“You won’t… leave me, right?" 
“I need you to tell me that. I need one of those ‘forever’ that you whisper to your beloved one”
“Forever doesn’t exist. I’m sorry, Axel, I won’t tell you what you want me to say and deceive you… but I’m telling you something else. You gave me the infinite in a limited time. Our love is stronger than ourselves… it’s love at first sight and it’s lethal, extreme, desperate, inexhaustible… it’s that kind of love that you really don’t know how it starts but you do know it won’t end not even after death. All that we have to do is love each other in order to perpetuate that endless feeling that bonds our existences”

{from Viva la Vida chapter 16, requested by #harrysdimples. Inaccurate sketch and colorize because I’m lazy}