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not on anon but I love you because of your constant positivity and uplifting nature, I couldn't have asked for a more wonderful person to have become friends with and I truly love u with all my heart !!!!!

LOVE YOU SO MUCH RUTH, you always make me smile & I absolutely feel the same about you! Meeting you has easily been one of the best things about having a harry blog ❤️

I cannot believe I just created this awful header, but I am so thankful for the reason why! It still hasn’t hit me that 1,000 people are following my blog, and I want each of you to know that I love and adore every single one of you.

I’ve only had this blog for a little over three months, and I just can’t believe that I have ended up at this point. Thank you to anyone who has ever followed me, requested a writing piece, sent me messages, or sent something for one of those random ask games! I appreciate every single one of you!

I know I have not been writing as much, but finals are almost over! I promise to write a ton while I’m on break!

Thank you guys again. I love you so much.

Also, in case you want to read my writing, here are the links!



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(header) So yesterday I said I wasn’t going to do a follow forever and I’m not… not really haha. I mean I’m just not gonna name it a ‘follow forever’, but an appreciation post or whatever aksdfkdf. 

Anyways I already made a cheesy post the other day, so I’m not gonna do that again. I just wanted to make a post with my favourite people/blogs. Some of you I’ve known for ages, some only a few weeks. Some of you I talk to and to some of you I don’t… but I truly appreciate all of you! xx 


@adorelouis @angelfaceharry @angelharry @almightyroseharru @babyhoneyn @befournips @bigdaddystyless @bisexualima @bunny-harry @blougreen @blackharry @bribe-the-door @btapants @canaryharry  @carolinaharries @carpoolkaraoke @cheshirepuddin @choface @clareuchimas @confusedharry @crapcrepe @crossnecklace @cupcakelirry 


@dashinglou @delicatelou @delicateharry @dearbabystyles @demonbee @dimplesandkiwis @drunkirkharry @edwardstyles @etherealharold @eversincesnlharry @fakelimabean @fancyharry @flowerinhisheart @fondleeds


@givelovechooselove @glossharry @grammyforstyles@guccibellbottoms @guccifloralsuits @halsetto @haroldedwardstyles @harrehsye @harriesflowers @harrycherrylips @harryftdua @harryftpink @harryftvans @harryispink @harryneko @harrysalbums @harrysayingnympho @harrysdimples @harrysenthusiast @harrysera @harrysgoldenheart @harry-nofookingway-styles @harrysinysl @harryspinkpants @harryqstyles@harrystyils @@harrysunemployed @harrywithfionn @harryzayn @hazoffstyles @henristarrs @heronlyangel @@hlvans @honeyharrie @@honeypeachhaz @houie @hramatics @hrrystyles @hrrything @hs-1dfan @hsrrys @hughaz @husbandsau @hxrry @igotdrunkbynoon @iloveyouhaz @instaharry @irishlaurent


@jack-i-swear @jimmytfallon @kalelube @kiwistyles @kiwithreetimes @latelatenarry @laureltatt @lavendrharry @leesh @lithographarry @louisosoft @lovesharry @lwtvibes


@matilda-breeze @missyouacoustic @mxybeimissyou @namelesscat @netflix-and-harry @onlyhangel @oreosharry @organicstunts


@pillowperson @proudofh @purpleharry @rainbowsboa @rainbowstyles@redsuitstyles @rollingstoneshaddy @rosegoldeyelids @runninthruthegarden


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its that time of year!! my annual tradition of posting my big follow forever on new years eve!! I have been posting this on NYE for around 2 years now, and it is so fun to look back and see how much my life has changed, and how many friends I have gained through the year. 

In 2017 I graduated from college, worked at the best job in the world for the summer, got to travel to chicago more times than I can count, got to go to Nashville and see Harry live(!!) and made so many memories on here with all of you!! I am truly blessed to know all of you and to experience this all together!! I have had this blog for 4 years now and I am so happy I have gotten to experience so much with all of you!!

I want to start with a major thank you to everyone who has followed, sent a message, reblogged, liked and submitted anything to my blog. I truly am so grateful to be on here and spread kindness and love and positivity! Some of y’all followed me yesterday, or 4 years ago so thank you so much!! 

Ruth @harrysdimples - my ride or die. God, I love you so so much!! I truly cannot imagine not having you in my life! You truly make my days brighter and everything you touch turns to gold! You are such a kind, caring and compasionate person. You are one of the nicest people I know, and it is an honor to have you as a best friend. 

Jess @nofoookingway - honestly, where do I start? I fucking love you so much. I truly feel like you are my sister. You make me laugh and smile every single day, and you are the hardest worker I know. You are brave, wise and kind. You are truly one of my best friends, and I mean it when I say that I love you. 

Celine @btapants - my beautiful best friend, you truly are wise beyond your years and people dont tell you that enough!! I love that you give 0 fucks, but you are also the most understanding people that I know. You are always there when I need you, and that truly means so much to me you have no idea. The influence you have on others is not to be taken for granted, people look up to you and for good reason!! I love you so much, thank you for being one of my best friends!!

Violet @guccifloralsuits - honestly?? I can say with my whole heart that you have a piece of it. Before funkirk, I found myself checking your blog EVERY night because I wanted to read about your travels and your thoughts about harry. And I smiled the stupidest smile when you followed me back and started talking to me (lowkey was a fangirl ngl). And then, it turns out you become one of my best friends. You are so special to me, and i love you so much. Thank you for being you. 

Hannah @honeyharrie - you are such a beautiful human and I am so glad we are mutuals and friends!! I honestly was envious of your text posts, and most of the time when I make something I hope and cross my fingers that you reblog or even like because then I know that I’m funny because you have the funniest sense of humor. And we just get each other? Idk anyway I love you so so much!!

Sarah @glamguccigod - a gem, a beauty, amazing, outstanding, beautiful. All these words and more describe you and I can’t believe I was following you for so long without talking to you?? and missing out on the blessing that is having you as a friend?? tragic.. honestly I love you so much, you deserve so many good things in life and I cannot wait to see what 2018 brings into your life!! 

Paige @harrysunemployed - Ima try and keep this short and sweet but… i love you so fucking much?? like…. damn. Thanks for messaging me and then for texting me and remember when we texted each other when we saw harry?? and i was crying?? and i sent you gibberish?? yeah good times. Anyway guess i lied this isnt short but I love you so so so much!!

also… @buzzfeed we are mutuals so thanks for following me like 2 years ago lol if you are hiring someone to talk about harry styles all day….uh… sign a sister up… :))) 

below are some of the most beautiful human beings I know and I am so lucky to have them all in my life!! (i cant be bothered to bold and italicize but to the ones I love a lil extra… y’all know who you are…) (its all of y’all…) (hehe)

@anythingstyles @ariesalmighty @bribe-the-door @captainharoldsstyles @clareuchima @clemmingz @deadassluke @dimplelashton @dragongf @edwardstyles @emojilucas @funkyharry @fvcking-nerd @glossharry @gucciloafer @guccipinksuit @harriesflowers @harryftvans @harrygotstyles @harryhateblog @harryingrey @harryokay @harryslittlekiwis @harrystylesmusic @harrywavycurly @honeyjmn @hozierry @hughaz @instaharry @irishlaurent @jamaicaera @jawllines @julietpeake @justaboatharrys @kasamatsuyo @kingdomdrive @kiwihunny @kloen @leesh @lovesharry @mangoeharry @mashtonbomb @micool5sos @mtvstyles @namelesscat @onlyayangel @proudofh @purpleharry @rollingstoneshaddy @stagehoharry @styl-es @stylestm @stylishirish @sweetscreature @theharryalbum @thisstylesguy @totalariana @universegirl 

also shoutout to Violet for making me this sick edit!!

Hope smiles from the threshold of the year to come, whispering, ‘It will be happier.’ - Alfred Lord Tennyson

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Who are your Harry mutual that you enjoy having on your dash! I wanna follow some cute people too

okay ill hit you with a good list of my fave mutuals!!! this is just off the top of my head so im really sorry if i forgot anyone 💖💖

 @lovesharry @delicateharry @pinkflaredpants @thechainmp3 @pinkflaredpants @stylesep @hughaz @befournips @rainbowstyles @crossnecklace @jack-i-swear @fondleeds @harrysdimples @harrysembrace @edwardstyles @guccifloralsuits @glamguccigod @statuesquecurls@namelesscat @stylishmuser @starboyhaz @stylishirish @pillowperson @jetaimeharry @bisexualima @btapants @purpleharry @slncewerealone @hazzlot @harryshippudge @harrysunemployed @hxrry @glossharry @stylesweaty @angelharrie @adamprendegrast @funkyharry @harryftvans @harriesgrammy @leesh @onlyayangel @indieharry @clareuchima @hrrystyles @etherealharold @harriesuccs @givelovechooselove @harrykissedlorde @nofoookingway @nicks-stevie @jamaicaera @movieactorharry @flowerinhisheart

also i have a blogroll so you can check out that too!

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can you recommend some blogs to follow?

of course! these are some of my fav people, and i follow a bunch more but these are the ones i can name off the top of my head!

@redsuitstyles @harrysenthusiast @harrysdimples @harrysembrace @guccifloralsuits@nofoookingway @biflagharry @harryispink @leesh @harryington @halsetto @harrysalbums @mitchharry @harrysera @harrykissedlorde @harryspinkpants @thechainmp3 @singledadharrington @meetuinthehallway @cheshirepuddin @jetaimeharry @signedtimes @actressintheblackdress @mtvstyles @a-butterfly-on-his-tummy @harryftvans @etherealharold @edwardstyles @stagehoharry @glamguccigod @harrysgoldenheart @orisitharrystyles @stylesangelus @harrysimpact @theharryalbum @stylespastel @lovesharry @wankharry @heart-attack-harry @texanharrie @thightat @harriesuccs @hazoffstyles @lipstickstaincoat @harrysadwank

i’m sure i missed a bunch of people, im sorry i have the memory of a goldfish. 

Anyways lov u all !

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Hellooo can you rec some of your fave Harry blogs? :))

Hiii of course, here are some of my favs:

@harryisart @divineharry @harryisclever @stylespastel @vinoharry @halsetto @stylesrecord @jeffsazoff @daintyharru @harrysadwank @kindnesstour @harryokay @floralharries @henristarrs @harrystylesmusic @harrysera @harryinvans @harryathegarage @ghostbutterflies @mitchharry @cryptidliveontour @matilda-breeze @glossharry @harrysprideflag @thekindnesstour @givelovechooselove @thisstylesguy @thepinksuits @holotour2017 @movieactorharry @soloharrie @greeneyesharry @ruffledharry @legandaryharry @niceharrie @harrysdimples @hstour2017 @therosatour @delicateharry and many more! you can check my blogroll if you want. I’m very happy with my dashboard right now 

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who are some of your fav harries. i need new people to follow

oh god askdjasdk literally all my mutuals are iconic and incredible and i’m going to forget at least 90% of them, so this is in NO WAY a comprehensive list of some lovely people:

@leesh @glamguccigod @dragongf @onlyayangel @ghostbutterflies @troubadourtrousers @cherrypopin @harrysadwank @jetaimeharry @harryshippudge @cryptidliveontour @yeahloads @organicharry @angelharrie @mtvstyles @mitchharry @henristarrs @feelinfinites @harrysembrace @harrysdimples @daintyharru @hun-kissed @flowerinhisheart @perumbram @acheappackofcigarettes @honeyharrie @guccifloralsuits @actressintheblackdress @theepinkalbum @lordeharry @hrrystyles @harryington @btapants @harrysontour @harruboo @seriousnoir @haroldedwardstyles

greetings and salutations one and all, i hope you’re all having a wonderful holiday season!! and if it’s not going wonderfully, i hope it’s at least going okay and if it’s not even okay or you don’t celebrate the holidays for whatever reason i hope the new year brings you lots of warmth and peace!! it’s been a rough year for many and i wish you the love and tenderness you all rightfully deserve 💖

this blog is still pretty new and already i’ve had the opportunity to meet some flippin’ fantastic folks and make some stellar friends. you have all been so lovely and i’m happy to have you keeping me company on this Hell Site™️. this is just a little thank you from my heart to yours 💕💕💕💕 i have for sure missed people because i am a piece of shit but honestly everyone i follow is pure gold

sorry this is so long + sappy but merry christmas and happy holidays to you all!! send my love to your families. Loz xx

spesh shoutout to the OG big man @hstylescouk thanks for this absolute shit storm that has been 2017 💋💋

@a-butterfly-on-his-tummy // @babywithhisbluejeans // @bihaz // @birosa @btapants // @cherrypopin // @cheshirepuddin // @delicateharry // @dreamsmp3 // @flowerinhisheart // @fleetwoodharry // @glamguccigod // @guccifloralsuits // @harrysalbums // @hampsteadharry // @harryandlorde // @harryftvans // @harryington // @harryispink // @harrykissedlorde // @harrysadwank // @harrysblacknailpolish // @harrysdimples // @harryshippudge // @harrysvintage // @honeyharrie // @hramatics // @hrrystyles // @humblehs // @iloveyouhaz // @instaharry // @jamaicaera // @jetaimeharry // @lavendrharry // @leesh // @legandaryharry // @lithographarry // @lordeharry // @lordendsavior // @naarry // @namelesscat // @onlyayangel // @pinkharold // @rainbowstyles // @redsuitstyles // @softdusks // @thechainmp3 // @theepinkalbum // @twofronteeth // @yeahloads


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can you rec some nice harries please if you have a moment?

yes of course i can!! some of these people are ot4/ot5 but they’re all lovely 💖 💖

@lovesharry @delicateharry @statuesquecurls @thechainmp3 @glamguccigod @harrysalbums @purpleharry @dragonharold @harrysadwank @cherrypopin @holotour2017 @holotour @harryftvans @leesh @btapants @theharryalbum @stylishirish @edwardstyles @humblehs @jetaimeharry @hstour2017 @funkyharry @angelharrie @harrykissedlorde @harrysdimples @stylesweaty @harryington @halsetto @starboyhaz @harrysembrace @stylishmuser @glossharry @harryspinkpants @mitchharry @thisstylesguy @mtvstyles @harrysdimples @harriesuccs @harrysofluffy @nickygrimms @harryispink @fookingerry @bizexuality @harryshippudge @instaharry @harryfeatlouis @hrrystyles @hxrry @welcometothefinalshow @harryfeelings @birosa @soloharrie @hairbnb @harryftpink @guccitrousers @naarry @namelesscat @nofoookingway @lavendrharry @hramatics @proudofh @eraofharry


I was tagged in that selfie thing by my ride or die @harrysdimples so here’s my face that I never post I tag my loves funkirk™️ @guccifloralsuits @btapants @nofoookingway and also the other loves of my life @glamguccigod @gucciloafer @stylestm @kiwihunny @glossharry @honeyharrie @honeyjmn and @edwardstyles @harrysunemployed @onlyayangel

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fav harry blogs? i need new people to follow. please

so so many

@btapants // @harrysembrace // @harrysdimples // @nofoookingway (funkirk TM forever owns my heart if you’re not following them go do that…..immediately) // @purpleharry // @namelesscat // @glamguccigod // @harrysunemployed // @leesh // @harrysadwank // @onlyayangel // @harryington // @lordeharry // @hawards // @proudofh // @glossharry // @pinkflaredpants // @harryzayn // @lovesharry // @babywithhisbluejeans // @thighstattoo // @harryfeelings // @flowerinhisheart // @soloharrie // @honeyharrie // @thepinkhalbum // @delicateharry // @harrysthiccthighles // @jamaicaera // @ghostbutterflies // @sugarplummstyles // @jetaimeharry // @hazoffstyles // @thecynical-idealist // @angelharrie // @hughaz // @acheappackofcigarettes to name a few but I guarantee I forgot tons of people so pretty much everyone I converse w & reblog off of!!!

edit: ok so I found out Mel just changed her url to @adamprendegrast but her 2