graphic design is CLEARLY my passion

anyways, i’ve recently gained a ton of new fab mutuals (i used an app, lets hope its right) so i decided it’s a good time for a follow forever. I LOVE ALL Y’ALL SO MUCH thanks for putting up with my nonsense! 

i’m so sorry if i forgot anyone you still rock :)


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then just some non-mutuals I’m obsessed with

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hiiii everyone! ok so this is my lil mini follow forever since i messed up the one i did earlier this summer and bc i’ve many more mutuals since the last one so this is just a list of my favs!!! im sorry if you’re not included i love every single person i follow this is just the people i talk to most or i am just really glad follow me :-) sooo in no particular order,

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so since it’s my wonderful birthday i decided to do something special. i have turned 19 which means this is my last year of being a teenager *sigh* so i really don’t know how much longer i’ll have this blog. but don’t worry for right now i’m here to stay forever. so i’m going to recognize some people that i’ve gotten to know so well over these past years and then some awesome blogs that i love. so happy birthday to me and stay rad :)

Alyssa where do i ever begin? well let’s be honest it all started when we joined the niall girls. we hated each other and were basically frenemies. but something happened and now we’re basically best friends that are separated by a computer screen and some states. alyssa you’re my baby cakes and i love you so much!

Lili my little cutie lili how i love you so much. i am forever jealous of your amazing drawing skills and can always count on you and alyssa to ship zachrina forever. the niall girls bought us together and nothing can break that.

Shivani oh my baby shiweed how long i’ve missed talking to you. you were the person who made my christmas and picked me to be in your promo group and what started it all for our friendship. i love you so much and can always count on you. niall made us bond and he will always be the one to thank for that.

Whitney when i first saw the dylan’s whores group i had to join. i loved him so much and i needed somewhere to express my teen wolf feels. i was so happy that you picked me and i’m so glad cause who else would love my playlists as much as you do? i love you so much and will keep making playlists just for you.

Awesome blogs that i love so much: i pretty much know all you guys by name and if i don’t i just really love your blog so much.


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Groups i love you all so much and i’m so glad i’m in them

americanapparel: where to even begin? like i love you guys so fucking much it’s insane. so much goes on that we just bond over everything.

dylanswhores: you guys are so great and i love how i have a place to talk about my Teen Wolf feels cause god knows i need a place like that lol

hellafines: i love you guys so much that it hurts. we could have like 10 billion conversations going on at once and still know what the hell is happening. hell we even have pet names for each other. you can’t top that love.

lukesclique: to bond over luke would be an understatement. luke is our main man and god knows we love him for that. i love you guys so much and so glad that i’m apart of this group.

theniallgirls: of course last but not least, my bbys, the niall girls. i love you guys to death and don’t know what i would do without you all. niall is our husband and we always know what each other is feeling because of that. you’re all the best and i love you.

Blogroll i’m sorry if we know each other and i didn’t put you on here. with everyone constantly changing their urls it’s hard to keep track of where you all are. and i’m sorry if you weren’t on this. i do love you bunches and don’t be afraid to come talk to me and get to know me! i’ll love you so much more if you do! 

*ps credit to gif owners i just added my own text