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Hiii G! Can you rec me some Zarry fics? I adore you!

ooi babe! alright so ……………… here’s my favorites one

By @this-onegoes  (she’s my favourite)

Wash You Away

 Harry has been able to see ghosts since he was ten years old, and no one can know his secret


An AU about being a father, having faith, and growing up

On Your Feet 

 AU where Zayn and Harry meet again, six years after they ended up crumbling 

Don’t Make It Bad

oneshot kidfic day-in-the-life AU, so sweet it’ll make your teeth ache

Be Still 

a murder mystery AU ON HOLD/HIATUS  (the one who i’m currently reading)


Throw Your Heart To Me : 

 Harry stumbles upon a very popular camboy and finds himself asking for a private show. And that’s just the start of the story.

Now or Never: 

  They’ve gone two years without saying a word to each other.

So used (to being used)

or the au where harry is a solo artist and feels like something is missing from his life despite the fame. zayn’s a cross dressing prostitute that sometimes goes by the name veronica and thinks the world’s too big for him. when they meet, it’s a landslide.

Nothing’s Fair In Love And War : 

 Rival witches au.

Keep The Car Running:  

AU where Harry’s a male escort and Zayn’s a professional footballer

Da Mi Basia Mille 

“An idea comes to Harry then, a brilliant, brilliant idea, the best idea he’s ever had, other than the time he thought he should grow his hair out. “New plan. I’m going to kiss you every day until you start thinking you should be kissed every day.”

Flower Power

15 year old Harry gets lost at a festival and meets biker!Zayn, who is all too happy to take care of him…


Harry has wet dreams and Zayn indulges them.

The world has its shine:  

A series of drabbles, focusing on random days in the life of Zayn, Harry and their children.

Undisclosed Desires

Or, the one where Zayn is a journalist in a Horror & Thriller Convention, Harry is a mysterious guest and people die.

Ever Since New York

2 years after Zayn left the band, New York.

Zayn has been living there for some time, and guess who’s currently there for his first ever solo performance?

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is there a fic with draco fucking all durmstrang students or viktor and harry is jelaous and idk and make it drarry somehow im disturbed... im out.

Oh, lordy. Do I know of a fic like this? No. Do I want a fic like this? … Yes. Jealous!Harry is my kryptonite, maybe. Like okay but listen

- it’s seventh year and some Durmstrang students come to help rebuild the castle

- right? because the schools are friends, they went through the Triwizard tournament together, I can’t see them not coming to help

- and Draco is back and he’s not cowering even though there are like 80% less Slytherins than literally every other house and he’s got the dark mark on his arm

- he’s been cleared of all charges (partly thanks to Harry’s testimony) but ofc people still hate him and blame him which basically just makes him 10x more sarcastic and biting

- He doesn’t bother Harry anymore. Like he nods to him in the halls and he hasn’t said thank you for Harry’s testimony but also he doesn’t pick on him anymore? Harry is just like any other student to Draco almost?

- Harry is infuriated by this??? Also, confused?? He starts to seek him out, almost WANTING to start a fight because Malfoy is acting so goddamn weird like he’s rude to everyone BUT harry and Harry’s like goddamn you, you were always the only one who didn’t treat me differently

- so Harry goes to track him down one day and give him a piece of his mind and he finds Draco with one of the Durmstrang boys

- they’re like half hidden behind this statue just going at it, hands in pants, lips on necks and ANYONE could walk past and see but they both don’t even care

- and Harry… is hard. He’s hard, and also he’s angry, though he doesn’t really know why?

- so he runs because he’s Harry and he just went through a war goddamnit why does everything have to be so complicated?

- and this happens SEVERAL times, though he’s not even looking for Draco anymore? he just keeps stumbling upon him in various places with various Durmstrang boys in various states of undress

- and every time, he flees, harder and angrier and more confused than the last

- and then FINALLY one day he catches Draco alone in the corridor and before he can think about what he’s doing he’s grabbing Draco by the tie and pushing him up against the wall and growling

- and Draco’s like *smirk* can I help you, Potter?

- and it is in that moment that Harry realizes that he literally has no reason to be angry, especially as angry as he is

- and so he just kind of says the first thing he can think of, which is “you never said thank you”

- and Draco is smirking and raises an eyebrow and says, looking right into Harry’s eyes, “Thank you, Harry.”

- and Harry kisses him. Because what the fuck else is he supposed to do when his arch nemesis who maybe makes him hard and who he has maybe wanked to looks him right in the face and says thank you with your goddamn first name like it’s the most earnest thing he’s ever said?

- and Draco lets himself be mauled against this wall, responding eagerly, and when Harry pulls back, Draco just smiles, says, “Took you long enough, Potter.”

i’m sorry i have so many feelings

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I've always strongly felt that while he's the big spoon in bed, Louis loves to sit on Harry's lap and cuddle into his arm watching tv and stand with Harry's arms around him and I feel this is confirming this thank you Louis

I also fell like sometimes he crawls into Harry’s lap, rests his head on his shoulder, and drifts off to sleep. Harry scoops him up and carries him into the bedroom laying him gently on the bed. He pulls the comforter up over his shoulders so he doesn’t catch a chill while he is sleeping. Kisses him on his nose and whispers “I love you in his ear” before quietly leaving the room. And Louis standing with Harry’s arms around him is my kryptonite. Harry resting his chin on Louis shoulder as he bends down to whisper in his ear. Fuck it’s too early for this.