Harry Styles - Back to School Shopping Guide

So I became very inspired to do a Harry Back to School Guide after seeing the Gemma one that gemmastylesstyle created! (see it here). If you want to mimic Harry’s style, in a more feminine fashion, keep scrolling!

Clothing: Tops

Harry loves his t-shirts! Whether they be plain, striped, or graphic you can never go wrong with having these in your wardrobe. Flannels, Chambray tops, and oversized jumpers are also must-haves to achieve his edgy style. Pair them with some jeans and boots, and you’re good to go!

Clothing: Bottoms

No outfit is complete without a good ‘ol pair of jeans! I mean, if they get ripped up too much, just apply some duct tape (Please don’t haha)! Weathered jeans just look awesome and are extremely trendy at the moment. Shorts and Leggings are versatile and perfect for lazier days.

Clothing: Outerwear

Let’s face it, Harry looks the best in his fuzzy Burberry coats, so why shouldn’t you? Pea coats, Bomber, and Leather Jackets are all essentials for the fall/winter. You’ll be warm and look high fashion as well!

Clothing: Dresses/Playsuits

Even though we’ve never had the pleasure of seeing Harry in a dress, there are some basic pieces that can be paired with jackets and tops to achieve his look! Play suits and Dungarees are also my favorite, as they are a great alternative to dresses and skirts. 


Harry has been seen wearing a plethora of shoes, and they’re all school friendly and comfortable! You can never go wrong with a nice pair of booties, sneakers, sandals, or flats!

Accessories:Jewelry and More

One of my favorite things about Harry is that he knows how to accessorize without overdoing it. Rings, Headbands, Scarves, Necklaces, and Bracelets are cute ways to give your outfit a Harry flare! If your school allows hats and sunglasses then have fun adding them to give your outfit a full look!

Accessories: Backpacks and Bags

Nobody wants to carry a bunch of things around, so why not have a bag do it for you? Backpacks and bags are necessities for the school scene, and can also amp up your outfit. Above are a bunch of bags I can see Harry using! If you’re not the leather type, you can never go wrong with a classic Jansport!


No heat curls: (x)   Headband:(x) 

Now, you don’t have to do your hair like Harry to achieve his look, but why not? I found some cute no heat curl tutorials, and a neat way to do his ever so adorable headband!

Make-Up:Something to Think about…

Obviously Hazza doesn’t wear makeup, but you can still do some things that go along with the style he wears. I believe if he were a girl he would wear darker lipsticks and nail colors. But that’s just my opinion. Honestly, do whatever you’re comfortable with! 

Supplies: Bits and Bobs

We all know that Harry carries around his iconic brown notepad with him everywhere, so here are some things that I think he would use for school! Just keep it simple and refined.

So I hope you’ve found this guide helpful! I know some parts may have seemed ridiculous (i.e. hair & makeup), but my goal was to help you out and maybe take things into consideration.  Obviously you don’t have to follow all of these things to look like Harry, these are just examples of what you could do. 

Happy Shopping! Any Questions? Message me here.

Thanks, and expect a first day of school post soon! x