i just love how Luna is like

“Personally I think you look a bit more devil-may-care this way, but it’s up to you” when Harry’s face is all bloody and his nose is messed up

especially because just a second earlier Malfoy is smirking, “Nice face, Potter” and Luna immediately springs to his aid, even complimenting him and being so playful with it she actually makes Harry forget the whole ordeal with Malfoy if only for a moment. And it’s such a Luna thing to do. 

And he trusts her okay he trusts her to fix his nose the most central part of a person’s face even though she’s only done toes but, “how different are they, really?" 

but he just shrugs and leaves it in her hands because he trusts her. Why wouldn’t he?

and my favorite part is that he even asks her, "How do I look?” and you can hear and see just a hint of flirtatious undertones in his movements and voice and she just smiles at him.

“Exceptionally ordinary.” to hell with “the boy-who-lived”, to hell with “handsome” or “cute” or anything else Luna could have gone with here or what any other girl would have said, Luna compliments him in the best way possible by recognizing that he’s just him and that him is exceptional just the way he is. 

What a perfect line. What a perfect scene. What a perfect OTP.