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What are some other popular HP blogs that you'd recommend

I don’t know about popular, but these are all amazing hp majority blogs (in no order):

@dailypotter / @magicfolk / @muqqlestudies / @hermionegrangcr / @euphemiapottcr / @ginnys / @petuniaevans / @miones / @prongsno / @siruisblack / @herimunes / @whompingwillowss / @meropegaunt / @silancio / @katie-bell / @hvdwig / @flitwicc / @hermionx / @albuspotthr / @struttinglikeapotter / @marauders70s / @ginevraweasel / @scourgify / @scamandersnewt / @s-siriusblck / @rvvenclaws / @confundo / @harrypotterr / @veirtaserum / @pcddfoot / @cleverbrighthermione / @dailyhermionegranger / @dailyhinny / @dailyharryjpotter / @professorlupins / @professorlockhart / @paddfoot / @huffelpuff / @deamus / @lilypotthr / @fjrewhisky / @lilyevane / @yigrittes / @padfootdidit / @incorrectmarauderquotes / @incorrect-harry-potter-quotes / @waternymphs / @stagdoewolfdog / @snapslikethis / @knockturnallley / @ginnxweasley / @ohturntan / @hmionegrangr / @njmphadora / @lilyevansquad / @the-marauders / @slytherin-salazar / @ronweascly / @astoriamalfxy / @hermionegrangcrrs / @lunalovey / @immobvlus / @wizardingsociety / @lvnalovgood / @hyppogriff / @auroremus / @salazarslytherin / @diggrycedric / @howlingremus / @tom-riddle / @merflk / @newtscamunder / @fcntasticbeasts / @leshtrange / @ahmortentia / @pansyparkinscn / @deer-evans / @deerjily / @umfleur / @tomrlddle / @puceyadrian / @hogsmaeds / @fenrirgreybacks / @andrxmedablacks / @weasleyzs / @ewatson / @leakycauldrcn / @fantasticbeasts / @pyqmypuffs / @marrauder / @gxnnyweasley

fhdskf if the links break I’m deleting my account. you can also check out my blogroll here x

hey guys, I reached a milestone a while ago and I didn’t have time to celebrate it so… finally here it is! In honour of me reaching 3K+, here is a follow forever! A big thank you to these blogs for being amazing, and of course, thank you to everyone who follows me! :)


@admiretom @airforcecollins @aurrorpotter @auror @barnesstevie @barnres @bbarnes @bensolcs @birogers @bisebchris @bluebrooklynkid @bravethor @buccbarnes @buchahan @buchanstan @buckbaby @bucksstan @buckyy @buckybarwns @chadwickbose @chris-evans @cmonpeter @captainstevenrogers @cptsteven @daisyridlay @delacourr @dracomalfoys @dylanosbrien @dunstkirsten @fightmebucky @fenrirgreybacks @gaybuchanan @gwen-poole @harrypotterr @hisbarnes @herospideys @howlingbarnes @iamnotsebastianstan @imsebastianstans @jonbernthal @jamesbuchanbarnes @jamesbcrnes @jonnwick


@karlmordo @lancetucker @lethalbarnes @margots-robbie @marrauder@majorbucky @mockingbbird @oldbrooklynsoul @orlando-bloom @parkerpete @parkerpetey @pottern @quicksiluers @quillpete @raylangives @red-hoocl @refrigeratorbucky @rogers @sebastiansource @seabstan @sebastianstan-s @sebbys @spacenerdevans @starbucky @steverogers @stevenrogers @stevenrogrs @stevrogers @steverorgers @steverogiers @saintseb @spdrparker @spdrkid @spideyholic @spideyparker @soldatsass @sweetheartbarnes @tarjeisandvikmoe @thorodinson @thepunisher @thewincheters @tomhollande @tomhollandy @thomashclland @thompsonflash @tomhallend @warinfinities @websslinger @wondcrwomans

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Once you get this, it would be cool if you posted ten facts about yourself and then passed this along to your ten favorite followers x


1. My nickname is “Lette,” like “Let-EE.”

2. My favorite smells are sandalwood, rain, and the ocean.

3. When I got sorted into Gryffindor on Pottermore, I cried but all had been confirmed and I felt like YAAASS.

4. I didn’t know about Ben Barnes until, like, a month ago and now it’s become something bigger than me. I’m just giving in at this point.

5. I can’t play a single instrument.

6. I’m a proud Aquarius.

7. I don’t know what I’m doing with my life so I’m kind of doing everything at once and seeing what sticks.

8. I literally have nothing else to add sorry I’m so terrible.😢

I tag: @homeishogwarts @spoopynarcissa @jilydiedmyass @harrypotterr @srslysnuffles @damnnsirius @veirtaserum and didn’t actually check to see if they’ve already been tagged oop… guys I don’t have a lot of followers but you guys are cuties <3