down and silently putting a hand on your back. It was his way of letting you know he was there, without pressuring you to explain or even acknowledge him if you didn’t want to.

His hand moved up and down your back, still keeping his distance while you cried into your hands.

You wanted to hug him so badly; just jump into his arms and never let go. But how could you put this burden on him? Taking care of someone who was practically a murderer?

“I killed him.” You finally croaked, barely even audible to Harry.

“Hey.” He pressed a finger to your chin, gently prodding you to look at him. You uncovered your face, but still avoided his gaze and stared at your lap.

“It wasn’t your fault, you know that.”

You sniffled, shaking your head.

“It is.”

“No, don’t you dare believe that. He was the one who decided to drive drunk, okay? It was his bad decision that got him killed, not you.”

Tears continued to roll down your cheeks; you believed his words, but nothing could take away the pain you felt for the man. Drunk or not, he was dead now.

“Baby, please look at me.”

Your body shifted to look in his eyes, watching them stare at you as they searched for some type of answer. Before he could say anything, you flung yourself into him and clung to his shoulders. He swore his heart was breaking. You were sobbing loudly into him, while he held you as tight as possible and tried to keep himself together for your sake. When your sobs finally quieted, he spoke.

“Listen to me, baby. None of this is your fault. It was just one of those ‘wrong place at the wrong time’ things. You are an incredible person and this changes nothing, my love. I love you.”

His words were spoken slowly, laced with emotion while you were convinced that he meant every word.

“But your car.” You whimpered, another sob leaving your throat.

He pulled away, taking your face in his hands while he looked at you in shock.

“Is that what this is about? My car?”

Your bottom lip trembled as you nodded, and a look of horror crossed over his face.

“I don’t care about that damn car, baby. I’m just relieved you’re okay.” He held you tight to him, unable to believe that you felt so much guilt over a car. He could buy a new one if he really wanted to. In fact, he could probably buy ten of the same model.

“But I- I’m so sorry, Harry. It was so special to you.”

His heart had surely shattered by now.

“Baby, that car was not that special to me. What’s special to me is you, okay? A car can be replaced; you can’t.”

You sniffled and looked up at him, as he wiped the tears from your splotchy cheeks.

“I love you so much. And that car did it’s job, it protected you when I couldn’t. What matters is you.

Leaning against his chest, you were able to get a deep breath in. He was right, you knew he could afford a new car if he wanted one. And the accident was just that, an accident. The drunk man was dead, but it wasn’t because of you, it was his own poor judgement that put him six feet under. As awful as it was, that’s life.

He held you extra tight that night. After what you’d told him, he’d gotten an even deeper look at the caring, truly incredible girl you were. As great as it was, it unfortunately had some nasty side effects.

He swore you were asleep, but he was shocked to hear you speak as he pressed a kiss to your head.

“Thank you, Harry.”

“Oh sweetheart, you’re welcome.”

It wasn’t long before you were both asleep. And that night there were no nightmares. No waking Harry up in the middle of the night, no broken sobs cutting through the darkness of the room. Because Harry always managed to put your mind at ease.

#31 The Outside Scene Part 2 (Harry Styles)

Dedicated to the Anon who asked me twice…I hope this makes you happy. 

Part 1

Word Count: 2,185

I created this company from scratch. With my people, it is one of the best firms in the market today, but still having a woman at the head didn’t please my competition. I just had a meeting with another owner who wanted to buy my firm. My lawyer made sure that we ended up buying his instead, but still being treated less than others just because I wasn’t a man pissed me off.

I had not seen Harry since morning. I got ready to leave for my meeting as soon as I entered my house. Not overthinking, and just locking my emotions in a box was the best that I could do. He owed nothing to me. And, I didn’t want to hear him say that it was a mistake. “I want the files for the Macron deal on my table, and tell James to come to the office right now,” I kept myself busy as soon as I entered office not wasting time or giving myself a moment to think about this morning. “Why are we lagging behind on this? We need to be more careful. This is not done.”

James apologised for his team lagging behind the deal, and I realised that I might need another head, “Last chance James, I know you like working differently, but I will have to put someone in to supervise. This is the third delay and, we can’t continue to work like this.”

The phone rang, “Ma’am, Mr Styles wants to talk to you. He says it is urgent…very…very urgent,” my assistant on the line following what Harry was telling her to say.

“I’m almost done, send him in,” I said, keeping the phone down. James got up to leave, “I won’t warn again James, I’d really like the results,” He gulped and then, nodded. Harry entered, ready to say something, but stopped seeing James in the room. “Mr Styles, please take a seat,” I said. James whispered all the best to him, and he frowned. “Yes, tell me, Mr Styles, what can I do for you?” He looked so amazing, he was wearing a blue shirt with suit pants, his hair tied in a bun, showcasing his sharp jaw line.

Taking his eyes off the closing door, “Umm, it’s not about work.”

“Okay, then?” I kept a poker face.

“Strange thing happened,” he said, locking the door, “I kissed someone last night, well…made out and when I came back after picking up my daughter, I had a thank you note lying on the table.”

“What more were you expecting?” I said, and his eyes widened.

“You could have texted or called. I left in a hurry, Charlie was crying,” he said.

“It doesn’t matter now, Mr Styles,” I said.

“Hey…it does. It does matter to me.”

“Well, it doesn’t matter to me so, I’d appreciate you going back to work. Please.” I felt like I hurt him. His eyes showed that he was hurt. He shook his head, shrugged and walked out of the door.

“I heard about your breakup,” my sister called me in the evening.

“Really? It has been months,” I said, trying to finish cooking this garlic chicken so, I could eat and sleep.

“You should have called, or said something. I had written both your names for the book inauguration party. Now, who will I get to accompany you?” This was her concern. Not that I broke up with a guy after five years.

“Why don’t you just cut our names?” I told her, annoyed.

“Don’t be selfish,” I rolled my eyes at that comment. “Your ex-boyfriend sent his RSVP,” she said.

“What? You’re calling him?” I almost dropped my phone.

“Yeah, of course. Just because you’ve broken up with the perfect man, doesn’t mean our friendship is over. Anyway, he is a big name. It will add some glamour to my party,” I couldn’t believe her words. But, she had always been like that.

“And you still expect me to come?”

“Yes, with someone. I’ll see you there, someone else is calling me,” she cut the call. I had never felt so angry. My sister was another case, but he was going to my family’s party with his new girlfriend. What the hell was that? Could no one see how wrong it was? I picked up my pan and threw it against the wall, as I broke down crying on the floor.

The doorbell rang after a minute, and it kept ringing. I wiped my tears and got up. Walking to the door, I saw Charlie standing in her night suit, with Harry standing behind her in a towel, wet. “Are you okay?” She asked as she gave me a hug.

“She pulled me straight out of the shower after she heard something fall,” Harry said. Charlie invited herself in and saw the pan on the floor. Harry was quick to notice it as well. He walked into the kitchen and switched the stove off. “Charlie, why don’t you take her to our house, and I’ll join you there?”

“There’s no need,” I tried to say before Charlie took my hand and pulled me out of my house.

She made me sit on the sofa again and ran inside her room. I sat looking around the house, seeing it absolutely perfect. My hand rubbing over the couch material remembering last night, “There you go,” Charlie ran out of her room, pulling a huge yellow blanket behind her. It required a lot of strength, and this little girl pulled it across the hall and put in on my lap. Huffing a little bit, she took the edges and wrapped it around my body, “This is the happy blanket. It will make you happy and forget the bad people,” She said, and cuddled into my body, hugging me tightly. I hugged her back, just holding her as tears fell down my eyes.

The main door opened, and Harry stopped looking at the scene in front of him. Still, in the towel, he rushed to his room. Charlie didn’t move an inch and kept her hold tight on my body. Harry walked out of his room, smiling looking at his daughter and then, walked to the kitchen. Coming out with three plates of pasta, he sat next to us on the couch. Charlie let go of me and sat straight, none of us saying anything. We didn’t say anything as he handed us the plates and we ate in silence with Charlie’s eyes just looking at her dad and me one after the other.

I finished my plate and kept it on the table. Looking down at my hands, concentrating on my lines, controlling my tears until it didn’t work, “Charlie, honey, will you tuck yourself in tonight?” he asked. She nodded and then, kissed my cheek and then, her fathers and ran into the room. Harry licked his lips, and then, came and sat close to me. “What happened? You can tell me, anything?”

I closed my eyes, trying to stop the tears and my body for shaking. He sighed and then, hugged me. “Let’s sleep, okay?” He said and picked up the blanket. Taking my hands, he took me to his room, as I looked around, entering for the first time. “You sleep here? I’ll sleep outside.”

“It’s pretty big, this bed. Stay…” I said, and he smiled. I kept my head on the pillow as he wrapped the blankets around me, and I slept in no time.

My eyes opened, and the first thing I saw were the rays entering scattered in the room. The second was hearing the heartbeat in my ears. I picked up my head to notice my body being wrapped around Harry’s and his around mine. His eyes opened as slowly, and he smiled. His smiled did something to me. I kept my head on my pillow, as he looked at me. His hands putting my flick behind my ear, “slept well?” I nodded. “Will you tell me what happened?

“My family is the most inconsiderate bunch of people, just that…” I told him how my sister had invited my ex, and I had to go now. I would hear about it for the rest of my life. And, I had to keep my respect. He couldn’t show up with some other girl, what will people say? My family would say they are embarrassed though, they called him. I saw no way out of this.

“I could go with you?” he said.

“What?” I frowned.

“I could come, as your partner? I don’t mind. We can get a sitter for the night for Charlie,” he said.

“You don’t have to do that,” I said, getting up.

“I want to,” he replied, cutting me. “Why do you push me away?” he asked.

“I push everyone away, it’s easier.”

He wrapped his arm around my body and pulled me back, my head hitting the pillow. “Your daughter…”

“Is sleeping,” he replied, and kept his hands around me, climbing up. My breathing increased, as I felt his weight on my body. He looked into my eyes, and then, brought his lips closer to mine. Eyes flicking back to see my reaction, before they pressed against mine. I liked this, I liked this feeling. Here in this bed, I felt like I belonged. His lips trailed down my chin to my neck, finding a place to suck there as I remembered the night before.

“Harry,” I said, in protest. He picked up his head, looking at me with confused eyes.

“Don’t push me away,” he said, removing my hair from my face, “I won’t hurt you, you’re the first person I have kissed after…after Charlie’s mum. I really really like you, please don’t push me away.”

“You left me on the couch,” I said.

“What?” he frowned. “Couch?”

“If the man doesn’t put you on the bed after well…he doesn’t want you…” I said, repeating the words of what I have been told.

“What?” He sat up, “the bed? Where did you learn this from?”

“It’s the rule, I thought you didn’t…”

“What if the man sleeps with you on the couch?” He asked. I didn’t have any response to that. “Look, I woke up in the morning to my phone ringing and Charlie crying on the phone. It was nothing big, but I rushed out to get her so, I couldn’t take you to the bed because I had no time!”

“You cleared the bottles…” I said.

“Bottles…I did that while I was on call,” I didn’t have anything else to add. “Is that why you left?” he asked. I nodded. “Baby…” he sighed, “Next time, you have any more of your rules which I haven’t completed, please tell me?” he giggled, bending down to kiss my cheek, “Ouch,” I hit his arm.

“I’ve not done this since five years!”

“I have not done this for longer and look at me,” he raised his eyebrows.

“Have you not? Really?”

“Yeah, was very protective of Charlie. Didn’t want the wrong woman around her,” He shrugged, his hands on my waist, his thumb touching my skin, making me feel bubbles in my chest.

“So I have your approval?” I asked, blinking innocently.

“More like I have Charlie’s approval! She really adores you, I think she sees herself in you,” he said, with this warm look in his eyes.

“What is she on the outside of?” I asked, frowning.

“I meant, that she saw a strong, self-made, caring, successful girl in you,” He said, “who is not on the outside now.”

I smiled with tears in my eyes. “Daddy,” we heard the little voice and the steps on the door, as Harry jumped off me. Charlie entered, pushing the door wide open, rubbing her eyes. She left her teddy on the door, as she saw me on the bed. Her face lit up with a big smile, as she saw her blanket wrapped around me. She ran to the bed and climbed on me. “Did the happy blanket make you happy?” She asked, and I nodded. She looked at her father with a proud look on her face and jumped on him. He caught her, pulling her to his chest and kissing her face as she giggled. I sat up on my elbow, looking at them play and talk about her sleep. Keeping my head on the pillow, I heard her tell about her dream. She looked at me, and pulled the blanket, cuddling into my body as I held her little frame in my arms. And turning towards her father continuing the story. Harry’s eyes widened, but he smiled hearing her out.

“Okay, it’s still early. We can sleep for another two hours…” Harry said as he got under the sheets as well, pressing a button to shut the blinders.

Charlie turned and kept her hand on my cheek, “Now, you will always be happy,” saying that she hugged me, and slept while I wondered how I ever came across these angels in my life.

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Harry Styles - Little Sister Secretly Dating Niall Imagine

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Imagine com Harry Styles 


Harry sempre foi um ótimo pai e marido, mas depois que nossa segunda filha eu acabei ficando em segundo plano, mas se pensar assim pode parecer egoísta, com tanta coisa que eu estava passando isso parecia importante pra mim, pois depois que tive meus lindos filhos parei de pensar em mim só cuidei deles e nisso fui ficando desleixada e Harry prestar atenção em , me olhar me achar bonita era muito importante.

Nosso anjinho havia nascido a 2 meses, foi uma das melhores coisas das nossas vidas, sempre queríamos uma menina  ai que nossa HELENA veio ao mundo, ai Harry não desgrudou dela nem por um segundo, tudo era sobre ela, se ele me ligava nem perguntava se estava bem era dela que ele perguntava, sempre a mesma coisa: ela comeu ? Você deu banho nela? Cuidou bem dela? Como se não fosse capaz de cuidar da nossa própria filha. Esses eram meus pensamentos logo pela manhã.

- Boom dia amor – disse ao acordar meu marido.

- Que horas são? Já amamentou  pra Helena ? – disse Harry se levantando rápido para olhar o relógio

- Acho que sei que horas devo amamentar filha Harry – disse revirando os olhos  e indo para o banheiro.

- Nossa não precisa ser grossa, só estava preocupado com bebê – ele falou vindo em minha direção.

- E eu Harry você se preocupa comigo? Por que desde que a bebê chegou você se esqueceu de mim, já estou muito estressada com as crianças em casa as vezes preciso de você pra me dize que vai ficar tudo bem , não está sendo fácil aqui, estou com autoestima lá em baixo porque mal tenho tempo pra tomar um banho mas mesmo assim eu me esforço pra estar pelo menos arrumada quando você chega mas você nem me nota, além de um bom pai preciso também que seja um marido.

- Uau, essa foi pior que uma tapa, um choque de realidade pra mim, não sabia que estava assim nunca falou nada nem mencionou que sentia assim, se soubesse logico que prestaria mais atenção em você amor é logico você é o amor da minha vida, é a mulher que me deu filhos lindos que eu amo muito.

- E precisa Styles?  Precisa Dizer?– disse segurando minhas lagrimas e fui me despindo para um banho quente.

- Não meu amor sou seu homem devia saber me perdoe meu amor – ele disse e  abraçou  por trás beijando meu pescoço

- Não começa – disse me esquivando de seus beijinhos

- Ué, você não disse pra dar mais atenção pra você meu amor? – ele continuou os beijinhos

- Sim, mas não desse jeito, na verdade desse jeito também mas não agora né

- Por que não? A bebê não está dormindo?

- Está – disse vendo ele se despir também

- E o Bem não foi pra escola?

- Foi

- Então, que tal um banho gostoso com seu amado aqui em? O que me diz?

- Ta bom , mas só um bainho em

- Ok senhorita – ele falou batendo continência depois foi logo ligando o chuveiro pra agilizar.

A cada beijo quente e suave me lembrava de porque amava o Harry, aqueles olhos verdes sedentes por algo mais fundo mais próximo, suas mãos grandes e frias tocando meu quadril os apertando contra ele me faziam suspirar, ele era incrível na cama, no chuveiro onde fosse Harry conseguia me enlouquecer num  simples beijo apaixonado com aquela língua quente que passava pela minha se encaixando perfeitamente .

Aquele banho foi delicioso, fazia tempo que eu e Harry não nos tocávamos daquele jeito e ter a atenção toda que recebi ali, comigo com meu corpo me fazendo sentir desejada , amada e uma mulher novamente me fez ver que eu tinha escolhido muito bem o pai dos meus filhos .

Senhora Styles

Especial de aniversário

Mini imagine

 Dei uma volta 360° para observar toda a boate,as bebidas sendo servidas,a decoração,tudo em perfeito estado,ouvi alguém gritar meu nome mas não dei ouvidos,meus olhos pararam em S/n que entrava na minha festa,fui em sua direção e ela pareceu nervosa em me ver

 -Feliz aniversário, mesmo depois de tudo achei que deveria comparecer

Não respondi nada,apenas a puxei para a pista de dança a deixando um pouco confusa

  -Me desculpe por tudo -peguei sua mão gelada

  -Tudo bem, já passou -s/n desviou os olhos dos meus

  -Isso está me matando

  -Não quero falar sobre isso Harry -s/n suspirou e no mesmo momento tocou uma música conhecida por nós dois

  Quando Let me love you começou a tocar s/n tentou sair de perto de mim,mas eu a puxei deixando minha ex namorada sem saida

  -Tem sido uma viagem e tanto -citei parte da música que tocava em seu ouvido e a trouxe para perto de mim -Eu sei por que veio,veio por que você me perdoou

 Senti S/n negar com a cabeça,mas seu corpo dizia outra coisa

 -Nunca vou te deixar, nunca vou te decepcionar -citei outra parte da música e ela se contorceu

 -Você já me decepcionou Harry -partiu meu coração saber que eu a magoei tanto assim

 -Temos milhões de quilômetros à nossa frente -apertei S/n contra mim

 -Por que quer tentar de novo Styles? -ela não se opôs ao meu corpo,mas não relaxou em meu abraço

 -Por que eu te amo -s/n apertou meus ombros como se aquela frase doesse em seu coração,eu acho que realmente doeu

 -Let me love you -s/n se afastou um pouco do meu abraço e me encarou -Let me love you -repeti a letra junto da música esperando que s/n visse a sinceridade em meus olhos

S/n sorriu e assentiu com a cabeça fazendo meu aniversário ser épico e me fazendo o homem mais feliz do mundo


Morning with Harry Styles

Requested - Hi my name is Loïs and I really love your blog can I please have a Harry Styles imagine when we wake up and we stay in bed cuddling and kissing and telling each others feelings thanks a lot ;) Thank you! :) Hope you like it :) 

The sun shone through the window, softly lighting up the room around you and gently waking you up from your sleep. As you became aware of your surroundings you felt your boyfriend’s arms wrapped around your waist, you smiled and turned over to face him. He was still sound asleep with his hair sticking out everywhere. You tried to smooth it down whilst placing gentle kisses over his face, he smiled and tightened his hold on you. 

“Morning.” He whispered without even opening his eyes. 

“Good morning.” You giggle as he bites your bottom lip. 

“Lets stay in bed today?” He suggests, slowly opening his eyes. 

It takes you a few seconds to reply to him as you stare into his eyes, almost losing yourself in them. 

“Yes please.” You agreed and laid your head on his chest, listening to the sound of his heart beating. 

“Good. I love you so much.” He begins to comb his fingers through your hair, and occasionally placing kisses on the top of your head. 

“I love you too." 

"I love you more (Y/N). Words cannot tell you how much I love you." 

"I feel exactly the same Harry. I love you." 

The two of you laid in bed, tangled in each other’s embrace listening to your hearts beating as the sun shone through the window. It was perfect and you never wanted to leave your new found haven with Harry. 

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Harry Styles - Watches Your Dance Team Practice Imagine

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(*** = 70+ notes)

(**** = 100+ notes)

You Both Catch Your Daughters Boyfriend Buying Condoms***

His Thoughts On Seeing You For The First Time***

His Cute Sneezing Fit **

He Ask’s You Out And You Say No*

He Embarrasses Himself Infront Of You****

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Youve Never Been Kissed - Part 2***

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Your Encounter With His Ex****

The Way You Cuddle In Bed****

You Get Caught Making Out

A Girl Flirts With Him Infront Of You

He Walks In On You Changing

He Sees You Cry For The First Time

Video Games

You Tell Him Your Pregnant

The Clothes He Loves You In

How You Both Sleep

After Your First Time

You Have A Nightmare


(* = 20+ notes)

(** = 40+ notes)

(*** = 70+ notes)

(**** = 100+ notes)

Harry Styles


My Nerdy Boyfriend

Flirting Waitress

The Battle Is Over*

Louis Tomlinson

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Zayn Malik


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One Shot Harry Styles 

  • Pedido -  Faz um 1s cm Harry, ele falando umas verdades pra ela, q ela é fria, so se importa cm ela mesma, gosta do luxo, é exigente e essas coisas sabe, ai ela muda por ele

Eu não consigo acreditar que me atrasei para o meu horário no salão, tudo isso foi culpa de Harry que pareceu esconder a chave do meu carro quando eu me recusei a desmarcar meu horário no mais badalado salão para ficar com ele em sua folga do trabalho.  

Pelo amor de Deus, quem deixaria de lado um compromisso tão importante para passar o dia inteiro fazendo qualquer coisa? Eu prefiro cuidar do meu cabelo e minhas unhas.

Minha agenda está lotada, irei ao salão, às compras, sair para tomar um café com minhas amigas e por fim irei no meu massagista. Tudo que eu faço em meus dias é organizado com antecedência para que até no fim do dia todas as coisas sejam feitas como o previsto.

Eu tenho a vida que qualquer pessoa pediu a Deus, posso comprar tudo que me vem em mente e um closet dos sonhos, o único defeito é o meu marido. Ultimamente ele anda me cobrando algumas coisas que não dependem de mim, ele acha que eu escolho o horário no salão, mas a verdade é que toda semana eu tenho que lutar para conseguir um tempo para cuidar dos meus cabelos e eu me recuso a ficar sem esse meu pedaço de felicidade.  

Tem sido patético a forma como Harry se esfrega em mim em busca de carinho como se eu não fosse uma pessoa ocupada, não é como se eu fosse trocar um dia no spa para passar o dia com ele respirando em meu pescoço me causando agonia.

No fim do dia eu já me sentia exausta enquanto entrava pela porta da frente com o porteiro trazendo todas as minhas compras de hoje, não tinha muita coisa, eram só umas cinquenta sacolas com umas coisinhas básicas, compra mesmo eu faria dia seguinte.

Deixei minha bolsa sobre a mesinha de vidro no centro da sala e me joguei sobre o sofá livrando meus pés dos saltos que os impossibilitam de respirar, fecho meus olhos respirando fundo tentando relaxar.

— Obrigada, Geoff. Pode se retirar. — ouvi a voz de Harry e nem ao menos abri meus olhos.

Ao ouvi a porta se fechar, senti o sofá ao meu lado afundar e um corpo se aproximar do meu me causando uma sensação incômoda, como se meu espaço pessoal estivesse sendo invadido, então eu apenas me afastei.

— Você sempre se afasta quando eu me aproximo, somos casados (seu nome), eu mal posso te tocar. — bufo abrindo meus olhos e me viro para ele.

— Dá um tempo, Harry, eu estou cansada. — me levanto e caminho em direção a saída da sala.

— Mais tempo do que eu já te dei? Você só faz compras e mais compras como pode estar cansada? — me viro para ele o encarando incrédula.

— É impressão minha ou você vai começar a jogar tudo na minha cara? — jogo minha bolsa no sofá e cruzo meus braços.

— A única coisa que quero jogar na sua cara há muito tempo é o quanto você é uma péssima esposa. — ele sustentou meu olhar.

— Péssima esposa? Eu sou uma perfeita esposa apenas por aguentar toda essa sua carência.

— Eu não seria carente se minha esposa me desse um pouco de carinho, se fosse para me sentir sozinho eu não teria me casado. — reviro os olhos completamente entendida com esse papo.

— É bom saber que se arrepende desse casamento.

— Eu não me arrependo… A única coisa que eu lamento é não ter percebido que a mulher que eu realmente amo estava perdendo seu lugar para uma pessoa fútil e vazia que só pensa em dinheiro, compras e luxo. — eu apenas ri negando com minha cabeça sem acreditar realmente no que eu estava ouvindo — Essa realmente foi uma perda dolorosa, eu amava sua forma doce e seu sorriso imenso quando eu a roubava um beijo em algum momento de distração. — ele sorriu de forma amarga, como se lembrar daquelas coisas o machucasse inteiramente por dentro — Hoje eu durmo ao lado de uma mulher ácida e intocável que apenas sorri na minha presença quando eu libero o cartão de crédito sem limite.

Ok. A forma que ele contava essa história estava um pouco exagerada, eu não me tornei tudo isso desse jeito que ele narrou. Eu ainda sou doce e consigo sorrir por outras coisas que não seja apenas um cartão de crédito.

Eu consigo me lembrar perfeitamente a última vez que nos beijamos de verdade, apaixonantemente, até por que não faz muito tempo. Isso aconteceu no jantar em família que tivemos em… Em… 2015? Não temos mais jantarem em família, então provavelmente foi no aniversário de dez anos da Lux. Mas acho que também não foi porque a Lux está com doze anos agora…

Bem, talvez eu não consiga me lembrar muito bem, mas eu tenho muita coisa mais importante na minha cabeça.

— Eu não vou ficar aqui te atormentando com essas coisas porque sei que você não se importa… — ele falou e riu tristemente quando percebeu que eu não diria nada — Se precisar de mim estarei no quarto de hóspedes, mas como eu sei que não vai precisar, alguém deve está me substituindo no papel de marido.

Ele apenas se virou caminhando em direção as escadas até sumir da minha vista me deixando estática na sala com suas palavras processando na minha mente. Ele acabou de dizer que desconfia que eu tenho um amante e isso é um absurdo, essa ideia nunca passou por minha cabeça e ele está sendo um idiota ao pensar isso de mim.

Depois do que pareceu horas em pé na sala, eu me coloquei a caminhar pelo mesmo caminho que ele fez até o quarto de hóspedes, teríamos que esclarecer essa sua quase acusação de adultério.

Ao levar minha mão a maçaneta da porta entreaberta pude ouvir a voz de Harry vir de dentro do quarto e apenas me permitir ficar ali parada até que ele terminasse de falar com quem fosse no telefone.

— Não… Eu já tentei, não tem mais jeito…

Sua voz estava mais rouca que o normal e saia como um sussurro.

— É como se ela não existisse mais, é como se fossem duas pessoas diferentes, mas uma delas se foi. A melhor delas, a que eu amo.

Pude perceber que ele falava de mim para quem seja do outro lado e isso me deixou um pouco incomodada, a maneira como ele estava falando.

— Claro que eu ainda a amo, mãe, eu não continuaria aqui se não amasse… Mas eu acho que não aguento mais ter o coração partido a todo instante que ela me trata como um nada.

Ouvi Harry fungar e pude ter certeza que ele estava chorando, chorando por minha causa. Ele sempre foi tão forte e me consolou em tudo e hoje eu o faço chorar.

— Eu vou ficar bem… Vou pensar no que será melhor para mim, sim. Eu também te amo.

O silêncio no quarto depois da ligação ser encerrada foi substituído por soluços não muito baixos fazendo com que uma parte de mim se quebrasse como um pedaço de vidro ao ter um impacto com o chão. O que eu havia me tornado estava acabando com a melhor pessoa que eu conheci em toda a minha vida, eu amo o Harry, mesmo com tudo que nos aconteceu, com meu descuido ao me tornar uma pessoa vazia, mas eu o amo mais que tudo.

Em passos lentos e em silêncio eu adentrei o quarto indo até a cama, me sentando sem ao menos receber sua atenção. Levantei minha mão para tocar seus cabelos que estavam espalhados sobre o travesseiro e ponderei a ideia, não sabendo o que fazer quando eu havia passado tanto tempo sem tocá-lo.  

Eu estou temendo tocar o meu marido por não saber sua reação.

Finalmente deixei tudo em minha mente se esvair e pousei minha mão delicadamente em seus fios rebeldes acariciando cuidadosamente como se fosse se desintegrar em meio aos meus dedos.

— Eu sinto muito pelo que aconteceu com a gente… Comigo, devo dizer. — sussurrei baixinho como se minha voz fosse machucar seus ouvidos — Eu me dei conta muito tarde que eu não era mais a mesma, espero que ainda possa me perdoar. — fechei meus olhos tentando não chorar, essa era uma coisa que eu não fazia há muito tempo também — Eu nunca trai você com outro homem e nunca deixei de te amar. Nunca. Nem mesmo um segundo. Eu apenas esqueci como um amor deveria ser bem cuidado e esqueci o significado quando minha cabeça só gritava coisas e mais coisas que o meu consumismo queria para se satisfazer — respirei fundo para dizer as palavras seguintes — Eu te prometo que do mesmo jeito que mudei para essa coisa sem coração, eu voltarei a ser a sua namorada de antes, uma esposa de verdade.

— Não prometa o que não vai cumprir… — sua voz saiu em um fio.

— Eu preciso que você confie em mim… Eu estou disposta a isso para não vê-lo mais tão triste e ficar triste também. Eu te amo e te quero bem, pode não parecer nesses últimos anos, mas eu me importo com você, sim.  

— Eu também te amo e só preciso que me dê amor. — ele se sentou me olhando nos olhos pousando suas mãos em meu rosto — Me dê amor para que eu me sinta completo. Apenas me dê amor!

Ele colou nossos lábios em um selinhos singelo assim que terminou dizer o que precisava e eu não demorei para intensificar o beijo o tornando íntimo, coisa que há muito não sabíamos o que era.

Eu estou disposta a destruir essa (seu nome) que me tornei e resgatar a antiga para não partir ainda mais o coração da pessoa que eu amo e consequentemente o perder por coisas que não valem a pena.

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#27 The Last Stick Standing Part 2 (Harry Styles)



(It’s quite long so, I hope you like the story!)


Maybe, time has a way of healing things. Maybe it is like a balm on a wound, and slowly it helps heal the cut. Slowly stop the blood from flowing, slowly start making a net to stop it. And, my life was like a sharp nail, that kept scratching at the wound till the blood started flowing again. I wanted to stop now. I couldn’t get myself to jump off the cliff. I couldn’t, and I wanted a fresh start now. So, I cut all my nails. It was time to start fixing myself before I blamed myself. It was time to redo. 

More time was spent by me. For the first time, in a long time, I didn’t look for the company that always wanted to surround myself. I grew up with the idea that having a group of people around you led to happiness, and Matthew had it. I just didn’t fit in that group. I visited the library, reading the self-help books which helped me a lot. Just to find peace at times, and for the time to go away. It hurt initially, I wanted what my brother had, what people around me had, but maybe I wasn’t meant for it. And that was okay. I didn’t have to conform according to the world around me, I could form a new path. 

It was difficult in the start. Keeping to myself, not crying, but it had been better lately. I was feeling better. I was taking care of myself now. I liked my body, my hair, my eyes, I was falling in love with myself for a start. Figured that was wrong, I had this need to always hold on to people to validate myself, first Matthew, then Harry. I had myself now, and it felt wonderful. I was laughing more. I was happy. I had a few people who I talked to in class, or some were library specific. Some were from the coffee shop I went to, but I kept a distance. Not till I was ready would I let them close, and I wasn’t ready yet. 

I didn’t go back home in the summer. I got myself an internship instead, and they paid me quite well. My parents weren’t pleased, but it was Matthew was upset. 

“You don’t have to work to run away from me,” He slammed his hand on the door. 

“I’m not running away from you or anyone for that matter,” I smiled. I smiled at him lately. No, I didn’t talk to him. It wasn’t healthy at first, I knew. But no one treated their family like that. And, I didn’t have to give respect when I didn’t receive any in return. He chose his girlfriend, his friends repeatedly over me. When I was treated like shit, he said nothing and, then expecting me to be all love and care, when we are alone was some shit. 

“Yes, you fucking are! I know you! You just want to ignore me like a punishment,” I rolled my eyes, “Like some revenge, and then blame all your shit on me in front of Mom and Dad like you always do!” He screamed and, I dropped my stuff I was holding in my hands. 

“Is that it then? You don’t want to be blamed for me not coming back home?” I folded my hands. 

“That’s not what I meant,” He tried to correct himself, but I knew better. 

“Well that’s shit, but don’t worry. I didn’t tell mum and dad anything about us. I want to work, and therefore I am. Not everything in this world is about you, you know.” I folded my arms,  “And, as far as my dealing with my shit goes, I don’t want anything to do with you anymore.” 

“Giselle…” He came forward, and I stepped back. “You’re my sister, my twin…”

“You’ve lost all your rights to call me that. It shouldn’t matter to you. It isn’t going to make any difference to your life,” I got back to my work. “You should be glad I’m not coming back with you. The perfect child can be with his perfect parents who love him all alone!” 

“You don’t mean that,” He shook his head. 

“Why because it hurts you? Because it is finally being stated? You are the perfect child, the perfect little boy they wanted to have while I just came along with the package. Don’t tell me you haven’t felt me being treated like that, oh wait, you won’t know! Because you spent all your time gloating about how you got the better! It’s so in your face in everything. For people outside, we must be a family that provides equal chances to everyone, but we know it’s not. So, why don’t we accept it and move on. I will not live in this illusion that my parents love me like they love my brother, and then live in this complex my entire fucking life!” I yelled. 

“Gissy…” He tried to hold my hand. 

“You couldn’t even be there for your sister when she was actually in grave danger. What sort of a family is this? Did I tell you, I don’t get a call from mom, every Saturday. I call her, while she calls you! Thank fucking god, I got a scholarship for this place, or they wouldn’t have even sent me here while you weren’t even pressured to get one! Where were you during all this, Matthew? You don’t have the right to call yourself a brother. Go to your fucking girlfriend and family!” I screamed, it all came out. I couldn’t control it. There was so much that was never said, so much hidden, I couldn’t let it all out, no, this wasn’t right. “Get out!” 

Was he going to cry? He ran out before that, and I couldn’t help myself from following him. I didn’t see him, but I saw Harry standing in the hallway. He looked at me with shocked eyes, “What? Enjoying the show?” I slammed the door before he could answer. 

The good thing was that I saw none of them during the summer. It was a relief and a good escape. My internship was hectic but brilliant, and I earned quite a bit while my spending wasn’t much. It was good for me, mentally and emotionally. After I didn’t call mom for two weeks, she finally did. She screamed at me for not calling and about how worried she was, but couldn’t say much after I told her that she didn’t hear from me for two weeks, and dad didn’t send the money so, there wasn’t much worrying happening. The ‘enjoy with your son’ was another thing that stopped her. All my life I was treated like the second best. Like I wasn’t important, made to feel that way, if I wanted to stop pretending and get over this competition and want for attention, I had to start afresh. 

Today, I was soaking in the sun. My body was toned now by all the running and workouts I put in every day. My hair was longer, and I for the first time in a long time, felt happy in myself. I had made a few friends as well, and was hanging out with them when I saw him. 

He was tanned now, and I could see the muscles that developed over the summer. His eyes widened as they took me in, I did look different. 

“Hey Gissy, let’s go get those pancakes now. I’m sure they’re ready!” I offered Nick my hands, and he pulled me up. I felt his eyes follow me as I got up and walked to the stall. 

“Giselle,” I turned around knowing it was his voice. I smiled, “You look different.” 

“I grew my hair,” I nodded. “This is Nick,” I introduced my friend, and they greeted each other. 

“I’ll meet you there,” Nick nodded and I turned to Harry. 

“So, how was summer?” I asked. 

“Fine, yeah how was yours?” He asked. 

“Quite lovely, hectic but lovely,” I nodded, “So, I’ll see you around, yeah…”

He held my arm, “Where were you?” 

“What?” I asked. 

“You didn’t come back home. Why? I know you were mad at him, but he is your brother,” He frowned. “And, being as righteous as you claim you are, I expected you to be there.” 

“What are you talking about?” I frowned.

“Wait, you don’t know?” his eyes in shock. “Matthew, he met with an accident…how do you not know?” 

“What? How? When?” I took out my phone to see if I missed any call or message. I had nothing. 

“A week ago, he is bad, Giselle.” 

“I wasn’t…I didn’t…fuck!” 

“If you’d like, I’ll be leaving to see him in about an hour, I can give you a ride,” He said, and I nodded wiping my tears. He was my brother after all, and I couldn’t believe mom hadn’t mentioned anything! Not much could be expected out of them, though. 

Rushing back to my room, I packed my things and met Harry outside. It was a four-hour ride back home, and I couldn’t wait. “You know, that night when I had asked you out…” 

“I really don’t want to talk about this, Harry.” 

“Fuck! Why? Why can’t you give somebody else a chance to explain themselves! You did the same with Matthew when he constantly tried to reach out to you. He can’t help being who he is, but I have seen him fight every person who said shit about you. But he couldn’t always protect you! I don’t know what you guys had while growing up, but I know he genuinely does love you and care about you! Fuck, I saw him howling in the car after you slammed the door that night!” He yelled. 

“That night, I called him up to pick me up, the night you left me, remember? He switched off his phone to have sex with his girlfriend and came knocking at the door three hours later…” 

“He wasn’t having sex with his girlfriend, by the way,” Harry cut me off. “She had taken his phone, and thrown it across the room. When he went to fix it, it was broken. He then went to replace the model so, he could contact you. Meanwhile, that bitch hid his keys, and then after arguing for a long time, she finally gave it. He looked for you the entire night, I looked for you with him because for some reason he thought you weren’t safe. We finally gave up and reached your dorm where you were, thank god!” 

This was a perspective that I didn’t know. All this while, I thought he had left me alone, but he hadn’t. I had misjudged the situation so bad. 

“And as for me, if you’d let be explain myself,” He waited for me to interrupt. I didn’t. “I really liked as you as well. I still do for fucking’s sake, knowing how impulsive you are, and such a pessimist! I told you I was caught up with Ally and the gang. They had my book in their hand. Fucking never using a typewriter again in my life! And, all my books as well. They threatened to burn it, they actually did burn a few chapters to prove a point. Ross had my things which he was so ready to pour oil on and burn. Earlier, the plan was to mess around with you, and I thought fine. I will go with it, and then tell you everything they did so, you’ll understand and we’ll have our date!” 

I looked at him, wanting to know more, “But, it didn’t happen that way. Then, she didn’t stop the car when we went forward. Drove all the way to the pub and took me and kept me the entire time until Matthew came to look for you. He beat Joss up and, I handled Tyler and we rushed outta there.” 

“Why didn’t you tell me this before?” I asked, now crying. 

“I was so guilty for the longest time, Giselle. Knowing what had happened, knowing how you weren’t talking to Matthew, knowing I could lose you forever with one wrong word because you weren’t listening to anyone,, I just couldn’t do it. I loved you and I was so guilty. On your birthday when you went back home, I planned to tell you everything. But you were so broken, I didn’t know what to say to fix it. And then, you thought I liked Ally and hated you and, I was so guilty Gissy,” Harry shook his head. 

“Thought time would give me a chance, and when I built up the courage to tell you, you threw Matthew out, slammed the door, I couldn’t reach you with the wall you’d created.”

“Oh god, this is such a mess,” I cried into my palms. 

“It is,” he said. 


We reached the hospital in my town and I rushed to reception. Asking for his room, I ran up the staircase and Harry followed me. I reached the room and stopped when I saw our parents outside. 

“Giselle, what are you doing here?” Mom asked me. Dad looking at mom accusingly. 

“How could you not tell me?” I asked them. 

“You were working, Giselle. We thought better not to distract you!” Dad cut mom. 

“Bullshit! She knew I finished work last week!” I yelled. 

“Do not raise your voice at us, young lady!” Mom spoke in the voice she used whenever she wanted to make me disappear. 

“Then stop coming between me and my brother!” I told her. “If you want me out of the family, say it to my face instead of creating a divide between us!” 

“Giselle!” She yelled. 

“Enough mother. I have had enough,” I said, pushing his door open. Walking inside I saw the doctor giving an injection to Matthew. Matthew oh god, his hand and his left leg was broken, he had bruises on his face. His upper body was covered in bandages, his head was hurt. I wanted to cry. 

“Gissy, hey…” he tried to smile. I stood away from his bed. “Please come here.” 

I wiped my tears and slowly walked to him, sitting on his bed. The doctor gave his last pain killer and left. “What have you done to yourself? You didn’t have to get so bad to get my attention.” 

He laughed and then grimaced in pain, “Don’t make me laugh, it hurts.”

His left hand which was better pulled me closer, and he kissed my cheek, “I missed you.”

“I missed you, too,” I said, crying into his neck. “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry. I didn’t know, I thought you hated me, I’m sorry.” 

“Hey, you’re my twin. We’re basically the same. I could never hate you in my life! I’m sorry for not noticing the differentiation earlier. I’m such an idiot, but you should have mentioned this before and not hid it from me.” 

“It was what I was taught,” I shrugged. “Does this hurt?” I asked, touching his ribs. 

“I broke two,” he whined. “You’ll have to take care of me now. I can’t live in this town anymore!” 

“The jailers should let you go,” I laughed. 

“I think we should shift into that apartment you saw. It seems like the perfect opportunity!” 

After talking a bit more with my brother, Harry came in and they talked for a while before he slept from the pain killers. Dad walked with me outside leaving mother behind. “Your mother loves you too,” he said. 

“But loves Matthew more. You do too. It is not exactly hidden,” I said. 

“It’s not like that, Giselle. You are as precious to us and Matthew. Yes, we have been harder on you, but that’s because your mother faced a lot of problems being a woman and, she wanted to prepare you for that. Yes, maybe a son is seen as more important, but we don’t want to lose you for it.” He said. Maybe some wounds take time to fill, but slowly with time, everything becomes alright and I could only hope for this to become better.

“So, you like me?” I ask, handing Harry a coffee. 

“Pretty much,” He said, taking some time. “You know, there is a very good restaurant down the road.”

“Hmm, I grew up here,” I said, sarcastically. 

“I’d like you to take me on a date there then. Right now would be nice. I’m starving,” Harry said, standing up. 

“You’re driving me. To cancel all the chances of a repeat, you know!” I laughed. 

“Shut up!” He said, pulling me as we walked towards the car. 

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