Remus x reader (boy/girlfriend)

The long awaited Remus x reader. It’s not long. I tried to make something of it but I’m not that good in the whole marauder era.

If your name dropped in an conversation everyone knew there was a name who belonged to your name. Remus. Remus lupin. At the time when that started you two were not together.  —– Everyone sat by the tree, the special tree Ofcourse. The tree next to the lake. Remus, Sirius, James, Peter, Lilly and (y/n) Ofcourse. James was chatting about quiditch with Sirius. Lilly was giving Peter peptalks how he could approach girls. (Y/n) was just staring at the clouds lost in her thoughts. “(Y/n).. Can I talk to you alone?” Remus was so nervous that his face was bright red. “Remus.. Is everything okay?” (Y/n) looked very anxious at Remus. “You look so.. Nervous.” Remus cheeks flushed even brighter. “Will you come to talk to me..” Remus said. (Y/n) smiled at him. “Ofcourse I will. It looks like it’s very important to you.” (Y/n) stood up and slowly walked with him. James whistled to them.  (y/n) gave James a questionable look. Everyone stared at them which made their cheeks flush. “Why are you acting so nervous remus. Please tell me what’s wrong.. I’m getting worried..” Remus laughed. “You still don’t get it do you? I like you.. A lot.  ” (y/n) smiled. “I like you to, that is what friends do.” Remus laughed even harder. You saw Sirius slap himself in the face. “Oh.. You like me that way..” (Y/n) blushed. “Yes…” Remus said. “I just thought.. That you saw me as a friend.. I never saw you so nervous. I thought something terrible happend.” (Y/n) said laughing at her own stupidity. “I.. I like you a lot (y/n). Would you be my girlfriend.” Remus rubbed his neck nervously. “I would love to..” (Y/n) jumped at Remus and flew him around his neck. She brought her face closer to him and kissed him. And Remus didn’t hold back. “So that escalated quickly.” Sirius said laughing. 

So today while i was at class i felt so distressed thinking about Sirius’s death and The Forest Again scene and George never seeing Fred again. I went to the library and read Sirius’s death then when harry started destructing dumbledore’s office. that part when he yells “ENOUGH! I WANT OUT, I WANT IT TO END, I DON’T CARE ANYMORE” that part i feel like i want to cry my heart out. It just shows us how much unfair he feels. unbearable. 

Now i browsed through some of ‘the forest again’ fanarts. i cried so much. 

I cried a lot on the Deathly Hollows….especially in “The Forest Again”. that was the most emotional scene to me. 

“Stay close to me” He said quietly.  

that part gives my heart an ache. She is the best writer isn;t she?

Fred imagine. {the burrow}

After several weeks of hard work, the vacation came closer. Just one more day before it was vacation.  (Y/n) walked trough the great hall. You were studying when it was time for dinner. So you arrived late. The whole huffelpuff Table was empty. You looked around you. You didn’t want to stand out, that way everyone could see you would sit alone. And this time.. Very alone.  “Huffelpuff! Come sit with us!” George shouted. You sighted relieved. You walked over to the gryfindor table and greeted Fred and Leo. “Good evening.” You sat down next to Fred your boyfriend. “Where are all The huffelpuffs?” Leo asked. “I dont know..” You said. “How can you not know where you’re fellow house mates are-” Fred slapped him on the back of his head. “Leo shut your mouth.” You blushed a little. “It’s because you guys are my only friends..” After you said that the table remaind silent for a while. Fred grabbed you’re hand and squeezed it a little. Just to show that he knew what you were thinking. “Mom said you can stay with us this vacation.” Fred said to brighten up the mood. “I don’t know if my parents will approve. They wanted to go to a camping in France with me.” You said. The boys didn’t know what a camping was obviously. So they looked very interested. “My mom already talked to you’re mom. You can stay with us a couple of weeks.” George said. “I didn’t know that! Why didn’t you tell me George!” Fred said. “I forgot.” Everyone smiled. “We have to pack out bags for the vacation now. Since we will be leaving tomorrow at eleven o'clock in the morning.” Leo said. You stood up And Fred did to. You gave him a long Kiss and made you’re way to the huffelpuff commonroom to pack. XX  Everyone was talking with each other and didn’t notice the train already arrived at London. The train ride to was very pleasent. Fred was grabbing your luggage. “Do you think your mother would like me..” It was easy to see that you were nervous. “Ofcourse! You are my everything.” He didn’t look up while saying that. But you knew he meant it. So you smiled.  “Look! This is my mother Molly, and my dad Arthur.” Fred said. “Nice to meet you! And thank you for having me.” You shaked they’re hands. And they smiled At you. “You seem such a lovely girl! I’m looking forward to get to know the girlfriend of my son.” Molly weasley said. You blushed. “I’m also looking forward to all of this!” You answered back. “Let’s go home!” Arthur said.  You arrived at they’re home. It was amazing. You stand next to Arthur. “Your house is amazing! We have a normal muggle home, but this is.. Incredible!!” You saw a little spark of joy in his eyes. “Our house is incredible we call it the burrow. By the way.. Fred didn’t mention that you are a muggle born. I would love to know more about muggle’s!” He said. “can I ask you something about them?” You smiled. “Yes.. Yes Ofcourse!” You answered. “What is that Thing you are making you’re floors clean?” You couldn’t hide you’re laugh. “A vacuuming machine. It cleans up all the hairs and dust on the floor.” He looked very surprised. “Amazing.. Let’s go inside.” Said Arthur. “I will take it from here dad. I will show her the house.” Said Fred. He grabbed your hand and lead you inside.  “This is our magic clock. It will show mom where we are and all that kind of stuff.” You’re mouth was wide open. “This is our kitchen. I know it’s small but it is home.” Fred walked further. “And this is our living room.” The whole house was full of magic something you had never seen. “And you will be sleeping at Ginny’s room. Mom don’t want us to sleep together.” Fred said rubbing his neck awkwardly. “But Ginny will show it to you after dinner.” they smiled at each other. “About what you said about the size of you’re kitchen and all. I think your house is truly amazing. I never saw something like This before.” Fred smiled. And you smiled back. This vacation would be awesome. 

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The more I think on it, the less I like that Harry became an Auror. I just feel like someone like Harry would want to live a less dangerous life after everything he’s been through. He always seemed to think on a normal, peaceful life, but what’s less peaceful than constantly chasing down bad guys? Harry loved teaching, and he would have been a brilliant DADA professor. I feel like Ron should have been head Auror and get some glory as top dog there, while Harry lives a life as a simple teacher.

I’m proud of Dudley for what he did to change his life around. After Harry saved him from the dementors, he’d been forced to confront himself as a person; and found he did NOT like what he saw. The final book shows us a Dudley taking responsibility for himself, getting in shape (muscular), taking up boxing, and making peace with Harry, letting him know he didn’t think him a ‘waste of space.’ He didn’t let his parents awful choices concerning him define his future; he defined his own; respect.

As much as I love the Marauders and want JKR to do a story on them, I don’t want an Official version of their story. I love everyone’s different versions of it; rock n roll Sirius, Remus’ childhood, what it was like during the war. Getting an Official Marauders story would wipe all of that away and I love it too much as is, in all of its variations.

I feel like that there wasn’t sexism in the Wizarding World. There seems to be an equal number of men and women in senior departments and I never really noticed any discrimination in the books. I think it’s because with magic, women can defend and attack just as well as men and so men can’t prove their superior in any way.