Hey guys! This is the first time I’ve ever done something like this, so I’m not quite sure how is it done. 

These are the blogs I love the most (and stalk) and the ones everyone should follow because they are awesome. I love you guys!


annabuttchase, adhdotlexia, anakklusmos, anaklusmos-ss, annabarbarian, annabethchase-ing, annabethchasy, annabethchse, argo2, argoinatorbarbariabethbiacaisangelo, brennbugcharlesbeckenlord, chasexjackson, clarissalarue


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hogwartskidsproblems, harrypotterhead, i-c-r-u-c-i-o-y-o-u, jasongracely, jupiterianjane, leostoolbelt, leovaldezed, leozhang, lukecasstellan, lukecastelland


mandrakescry, nicodianglos, nicoisbroken, nicodeathangelo, ohpercy, olympiandemigods, p-adfoots, percychased, percyjacksam, percyfeels, percsy, percyalways, percyjacksonypercabreath, piperland, perksofbeingademigodtribute, praetorofnewrome, prissyjackson, poseiduh


qhostking, rachaldare, remus-lupin, repair-b0y, riordam, sevenheroesofolympus, thaliagraze, the-mellow, thehouseofhade, themarkofathena, the-dam-snack-bar, 600th-floor-please

And these are my two best friends who I also love a lot:

babe-in-a-trenchcoat and this-stupid-fandom-universe

Also thank you so much to all of a my amazing followers, you guys are the best. I love you all. 

Edit by me. Art by brennbug (whose blog I also love)

Happy Holidays!


Quest'attore era veramente uno dei miei preferiti! Da Harry Potter al Fantasma dell'opera, da Ragione e sentimento a Profumo e Love Actually e Sweeney Todd! E tutti gli altri film che ha fatto che ora non ricordo! È triste sapere che se n'è andato e mancherà un sacco #alanrickman #rip #artist #harrypotterhead #always

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