so it took waaaay longer to work up the energy to work on this banner than it should have so pls ignore it. anyways hey! it’s zaydëin. here. again. 

special mentions

• the cruz fam — idk why i always put you guys first. you all hate me. thanks for all the self-confidence. 

 •dane dehaan’s groupies — you’re all a mess. but even though you’re all a mess… yeah i have nothing. you’re all a great big mess of love, support, and happiness. it’s gross. the only redeemable quality is the all consuming appreciation for aftg. 

• the hozier lesbian gc — i’ll never forget how you all so gracefully accepted me being a narry in a group full of avid larries. ty for all the memories 💕 and even when i act like a larrie you guys let me get away w it. we’re a quiet group and it feels really good to come talk to you guys when my head’s too full. congrats for making pineapple pizza a gay movement. 

• pepto elvis gc — okay honestly? even though i come in once in a blue moon i never expected to feel good whenever i see the awful, righteous harry/larry loving texts y'all send. 

• 1 band 1 dream 1 craic — you’re all older than me so you kind of intimidate me lmao but that’s okay bc i’ve never seen sommany ppl excited to talk abt niall. i feel so loved in there. and you all have amazing taste in shows so that’s another pro. 

• ot4 gc — i don’t know much abt you guys bc we’ve all just begun to know each other. i’m excited to know how you guys react to my controversial opinions. 


@pinhazpple; my soulmate, the jean to my jeremy ty sm for sticking by me even when i was A lot and Very Extra. pls talk french to me 

 @sincerelysterek; amina you’re so beautiful and nice and our conversation flows so easily that it sometimes feels like i’ve known you for a long time. i wouldn’t mind if my job was to be your personal cheerleader for a long time 

@jeremykonx ; claire claire claire claire, my twin flame, the neil to my matt, i only have one thing to say to you: that dog definitely looked like tyler seguin 

@posiedcns : ty for listening to my problems w that fucking stupid raccoon that needs to die. this sounds weird w/o context but idc

 @nonbinarynarcissa ; a year later and your one of the only people who i still feel comfortable about. our conversations on religion to fmk make my day a little brighter. ty 


 ☆ @a-larry-life ☆ @acapellaziam ☆ @aceniall ☆ @adamlynchs ☆ @adamparrsh ☆ @adamparrsih☆ @adidasemoji☆ @aelins ☆ @aelthen☆ @ahoneyyboy☆ @alyciasroyal☆ @andrewiel☆ @andrewjminyrds☆ @andrewjsten☆ @andrewminyarid☆ @andrewminyaurd☆ @andrewminyerds☆ @antigoncs☆ @antiriko☆ @arofluxharrie☆ @arstotles☆ @arthms☆ @babygoatsaf☆ @bakkacar☆ @bakksana☆ @barryallhan☆ @beifongheiress☆ @beyrps☆ @blacksiruis☆ @blougreen☆ @blueleys☆ @bramgrcenfeld☆ @briteans☆ @bubblejuice☆ @buggsnotughs☆ @bvvckys☆ @cargojorts☆ @carriedfisher☆ @carrow☆ @cengizyousef☆ @cgtte☆ @charlieweesley☆ @cheapangel☆ @cherrywinegf☆ @childishkehlani☆ @cinnaminyard☆ @clarapotters☆ @coconutmask☆ @cryingfrompayne☆ @cupcakelirry☆ @czernynnoah☆ @damnitminyard☆ @damnwilds☆ @danielzharman☆ @danwildsofficial☆ @davidblowie☆ @deadparlor☆ @delacouhr☆ @di☆ @dianacprince☆ @diggrycedric☆ @dreamthievves☆ @dregsbrekker☆ @dvinefeminine☆ @ecxelsior☆ @eiqhties☆ @eversall☆ @fannist☆ @farfromthstars☆ @fierceds☆ @filipihoe☆ @filipinofcolor☆ @faeheys☆ @fizaisrad☆ @flintxwood☆ @flyharry☆ @fnrys☆ @fresdweasley☆ @fringez☆ @fromginny☆ @gangseyys☆ @ganszey☆ @gaybabyangel☆ @gayndsoft☆ @gcnnyweasleys☆ @georgiehenley☆ @ghrisas☆ @gigglynarry☆ @gilmoregirlsau☆ @ginnnys☆ @given-a-chance☆ @gloomycancer☆ @glowhalo☆ @gnarslack☆ @goldtsein☆ @goldweasley☆ @greyyjoys☆ @griffindors☆ @gryewaren☆ @gryffinndor☆ @guitaristjin☆ @hannahabbott☆ @hanrywinter☆ @hardfeelngs☆ @harlevquin☆ @harriesdarling☆ @harrietommo☆ @harrymemes☆ @hauntedmonmouth☆ @hechatie☆ @henrytilney☆ @hermionejgranger☆ @hjp☆ @hntersmoon☆ @honeyboysbf☆ @honeymcon☆ @horansaetre☆ @hotharreh☆ @hufflefck☆ @hufflepuffsh☆ @hypetae☆ @ifheartscouldfly☆ @intoxicatedniall☆ @impressionisrn☆ @irishforjane☆ @isakbaby☆ @itsmagical☆ @jeanvmoreau☆ @jeremykonx☆ @jespafahey☆ @jimonau☆ @jnstarks☆ @julietcapulct☆ @jynren☆ @katie-bell☆ @katiecantsleep☆ @katiegardhner☆ @kavinsksy☆ @kcvindae☆ @kyvber☆ @kettercrows☆ @kiwihunny☆ @kingofkiwis☆ @lackadaisicalarry☆ @ladsholidays☆ @larriez☆ @laughingniall☆ @leesjordan☆ @lehnshers☆ @letpaynelive☆ @liampayneappreciation☆ @liamsglorydays☆ @liilyevxns☆ @mhinyards☆ @lilydoepottcr☆ @liquidilluminator☆ @lirryxnouis☆ @looonyluna☆ @lordofdrama☆ @louftsteve☆ @louisprotectionsquad☆ @lths☆ @lupins☆ @m1nyard☆ @m1nyards☆ @madeonedit☆ @marinadiamondes☆ @marlsmckinnon☆ @matthcwboyd☆ @mattjostensbutt☆ @mcyroft☆ @memeharry☆ @minervamcgee☆ @minirose☆ @minnyards☆ @minyardx☆ @miuyard☆ @mivyard☆ @mnvrds☆ @mvnyard☆ @mxstani☆ @narcissablk☆ @nathanieljostn☆ @neiljostenau☆ @nejighafa☆ @neptcnes☆ @niallisontheloose☆ @niallsblckgirlfriend☆ @nicoediangelo☆ @nlessed2k17☆ @nlessed☆ @nliallofficial☆ @nonbinarynarcissa☆ @noorcsatre☆ @novacanemp4☆ @novemberfourth☆ @nwesninski☆ @nymphaedoras☆ @njmphadora☆ @occlumencia☆ @ohnoliam☆ @okaries☆ @orestiea☆ @pademeamidala☆ @palemars☆ @parrotiny @patheticversace @patvroclus☆ @percweasly☆ @petriqors☆ @pgrcves☆ @pinhazpple☆ @pocstan☆ @pollycooper☆ @posiedcns☆ @pradahowell☆ @promisetweet☆ @puckconnolly☆ @pvdmeamidala☆ @qveertonks☆ @rainbowgucci☆@ravencalws☆ @ranvenclaw☆ @ravehclaw☆ @rbbtour☆ @rbilliusweasley☆ @redrosegf☆ @remvsjohn☆ @renee-walker9☆ @reynoldss ☆@rhyesand☆ @richordgansey☆ @rickonstvrk @rikomoriyamma @robbstaerks @robbsvtark☆ @romanoba☆ @ronansparrishes☆ @rosejiminn☆ @sadboydraco @saintkaz☆ @sanasbakkcush☆ @sandvikmoe☆ @sarcasticbabe @sarkastin☆ @satinmilk☆ @sccorpio☆ @scrantonlou☆ @seagods☆ @seasprit☆ @shanelleo☆ @sheabutterbinch☆ @sheakspaere☆ @shialabitch☆ @shimmerpalette☆ @signofatime☆ @signofthetimesmp4☆ @sincerelysterek☆ @sirjsblack☆ @sirriusly☆ @skamb3r☆ @slauvian @slaydele☆ @smolbirds☆ @snakkoush☆ @sobertwo☆ @sofhtie☆ @sunnylesbian @softanakins☆ @softprongs☆ @softdiggory @sohftskies☆ @soloharrles☆ @sophicles☆ @space-josten☆ @starboyhaz☆ @stealmygirl☆ @stressedangel @strjkers☆ @stylesonly☆ @sunshine-knox☆ @sweetchildhooddreams☆ @sweetcreatured☆ @tarjeisandvikmoe☆ @theloubum☆ @thenbhdofficial☆ @theodornott☆ @thesulisaints☆ @thiccmom☆ @tidalwahves☆ @tinyjosten☆ @tiomp3☆ @tomlinau☆ @tomlinseb☆ @tothenorth☆ @tqrth☆ @trackninewoman☆ @unkinglys☆ @valterns☆ @vangoughs☆ @victoirewaesley☆ @vildeliehn☆ @violiniall☆ @viphalo☆ @viplourry☆ @vrgil☆ @vvormtailed☆ @wandanat☆ @wcsninski☆ @wowharrie☆ @williamsturners☆ @weasleygrangers☆ @weasleyz☆ @weaslly☆ @wespr☆ @wintersolqiers @wonderlsnd☆ @wvylanvaneck☆ @wylanflowr☆ @youarenoassassin☆ @yvhes☆ @zatiart☆ @zaynsartwork☆ @zouology☆

pls tell me if i forgot you

If you’re reading this: stylessemantics is now one year old! And to celebrate I’m going to step away from this blog but not delete it. (For more info on this click here for my goodbye note). But I couldn’t step back without giving much deserved praise to the people that are the definition of my good days, specially in this last, very crazy year. Give these people a follow. Some are writers, some are just awesome friends, some are very cool blogs. But they all mean something to me. 

“I truly, honestly, undoubtedly, without question, don’t deserve a single one of you or my followers and I never will” - iv, 2017.

I will start with some very special mentions, and then a list of all these amazing people, right under this cut :)

@permanentcross : I think everyone’s tired of hearing me say this but if there’s someone who directly or indirectly pushed little ol’ iv to start stylessemantics, it’s this lady right here. She is probably annoyed by me because I say this to her all the damn time, but she just doesn’t understand that to me, talking to her is like talking to harry himself, and that she’s like the top of the food-chain to me. Being her friend was all I ever wanted. I know I’ll never have a relationship like her and B have but hey, a girl can dream :P Thank you for your time, and I’m sorry for taking it!

@stylesunchained : Well, I mean, I had to mention you, DUH! I believe I discovered you thanks to E, and again… I’ve told you this before, but you’re top of the food-chain to me. You once told me that you liked a piece of my writing and that you wished you had written it yourself cause it was just
“so good” and I’m still starstruck, I still have trouble believing it, and from that moment on I check what I’ve written since then, daily to see if you’ve liked it cause if you haven’t then it’s crap. I have to impress you like I did that one time. That’s how important you are to me. Thank you for everything. Sorry for everything. Also please post more selfies they soothe my soul.

@harrycarryme : LISTEN IF OUR SNAPCHAT STREAK DIES WHILE IM IN LONDON I WILL CRY UNTIL THE DAY I DIE. You mean so much to me. Stylessemantics is a year old and soon so will our friendship and I’m PUMPED!!! You are always there for me and my crazy 10 minute snapchat updates. We have crazy ideas and we’re just comfortable. You have a very homey feel to me, and that’s something I will cherish FOREVER. And I won’t be on stylessemantics but i’ll be everywhere else we chat and bugging you on snapchat, no doubt about that. ALSO GIVE ME THAT SUMMER THING YOU’RE GONNA WRITE I WANT IT ASAP.

@adashofniallandasprinkleoflunacy @babymyharry @ihearthemcallingxx @moonlight-hazza @moonchildstyles @raspharries @honeyskins @fairylightsstyles : Honestly I have to apologise to you guys more than I can say anything else. Sure I can start a whole new post to talk about you guys but I think people would hate me for it! You’re honestly the cool kids squad I feel like the nerd that somehow joined, and joined too late. Idk where the idea came from or why andrea wanted me to join this gc but she did and I found all of you and I have regretted it ever since (I’m joking) Y’all cheer me up and are so supportive. I’m annoying I know that, but y’all put up with me even when I’m obviously the black sheep of the group. And I better not see anyone arguing over this cause y’all know me by know. Nothing anyone of you says will make me think otherwise, I AM the one that comes and ruins shit. Thank you from the bottom and left and right and center and top of my heart for being one of the greatest, funniest bunch of people ever. And I’m sorry you guys got me as the 9th member. Yikessss, that must suck. But alas, I love all of you. You guys know I can’t pick favourites to save my life so I love all of you equally (maybe taylor a bit more… jkjk (taylor, ily))

@inwhichitrytowritesomething : My wife. My twin. Iconic. Truly iconic. A gem. Like seriously. First and foremost thank you for everything you are and you stand for and for putting up with me. Secondly I want you to know I’m very jealous of you. You’re like all the goals to me. ALL OF ‘EM. And I seriously feel like I’m talking to a celebrity or something when you give me a nano-second of your attention. I love you. Listen you do you, always, and fuck stupid boys that don’t appreciate you cause Lord knows you deserve all the nice things and if they won’t give them to you, boiBYEEEEE. I’m sorry that you stumbled into me one day and I stuck like a bug. <3



@17-blackaf // @1989rosesxx // @1d-fanart // @1dffautumnficexchange // @23hry //  @a-butterfly-on-his-tummy // @a-moment-of-emotion // @aboutharrystyles // @alexindunkirk // @allthehazza // @alritepetal // @angelharrie // @apintforniall // @appreciatetommo // @aqua-harry // @articharold // @awharrys // @babystylesx-blog // @bbqchipsandhs // @beggingforfics // @blamethecupcake // @bribe-the-door // @britishtrashforstyles // @bubba-styles //


@canistay-haz // @canyouimagine1d // @causeitsweird // @cheshirepuddin // @chrissy22787 // @closeupharry // @cloudsofharry // @colorfulsuits // @cougar4haz // @cuddlemusclestyles // @cuddlyboyfriendstyles // @cupcakelirry // @dadshirtking // @daintysilverfox // @damnthosecurls // @dirtystyles // @domestic-harry // @domestic-styles // @eatmeinthehallway // @ex-harryslovelylocks // 


@fineartstyles // @four-teen-styles // @fvkstyles // @geenalovesthelittlethings // @giveyouthisgiveyouthat // @golden-butterfly16 // @goth-talk //  @gottabestyles // @greeneyesharry // @habibharry // @han-rawr //  @hardliquorhaz // @harktheharold // @haroldslovekitten // @harrehmadness // @harry-smiles // @harry-writings // @harryandmesohappily //  @harrybutterflies // @harrydrinkingbeer // @harryhaven // @harryimaginedstories // @harryispink // @harryisthebaneofmyexistence // @harrykinkstyles // @harrylookbook // @harrymemes // @harryongrimmy // @harrys-sweet-fingertips // @harrys-thick-thighs // @harrysalbums // @harrysaliengirlfriend // @harrysanchortat // @harrysart // @harrysbunshun // @harryschancla // @harryscute // @harrysdetails // @harrysflowerpetal // @harryshippudge // @harrysimpact // @harrysinamovie // @harryslittlepumpkin // @harrystuhls // @harrystyler // @harrystylesarchive // @harrystylesdaily // @harrystylesgotmefuckedup // @harrystylesinmyimagines // @harrystylesnews // @harrysvoice // @harryswinston // @harrzan // @hazstylestrash // @heart-attack-harry // @henristarrs // @herefortheharry // @hes-a-rainbow // @hes-happily // @heshopeful // @hestylesno // @hewrotemeasong // @heywriters // @honeymilkharry // @horansqueen // @hotharreh // @hotmessharry // @hrrystyles // 


@icanseeyourholo // @icantnamethisblog // @ifheartscouldfly // @inkedferns // @internationalharry // @irresistible-writing // @islareeveswriting // @itscutieharry // @jamescordenforpresident // @jawllines // @jawlllines // @jemmahj // @johnlennon-harrystyles // @julianbunetta // @kasiwrites // @kellyh-stylesx // @kindheartedharry // @kinglyharold // 


@legend-waitforit-harry // @lightmelikeamatch // @little-black-dress-24 // @little-cherry-in-love // @littlemissmeggie // @looselucy // @lostjams // @madsworld-blog // @manipsandeditsof1d // @midsummervixen // @milkmeharry //  @mmkellyy // @mrsfstyles // @mrsmiresa // @muggleharry // @my-love-h // @mypersonalrambling // @namelesspops // @narriemainship // @narryisdopeaf //  @narrymccartney // @narrystans // @nasalouis @newyearstillme // @niallandharrymakemestrong // @nicegoodgolden // @nikibi6 // @nips-and-tats //


@oh-styles // @ohhyeastyles // @ohstylesno // @overad // @pagesofloveproject // @paynethecreator // @pinkharold // @pocharryfics // @punkcupcakestyles // @queenmestyles // 


@rachelstyles // @raconteurwitch // @rawmeharry // @revolutionaryharry // @ridinholo // @robotharru // @roselirry // @roseonhissleeve // @rosketch // @rue-by-another-name // @saucyniali // @secret-rendezvous1d // @secretlittle1dvous // @shipwreckharold // @sighsofthetimes // @snapbackhazza // @snoopdobb // @softharrysquad // @sorrynotharry // @sstyles // @stockholmhrry // @strawnarrries // @stressedl // @styled-in-red // @stylesbabygirls // @stylesdimplefeelings // @stylesharry // @stylesinkedwords // @stylesinthewild // @styleskindness // @stylesonly // @stylesprimes // @stylesrecord // @styleswriting // @stylishmuser // @styloff // @the-harry-aesthetic // @the-styles-attire // @the-well-rested-one // @thedailystyles // @thelatelatestyles // @thepainofbeingafangirl // @thereignofsoloharry // @thestylesalbum // @thestylesgifs // @thoselipsharry // @tigerthightat // @tiostyles // @tomlitsons // @trulymadlysydney // @trustfulhaz // @two-swallows-above-a-butterfly // 


@vinoharry // @walkingintheamm // @wdmsusie // @weeklyfangirl // @whoopsharrystyles // @wordsnstuff // @writeawayharry // @writeonharry // @yetanotherharry // @youvegotttime // @yves-styles-laurent //

Thank you guys for being there, wether we talked once or twice or every day or never, wether we were mutuals or not; just seeing you in my dash made some very down days a tonne better in an instant.

I truly, honestly, undoubtedly, without question, don’t deserve a single one of you or my followers and I never will. 

All the love, always.

anonymous asked:

HI! I want to follow more Harrie blogs that are like you can you rec me some of your favs???

Awww anon!!! This is so sweet! I’m so glad you like my crazy ass blog. This made my day. Anyway, here’s a list of some of my fave Harrie blogs. I’m probably forgetting A LOT of blogs, but this is who I thought of off the top of my head. HERE. WE. GO.

Fave Harrie blogs: @mizpahes // @hardliquorhaz // @a-butterfly-on-his-tummy // @rawmeharry // @jetaimeharry // @stylishmuser // @causeitsweird // @harry-nofookingway-styles // @heart-attack-harry // @floralharries // @spitonmeharry // @onlyy-angell // @harrymemes // @thisstylesguy // @aisforaubrey // @icanseeyourholo // @harrystylesgotmefuckedup // @cherrypopin // @weeklyfangirl // @jawllines // @2-ghosts // @cheshirepuddin // @babymyharry // @oh-styles // @bribe-the-door // @stylesunchained // @permanentcross // @legandaryharry // @whoopsharrystyles // @givelovechooselove // @hazstylestrash // @jollystyles // @onlyhangel // @hairbnb // I’m probably missing a lot more, but this was off the top of my head. Hope this helps anon! 💜💜💜

um so i’ve been wanting to do one of these for awhile and i just went through and unfollowed a lot of people so i figured now would be a good time to actually do a thing about who i like to follow and whatever. shout out to my groupchat girlies. yall are on here but i wanted to say something special n this is how special it gets. lmao. uhhh okay. 


A - C
@allthegucci @angelharrie @bitoflovehate @capricornmom @clareuchima @cupcakelirry

D - F
@desolateflower @edwardstyles @elaric @freck @funkyharry

G - I
@guccidragonmotif @gucciloafer @guernica @harrylanacollab @harrysblacknailpolish  @harrymemes @henristarrs @imalirrie

J - L
@kalelube @lirrycollab @lirryingucci @lirryonce @lirryxnouis 

M - O
@mooncycling @nickygrimms @nutpeach 

P - R

S - U

V - Z
@vangoughs @witw @willgraim

I didn’t include all of my mutuals because,, well just because… but if i follow you i love you.

I have a shitload of weird tags for Harry so imma just make a navi for them. These tags are mostly for myself but if you enjoy these things, here you go.

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Sex face

hi!! so i finally went and made an end of the year follow forever!! this is technically my first one, in all my years of having this blog, so it’s pretty long. but this was also a sudden decision, so i’ve decided to skip any special mentions. if i’m in a gc with you, just know i love you (even if i’m completely inactive; that’s my speciality really) and im so glad to have had the chance to talk to so many of you guys on here!!

bolded are blogs i love, and bolded and italicized are faves!! if we are mutuals, and you’re not on here, it’s a mistake so pls come talk to me so i can put you on here!!

(credit to @viplouis for the banner!!)

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With the amount of hate going around on everyone’s blog, it discourages me to stay active on here. However I feel like if we were to quit doing what makes us happy and to stop making new friends with each other, then the haters will win. I feel like some of us have been through the ringer for no reason. You guys are truly incredible people who don’t deserve it and I don’t like seeing people attack my friends with ludicrous statements that are irrelevant. 

If anyone would like to, I want this to be an appreciation post! Just tag everyone and tell them you love them! 
@trulymadlysydney, @canistayhaz, @pocharryfics, @harrysbunshun, @jawllines, @jamescordenforpresident, @weeklyfangirl, @wdmsusie, @irish-nlessing, @inkedangelhaz, @inkedferns, @permanentcross, @poshspicestyles, @punkcupcakestyles, @appreciatetommo, @stylesunchained, @aniallate-1d, @fairylightsstyles, @geenalovesthelittlethings, @gottabestyles, @harrehmadness, @summertimehazz, @tigerharry, @tigerthightat, @harrystylqs, @harrzan, @just-a-digital-love, @xxoicurlyxx, @babustyles, @nips-and-tats, @moonchildstyles, @steponmestyles, @stylessemantics, @stacksonstacksonstacksgirl, @baby-girl-styles23, @babymyharry, @bandthirst, @cheap-tees-tuition-fees, @cheshirepuddin, @chrissy22787, @cuddlyboyfriendstyles, @doubledenimniall, @harriesuccs, @harryandmesohappily, @harrycarryme, @harry-styleswho, @harrymemes, @harrysalbum, @harryslovelylocks, @honeymilkharry, @matilda-breeze, @thirstthighs, @stylesthebaker, @snoopdobb, @snapbackhazza, @snowflakeinthesummer, @robotharru, @payno-and-tea, @narrysoul69, @myaimlessuniverse, and @soloharried

I love you all!!!

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Tag 9 people you’d like to get to know better.

i was tagged by the sweet @jetaimeharry, and i tag my awesome friends and anyone else who may want to do this as well 😊
@rhi3915 @floralharries @mypersonalrambling @hazstylestrash @intrepid-lens @harrymemes @ageofstyles

Name: Tamea (Mea for short)

Average Hours of Sleep: 8+ (though it varies often lol)

Lucky Number: 14

Last Thing I Googled: “old navy pay weekly” bc i have an interview there on tuesday 😁

Favorite Fictional Character: ugh it’s so hard to choose 😭 but i guess it’s between Aquamarine (Sara Paxton) or Mia in If I Stay (Chloe Grace Moretz) bc i love both of those movies and characters dearly 💕

What are you wearing right now? a zelda shirt and sweats lol

Do you run any more blogs? nope!

Do you get a lot of asks? i kinda used to, not so much anymore but it makes me sooo happy whenever i get any especially requests

hello my fellow mutuals and followers, and happy holidays to those of you who celebrate! it’s been awhile since I’ve made a follow forever, and thought it was time I recognized those of you who make my dash happy all of the time!

first and foremost, my sister @frostienialler, it’s your fault I’m in this fandom, so I blame you for the work I put into this blog and I blame you for the sleep that I miss constantly because of tumblr and one direction. but I love you, my soulmate.

secondly, @santalous, you’ve probably made this experience the most exciting and I couldn’t imagine my life without you in it. 2 years later and we still talk almost every day. i love you, always!

thirdly, @squishyxeclaire, I’m glad you’re back. I missed you so much when you were gone and I couldn’t imagine not talking to you everyday (or almost everyday anyway) I love my mama steak so much!

to the new groupchat, whatever it is that we are called… @tsevers, @hazkirk, @soloharried, @niallls-smiles, @leggy-pop, @punchmelou, @louisftaoki you all are the most amazing humans and I’m glad we yell about the boys and other things as well!

now, to all of my mutuals, and those of you who aren’t following me but bless my dash anyway;


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A Year in Review

Happy New Year!!! I just want to thank all of you for following me (and some of you aren’t but I just like you enough to include you), thank you for conversing with me and tagging me in posts because I really appreciate it. This year was absolute shit, I’ve had difficult patches and challenges but following you all has made me much happier! I haven’t spoken to all of you, shoot a message whenever, I’m completely harmless, but I love you all. May 2017 bring us nothing but happiness for us all!

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I want to especially thank:

@canistayhaz For being the sweetest, you are so easy to come to when I have a problem or just want to talk, thank you for that. I see hate thrown at you and every time you push through because that’s how amazing you are. I hope to become as awe-inspiring as you are!

@theharrystyleseffect Man, I could literally write an essay saying how much I love and appreciate you. Every time I see you on my dash or notifications, I get so happy because you have been nothing but happy for me and you cheer me on, making me feel loved.

@harrysleathercollar Chitchatting with you really inspired me to begin writing and you helped me believe in myself. Also I love you like x100 more because not only do we mutually love Harry but Cillian Murphy and Peaky Blinders.

@hewrotemeasong, @manipsandeditsof1d, @walkingintheamm, @weeklyfangirl, and @xxoicurlyxx you guys are literally perfect and thank you so much for being my friends, again I freaked out and was so happy when I found out we all love Peaky Blinders.

@jamescordenforpresident Seriously, I love you. You were my very first friend and you made me feel so welcome. I literally don’t deserve you, you are so sweet to me and I will cherish you forever.  

@laedieirish Girl, you know I know you know. You’re my best friend, we’ve made so many memories together and I miss you so much. I’ve known you for so long and I know that you are going to be my best friend forever.

@permanentcross I remember when I first joined tumblr that you were one of the first blogs that I followed. I was taken back at how much of a sincere person you are. Your writing is incredible and I inspire to become at least half as amazing as you are. You are like an older sister that I’ve never had as I can come to you and talk you with personal issues and every time you talk me through it, Harry would be blessed to have someone like you in his life, thank you and much love to you.

@trulymadlysydney Again, you’re like an older sister to me. I thank you for being there as a friend to talk to when I was experiencing some of the hardest points of this year. You are too sweet to everyone and I hope that your dream to become an actress becomes reality because you deserve it!

(((i was too lazy to actually make a gif or something but)))) in honor of the new year shadowhunters s2 and a new url change !!! i wanted to take a minute to give a huge thanks to each and every one of you for continuing to make my tumblr experience all the better!! know that i love and appreciate each and every one of you and i hope 2017 brings in all that you’ve wished :’)

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okay, I know I make these often, but I just wanted to make another one since I’m still trying to reach a goal and I’ve changed my url, and I keep losing followers (because I’m problematic) so here is another follow forever because I love everyone on my dash.

favorites = bolded friends = bold/italicized 

first off, my sister @whereyourehardest I love you. I miss you. I can’t wait to see you soon. And you’re my favorite human being. Then End.

@loumyprince you’ve helped me through so much, all the time, and you let me be selfish more than I should be but you don’t put up with my shit, which I love. Thank you for always being there for me. You’re one of my best friends. I love you. I love you. I love you.

@tomnlinsuns so we’ve known each other for awhile now, but we’ve only recently gotten close and I’m happy about that. I love you and love having your feed back on things and talking to you!

to my group chat, whatever our name is today, @leggy-pop @larrypottery @eleanormalfoy @loumyprince @tomnlinsuns @nialldostrash @acutelouiscrisis @pastelpinkharry you all are the best people I could imagine to have in my group chat. You are the cutest humans, funny, serious, lovely, amazing, and I hope you’ll never forget that! Thanks for making my life a better place to be.



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favorite non mutuals

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