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everythingisniall replied to your post: YOUUUUU need to make new edits :D xx

:( I miss them xx

i’m kinda sure you are the only one tho :( xx

harrysexwardstyles replied to your post: SHEEEe’S HOTTER THAN FIREEEE-EEEE-EEE

i say im flammable im tnt light it up

she’s cooler than ice, flyer than wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiind

niallporno replied to your post: SHEEEe’S HOTTER THAN FIREEEE-EEEE-EEE

Me. I know..

i could sing this song for you ♥

niallporno replied to your link: i love this blog so if you follow it, i’ll bake you cookies

i just baked coOKIES!

omG you gotta send me some!!!!


Happy belated Birthday, Gabbie!

Thanks for being my friend on here, you were actually my first friend, so that makes you special. You are so nice, funny, and you cope with how annoying I am lol, thanks. Um, I’m not very good with words… Just, stay awesome and pretty and making pretty edits ahhh. Stay G4BB13. Hope we’ll get to meet irl someday!!

xoxo, Rara

harrysexwardstyles replied to your post: send me a prompt about any pairing and i’ll write a mini-fic!


“Harry, I can’t deal with this anymore,” Gabbie sighed, throwing the magazines on the coffee table. 

Gabbie and Harry seen together in the park!

Could Harry have found his soul-mate?

Is Gabbie just a one-night stand?

“The things they write are disgusting,” Gabbie continued, pushing her dark hair behind her ear, nearly on the verge of tears, “I want them to leave me alone - I want them to leave us alone." 

Harry didn’t speak. He was sat on the chocolate-covered couch, his head in his hands, his eyes turned away from Gabbie’s, as if doing so would be a trigger, causing the overflow of his emotions.

Gabbie sat down on the couch opposite him, angrily wiping away a tear, "I - I’ve had enough of this. The rumors, the press - everything. I’m sorry Harry, but - ”

She never finished her sentence, because at that moment, Harry leaped off the couch and leaned toward her, pressing his lips towards hers.

She blinked before giving in, and as she pulled away, she ridiculed herself. How could she ever have thought of breaking things off with the charming boy that had swept her off her feet, and continued to do so everyday.

He grinned at her, his eyes twinkling, “Nobody ever lets a few hurdles stop them from winning the race, do they?”

“We’re not running a marathon, Harry,” Gabbie rolled her eyes but gave in to the kiss that was coming her way again because for once, they were completely alone; no flashing cameras, no nosy paparazzi, just the two of them.