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So Denmark Finland and Sweden go in to a swimsuit competition. Iceland wants to cheer Denmark on but all Norway does is cover Iceland eyes. Oh and question who do you think would win.


okay as far as who wins goes:

aph denmark has the perfect body to win, but he acts like an idiot and probably trips over his own feet and off the stage, so he has no chance

sweden is also hella muscular, but he’d stand there stiff and awkward, blushing like hell, so he wouldn’t win

to everyone’s surprise, the winner, by a long shot, is FINLAND! He’s a little chubby but he OWNS it, and he ends up totally stealing the show.

harrypotter-fandomstuck replied to your post “oh hey remember that time potter cruciatused me until i lost muscle…”

–* *f * defend myself on th*s subject we’ll go *n c*rcles about god t*er*ng death so *’m just try*ng to understand those tags. Are you star*ng at your bellybutton?

no thats the issue here i dont actually seem to care anymore and its very disconcerting so go ahead and defend yourself if you want but you dont need to

actually never mind ive changed my decision you need to defend yourself after all because how have you never heard the phrase navel gazing

youre a literary fandom whose fifth book is literally distilled teenage angst

someone somewhere has accused you of it theres no way they havent