I haven’t made a follow forever in a while, but I wanted to do something different this time, so I decided to make a playlist for you guys. If you hover over your url, then it will say your song, which is a song that either reminds me of you or a song that I think you would like.

I can’t believe I’ve known some of you guys for almost 2 years now and it’s been a wonderful two years!! I love all of you guys and thanks for making my dash a wonderful place and being a part of a place that has brought a bunch of joy to my life!!!

Here is the playlist, I hope you like it!! {Listen}

❤ Bethany

197flve ♡ abastilleheart ♡ alexturhner ♡

 antlouis ♡ baios ♡ baiovevo ♡ bastilledanes ♡

 bastilleers ♡ bemalfoy ♡ bigdaddyliam ♡ blowcheshire ♡ britsdom ♡










 dvergents ♡ edshiza ♡ expluring ♡

 falloutbvy ♡ flowrenced ♡ folieahurley ♡

 ♡ francisolachowski ♡ francoisehardie ♡ hahruld ♡

 harrydcs ♡ harrynstyles ♡ horchatass ♡

 jamiecampsbell ♡

 ♡ ladsfm ♡ lhommebaio ♡ littlcmix ♡ lrwins ♡

 malikandcheese ♡ matryoskha ♡ mattlhealy ♡

 neilhorens ♡ niliam ♡ njayhoran ♡ obastille ♡

 oblivioning ♡ obrits ♡ ofamsterdam ♡

 ohoverjoyed ♡ oxfordlings ♡

 ♡ pondstorm ♡ ptrackstumps ♡ rocksbands ♡ teneighbourhood ♡ tho1975 ♡ titanliam ♡ unpunks ♡

 voldermorts ♡ wisechase ♡ wolverson ♡ wolverwhat ♡

 yabastille ♡ yayzayn ♡ zanemalik ♡ znmelik

heeeeeeeeello everyone!! i cant believe summer 2k14 is almost over, this has been insane and i love you all ~~~

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b+  banging-larryboobearxhazza, bookshelbs,  boyssoverflowers, breakingtablesinnandosbutterflys

c+ carefreetommo, cassandragram, castisnail, certified-horan, cheesyhood, childish-teenager, cometlarry

d+ disconneected

e+ enak0e, englishroyaltea

f+ fabzayn, foolishlyharry, frickinharrys

g+ gaystiel, got-niam, gryffindordude

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k+ kaynewestoffical

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m+ midnightscity, moaningforhoran, mullingarpunk

n+ nervousheartache,  niallcausedmyvaginapayne, niallhey,  niallhortonhearsawho, niallviolently, nikezayn, nonsenseniall

o+ ofgoulding, oldasianman, onedirection-niallsmofo

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