#7 Hello Part 2 (Harry Styles)

This is NOT CONNECTED to the first part. I’m sorry if I mis-led you :( 

But, it’s on the same pattern. 

So, if you liked Hello, then you will like this one, too :) hopefully.

“You’re a liar.”

“I am not! Just because, you don’t understand something, doesn’t mean I’m lying,” I told him.

“So, I’m an idiot, now?”

“What? Why does everything I say-”

“No, that’s what you meant. I didn’t understand, is it just you who understands?”

“Why are you saying all this? Why do you take everything I say so negatively? In my defence, you didn’t listen to me to understand what I meant, and you’re doing the same, now!” I tried framing my words correctly but, it never worked out.

“You know what? I get it! Just because I didn’t go to a university like you-” There was only disgust in his voice.

“What? What has me getting into a Uni got to do with this?”

“I know what you think!” He screamed.

“What do I think? Why are you doing this?” I cried.

“You know what, it’s over! Like, I can’t do this anymore. I am not stupid, you know!” He said, his hatred evident. When did it get to this?

“Did you just break up with me? What are you saying? Where is this conversation leading to? You just broke up with me.”

“This is leading to the end. You can think whatever you-”

“Stop putting your insecurities on me! You keep thinking all this because of your fucking insecurity and then, project it on me! I don’t mean anything! I don’t think anything! I love you! And, you just broke up with me, mmy gd-od, yo-you just br-oke up,” I cut the call. It was all I could do at that moment. There was so much I wanted to tell him. How there was nothing going on between Phil and I. He was like my brother and a picture of him, and I hugging didn’t mean anything. It didn’t matter if he was far away from me. I loved him with all I had. I didn’t know when it got to this.

The number you’re trying to reach is unavailable. Please leave a message or try again, later.

She isn’t picking up my phone. Did I go too far? I didn’t mean to break up with her. I didn’t mean to-SHIT! I’m an idiot! She doesn’t have to make me one.

The number you’re trying to reach is unavailable. Please leave a message or try again, later.

“It’s me! Just call me as soon as you get this? Are you getting this? Look, I’m sorry. I’m so lost, just call me.”

This was the seventh voice message. She didn’t pick up my call or the house phone. I had messed up so bad.

The number you’re trying to reach is unavailable. Please leave a message or try again, later.

I didn’t even know how it reached to me breaking up with her. It was at the moment. She had to know I didn’t mean it. But, I never broke up with her, either. What was I doing?

“Were you able to reach her?” I asked Niall.

“She doesn’t want to talk to you, man,” He said.

“She picked up your call? I have been trying to reach her forever!”

“Look, she doesn’t want to talk to you. She said, and I quote, ‘I wish him all the happiness in the world. Apparently, I’m not one of them’. You messed up, man. You know how seriously she takes her words.” He had a patronising tone to his voice which I wanted to knock off.

The number you’re trying to reach is unavailable. Please leave a message or try again, later.

No answer. Again.

“He doesn’t stop calling me.”

“Why don’t you pick up?” She said, with a cigarette held between her fingers. Sometimes, I thought she just did it for the look.

“He broke up with me.”

“Apparently not! He is calling you, again and again. Must mean something,” She said, taking another drag.

“But, how could he, then? It was so easy for him. Just an ‘it’s over’. Over what? A hug? Phil’s my best friend. And he’s gay. He knew this!”

“Look, how does it matter? He did it in the moment. He regrets it. Pick up the phone. I mean, you’re too prissy. He is hot, and he has the money. What more do you need?”

I never knew why I talked to her. Her solutions were always fucked up. I couldn’t live with money and his hotness. I needed more. I walked out of the bar, into the sunlight and preferred walking my way back to the apartment. It was always this. I went to a University to study because my dream was not to become a pop star like him. He didn’t because he achieved his dream. Why does he think that I look down on him then? What did I do to make him feel this way?

Was it because I talked about my course? He talked about his job. Was it because I showed him my achievement? He always shared his. I realised it wasn’t my fault.

The number you’re trying to reach is unavailable. Please leave a message or try again, later.

I’m going to engrave these words in my body. I had lost count of how many times I had heard this voice, and I forgot that this number ever led me to her. So, I was sitting outside her apartment. I had her favourite things, all her favourite things. Lunch from her favourite restaurant, dessert from her favourite bakery, her favourite flowers, candles, books, stationary box with all her surprises, an apology letter from my side and myself, I would’ve wrapped myself if I could.

The number you’re trying to reach is unavailable. Please leave a message or try again, later.

I waited for her to get back home. It had been an hour already. I wanted to her to forgive me. She was right. It was my insecurity. I didn’t realise that, we were following our own dreams. That mine didn’t need a degree while hers did so, why was I judging myself on what the society thinks?

I loved her, and that was all that mattered. I was stupid to think she looked down on me. I couldn’t point to one instant where she did. It was always me thinking like that, it was me being insecure about myself. I tried calling her again,

“Hello?” I heard her voice.

“You picked up!” I sighed.

“Why are you calling me, Harry? Wasn’t what you said enough?” I could hear her voice crack.

“Baby, where are you? I am so sorry. Where are you?”

“I don’t want to come home,” she cried.

“What? Why?”

“Because you’re sitting on the steps,” I stood up and looked around to see if she was close. There she stood, about a hundred meter away from where I was.

“Would you run away if I walk towards you?” I asked her.

“I don’t want you to break up with me, again.”

I walked towards her, and she took her steps towards me. Watching her, I couldn’t help myself but, run dropping my phone and meeting her halfway. I wrapped my arms around her and picked her up.

“Hi,” She looked down at me, with tears in her eyes but, a smile on her lips.





not to attack anybody but like louis and harry were literally at the same concert before they even knew each other and if harry were born a day earlier he wouldn’t have made the age minimum for that specific season of x factor and then they just randomly met each other in the bathroom long before the band was formed and when the band was formed they immediately jumped into each others arms??? They were inseparable since day 1??? They’re literally soulmates???