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I'm probably behind the times here but in that one X Factor clip where louis hugs Harry from behind and ruffles/plays with his hair (Harry's in a blue Jack Wills t-shirt?) did you notice that he kisses or smells Harry's hair? He buries his head in it either way! :)


-Sara x

So I decided to go and watch One Direction’s season on X Factor, to see the beginning of them, and I saw this on week 8. This was after the whole week 5 fiasco when a contestant was sent home for a few days and when Harry’s nudes supposedly surfaced. Also, after week 5, in performances Louis and Harry were seperated.
So I found this, again, on week 8. We all know Harry was big into Jack Wills during this time. Also, Louis and Harry, as we all know, have shared clothing since then. The fact that the shirt Louis is wearing has factors like;

- It’s kinda big on him
- It’s Jack Wills
- It’s after all the Larry rumors started
- It’s way before Elounor
- Harry had started to get taller than Louis around this time (watch the performances and when they’re talking and you’ll see) so his clothes would be bigger

Makes me believe that Louis is wearing Harry’s shirt in plain sight, again. It’s old and possible gold.