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Since E2 Iris calls Barry "baby" or "babe", I'm dying to know what pet name E1 Barry might have for her on E1. E2 Barry might be "Honey" or some old-fashion name that most people would cringe at these days.

OMG I could totally see E2!Barry having an embarrassingly cute nickname for Iris and she would always complain about it but deep down she loves it when he calls her that skdjqsd

Hopefully we get some really good stuff between E2 Barry & Iris in next week’s episode, since we were blessed with E1/E2 interactions this week. We know sat some point (most definitely in the beginning of the ep) she’s at Star Labs and Cisco & Harry explain everything to her with E2 Barry right next to her. Then they’ll go on a rescue mission with KF’s help. 


“If I Could Fly” cello and piano cover. I really love this song and decided to quickly throw together and record an arrangement of it today after work. All parts played and recorded by me. ☺️🎻🙌🏼