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Hi Amy, I read the ephemeral arc blog when I saw it linked from your site today. Did you read the comments on Harry's profile? Pretty mind blowing - there's some industry comments there about Harry and Louis from a non 1D fan who totally got the impression that they were together, no doubt, etc. Very interesting to read. Also Louis' profile was spot on!

yeah i find non-1D fans see it easier than even 1d fans lol

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Can u explain why the new photo is so important ? i know the whole haylor stunt and larry but idk i just dont really get what happened with this i guess. sorry if this is annoying

Never annoying, love! Haylor was Harry’s highest profile relationship. It was papped heavily, touched on in nearly interview, all over every magazine and news outlet. It was a big story back then, and it was instrumental in creating Harry’s profile in the USA. But, when they come out, that’s going to be kind of hard to explain away. If he was with Louis all along, then what about Haylor? Now, it’d be a really, really smart business move to say she was a friend that was lending a hand at the time. That way, she gets a lot of public support, the One Direction fandom (which is largely her target market) supports/buys her music, and she upholds her title as America’s Sweetheart. She’s viewed as a really great friend and she’ll get tons of positive press about this. I am in awe of her, honestly. She’s a brilliant businesswoman and she can work this industry.

Louis was never pro-Haylor. He was miserable during that time period, and he undermined the relationship whenever he possibly could. By showing that the two of them are on good terms, you will easily sell that she was a friend of Harry and Louis as a couple, that she did this to help them. This way, she comes out with her image untouched (if not bolstered), and Harry and Louis have one less obstacle to coming out. This was such a brilliant business move. I’m in awe of the team that put this together.

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Probably you have already discussed this. But among the many things that recall this as a stunt there is also this: twitter(.)com/onedirection/lists twitter(.)com/Harry_Styles/lists/the-group Zayn is still in the list of the group, inofficial profile of One Direction and in the profile of Harry. Sorry for my bad English, but English is not my first language :/



HA!  That’s actually one I think we missed, but it’s yet another indication that they haven’t really cleaned up house the way they should have.  Thank you for pointing it out!  I don’t have any trouble understanding your English at all XD

Master List

Right, so I thought I should probably sort out a master list, so voila. Also, requests are still open if there’s anything you want to see :)

How You Meet
Nightmares – Longer
You’re a Supernatural

Research Nights
Something You Love

Shock Ill – Liam
Movie Night Revelations – Liam
Accidents and Awkward Dinners – Stiles
Bites and Worries – General
A Helping Hand – Garrett

Ice Skating- Isaac
New Kid – Stiles
First Day – Scott
Protective – Isaac
Proud – Stiles
Back – Scott
Shorter – Isaac
Revelations – Scott
Research – Stiles
Clumsy– Isaac
Arguments – Scott
Sarcasm – Stiles
Lacrosse – Isaac
Rambling – Scott
Hero – Stiles
Sides – Isaac

Stilinski Triplet Ideas:
Crime Scene Escapades
Stiles’ Crush
Group Project
Drabble #1 – Nicknames
Drabble #2 – Nightmares

Blue Witch (Fanfiction):
Character Profiles

The Yule Ball
Nightmares – Longer
Friendly Lessons

Your Secret Place
You’re Bored in Class

What if? – Fred

Recalling Your Name
Nightmares – Longer
When Bored

Conversations at Work

Joining the Group
Nightmares – Longer

Supplies Run Escapades

THE 100
Meetings on the Ark
Nightmares – Longer
Earth Adventures

You Make Him Smile

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But like we all said that while they are doing Louis profile thing, Harry is staying MIA. Now Louis is quiet and Harry is all out and about. Hmmm

Just how fast the night changes, you sent me this less than a day ago and look at what we have


Orphan Harry Potter is miserable in an under-stairs closet. Dursleys - his witch mother’s sister, husband, Dudley - held no birthday party for Harry in 11 years. Owls fly notices to attend Hogwarts School. Giant Hagrid brings birthday cake. Wizard Harry flies on broom, hides under Cloak of Invisibility, sneaks past 3-headed dog with friends Hermione and Ron. A great destiny awaits if Harry can survive.

Goodreads | Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (Harry Potter, #1) by J.K. Rowling — Reviews, Discussion, Bookclubs, Lists

This is the default summary of Harry Potter #1 on Goodreads. I was going to get all pissed off about GR’s lack of quality control, but then I realized this is hilarious. Can we get this person to write ALL the summaries?

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Hi! So this isn't a question. It's just an elaborate thank you/hopefully helpful insight for you. This may take multiple asks, be warned. My best friend and I entered this fandom together and we both have moderate exposure to public relations and marketing so the two of us speculate about one direction, all the time. When we first got here we believed Larry was real but we flirted with a possibility of a breakup cuz Eleanor's persona seemed to be similar to the women in Louis family... But

We did think that Elounor was unfulfilling. In addition, Harry’s high profile winter gfs we thought were suspicious but we let go because it was possible that it was clutch timing and Harry’s 1D front man. However, both of us had suspicions that Larry was still very much a romance, despite the fact that Louis has aggressively denied it because, media lies. Especially due to the random hints from family/ loved ones of the boys…. After Eleanor’s departure we were 💯 sure that Larry is real.  As for ziam, we thought about ziam in the beginning and then determined they were bros cuz they’re dynamic suggested it was more companion-like. Zerrie we thought was feasible based on surface deep uniqueness. Once we looked closer though we thought Perrie was just an obnoxious gf. We thought it was completely possible that zerrie met thru management, was dating, and being played up to promote LM. After zayn left we determined that zerrie was probs fake because it seemed WAY too dramatic to not.  As for Sophia, at the beginning we thought it was weird that she came out of nowhere and they seemed miserable together. But as time went on it seemed possible that they wanted to be private with occasional shout outs and media coverage, cuz like, one direction. I’m explaining this because I read a post where you thought it was weird that people didn’t recognize fake relationships…  With your help, (along with other sources/PR CONVOS with people) we were able to verify our suspicions about one direction’s gfs and I wanted to thank you for your role in that. Thank you very much

Hi Anonymous.  Firstly, thank you very much for the lovely words—I do appreciate it.  And thank you for sharing your journey through uncovering the fakeness that is the M!M Beard Parade.  I am pleased if I help anyone see through the ugly farces that are Harry’s winter beards, Elounor, Zerrie and Sophiam.

I find different peoples’ reactions to the beards absolutely fascinating, when I don’t find them upsetting and disappointing, i.e. beard worship.

Me, personally—I never needed a masterpost to tell me Larry was real even before I became a fan, so I figured Harry’s winter girlfriends and Elounor were fake by default.  When I finally sat down to learn the particulars that proved that Elounor was fake, I was not too shocked.  It confirmed what I already knew.  The details were just more lurid and disturbing.

I was nowhere near as PR and media saavy back then as many of us Larry/Ziam bloggers are now—being in the Larry/Ziam side of the One Direction fandom really does teach you a lot, no?  But I did know enough to know that bearding, staged relationships and media lies are a thing.  So I thought Zerrie was suspicious for the same reasons you did: it was too dramatic and it kept showing up on gossip websites even though it was so horrifying and embarrassing.  Payzer 2.0 was such a flaming hot mess that I thought it had to be either staged or extremely dysfunctional.  Sophiam just looked uncute and awkward because Liam always looked bored, miserable or trying too hard, so I assumed it was real and imagined that they were unhappy together and that Liam had terrible taste in women.

What makes me sad is that people really do look up to these “relationships” as their “mom” and “dad” and their “goals.”  They are not.  They are sad, ugly semblances of relationships.  They are oppressive charades that hide real relationships simply because they involve two men.  Thank God that Zerrie and Sophiam are fake, because if they were real I’d be praying for Zayn, Liam, Sophia and Perrie.

This was before I got more into the band and learned what was up.  When I noticed Ziam and looked a bit more into it, the pieces all fell into place because when they aren’t trying to hide it, and even when they are, Ziam looks like a real relationship.  So I was like, “oh, no wonder Zerrie and Sophiam look so unhappy and contrived—they are.”  Talk about goals.

i googled “cairn terrier” to check if that was mr. pickle’s breed and the first thing in the results was:

Temperament: Gay, Fearless, Hardy, Active, Intelligent, Assertive

i mean, right, google, but i asked for harry hart’s dog, not harry hart’s profile

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Yoo dailymail redid their whole bullshit article

YOOO at least they go their shit together…better late than never…..thanks Calvin

“Considering he is one of the biggest DJ’s in the world right now, it comes as no surprise that Calvin Harris travels with a sizeable entourage.And the Scottish star was seen leaving a Las Vegas club with a group of pals, including video director Emil Nava and Emil’s girlfriend Christina, following his two hour set at Wet Republic.Calvin, 31, was dressed casually in a grey top, jeans and a black Crooks baseball hat as he made his way out of the venue with his large group of friends.”

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-3095326/Calvin-Harris-keeps-low-profile-pictured-making-way-Las-Vegas-club-mystery-female-companion.html#ixzz3b6Q9b2yIFollow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

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What's going on with Haylor Louis thing?? I'm so confused

What do you mean? Lol

As far as I can answer the thing is that with Harry’s image, Taylor has been crucial. Their “relationship” has, I might say, helped their success in the USA. Taylor is and was a high profile celebrity at the time so using her for 1D’s break in the US has been crucial, but it has been crucial also in raising Harry’s profile to the point the 1D is mostly, if not entirely, identified as the band Harry Styles is in. 

The reason why people believe Harry is the typical hetero, or won’t believe the rumors about possible non-straight Harry, is Taylor. When I’ve told people about how I think Harry and Louis are together they usually don’t believe me because “wasn’t Harry in a relationship with Taylor Swift?”.

The thing is, that this alleged relationship has never been comfirmed and has always been refered by media as a “relationship” with no “alleged” next to it. 

And if you want a coming out, or clean the hetero-image up, either of Harry or Louis, you need to take the image of Harry and Taylor’s “relationship” out of people’s mind. The shift is clear now: media is referring to it as an “alleged relationship” as they were “thought to be dating” etc. 

Not only that is happening but Louis, who didn’t very much like Taylor at the time (can you blame him?), is now used to break this image thanks to the pictures of him hanging out with Taylor at her bbmas afterparty. While Harry was the frontman of 1D in the US and the one connected to Taylor Swift, now it’s happening the other way. Louis is being used with Taylor, Louis is being mentioned along with Harry and Taylor. Louis Louis Louis and Harry Harry Harry in every article. And slowly, Haylor is fading and dying and in the meantime, Louis is being mentioned and brought to attention to the greater public, Louis is raising his profile now, Louis is becoming the face of 1D along with Harry and Niall and Liam. Louis is the businessman of the band, building connections in the music industry (all the twitter follows) and it’s amazing to watch how fast the night changes.

Who would’ve thought that Louis would’ve killed Haylor by hanging out with Taylor Swift?

Hermione would be like the person who looks for forensic evidence and analyzes it, Ron would be the profiler and Harry would be head investigator and together they make the most kickass criminal catching team.

Omg Neville could be like another guy in the lab who’s focus is plants and stuff and Luna is also another profiler but she kinda skeeves Ron out a little ‘cause he tried profiling her and he didn’t like what he got. Ginny could be a field agent, and she really loves going out in the field and her partner is Tonks after Moody retired and they go undercover a lot.

Dean is a composite artists. Ya know those people who talk to the witnesses and ask them for a description. Fred and George are tech guys and they fool around a lot and started a company that supplies the agency. Seamus is like a bartender who knows stuff and shares like juicy gossip along with Lavender.a

Maybe Malfoy could be a lawyer or politician or some big shot guy who is constantly getting in their way and trying to impede their investigations.

McGonagall would be like their boss who was a really famous cop or investigator in the day and was mentored by like the legendary Albus Dumbledore.