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fckkstyles asked:

"Kiss me"


The words that left the males lips caused a smile to pull up Tessa’s own, a warmth tingling within her even if she wished for it not to. She never got it, never saw that certain males looked at her or thought of her the way they did and never understood it when she was made aware. It wasn’t that she was lacking self confidence or found herself unworthy of such affections - oh no, Tessa Richards was very confident and comfortable within her own skin. However, she had grown up around males her entire life, she had spent her summers getting dirty and injured running around with them, feelings that the boys held - especially any for her - was simply not something that she had to concern herself with because she was always been just another one of the boys. She didn’t understand the affections sent her way because she didn’t understand why guys would find them fascinated or drawn to her rather than a different girl, especially in the house such as The Valley’s. It was part of the reason that when Harry had asked her on a date months ago in Greece, she hadn’t realized at first what his words had actually meant and when she had, she had thought them to be a joke. She of course adored the male, but she found that his teasings sometimes made her uneasy, wondering if her rejection really had upset him in a way she hadn’t intended for it to. 

After a moments hesitation, Tessa’s hand found it’s way to the male’s jaw, holding it in place as she forced herself onto the tips of her toes in order to allow herself to bring her lips to his cheeks in a dramatic kiss before releasing her hold and settling back down onto her feet. “Goodnight, Horrible Harry.” She spoke, offering him a smile before turning and moving away from him, back towards her own tent.

fckkstyles asked:

"I said that I'm in love with you"

The first time the words passed Harry’s lips, Tessa had practically choked on her drink, facial expression shifting into one of alarm. She wasn’t sure where the words had come from, but she was desperately hoping that what she had heard was not what had really just come from his mouth. Yet, upon asking him what it was that he had just said, she found him repeating the words and causing Tessa’s mind to spin in an attempt to understand. This was Harry. Harry, who’d she come to view as a close friend, no different then Tanner or Justin. She loved him to death, but she wasn’t in love with him. 

She was just sitting there. Staring at the male in a mixture of shock and confusion, as if waiting for the situation to explain itself. She knew that she needed to speak. To say something, anything. Yet nothing she said would make the words disappear, nor would it make the situation any better. “— I…” 

fckkstyles asked:

All of 'em

✌ - Drunk/drugged text

[Text]: ti just headr you talking which meanvs you are awake and neted to come carry me to bed

[Text]: i woucld carry myself but fif i stand urp i wwill famll right back down

[Text]: not drwunk, juts very tvired

❤ - A heartfelt text

[Text]: all jokes aside though, youre actually a really great guy and im incredibly thankful to have you in my life. but you also remind me of my two main men back home, so maybe that’s a bit biased. 

⚠ - An emergency text

[Text]: so you remember that thing you told me was a bad idea? 

[Text]: long story short i did it anyway and i need you to come take me to the hospital as soon as possible

☾ - A bedtime text

[Text]: pst

[Text]: i’m sleeping with your girlfriend right now ;)

[Text]: #dealwithit

✈ - A text while traveling

[Text]: my mom was flipping through a magazine to occupy time during this delay and she commented on how great this girls legs are and it was a picture of you and honestly im going to be laughing for the next five years 

✴ - An angry text

[Text]: i swear to god if you cheat on ayden and i find out about it, i will break your fucking jaw.

fckkstyles asked:

All of them! (yes you are)

Send me ツ for an excited text.

[Text]: i just met your mother! 

[Text]: can i keep her?

Send me ♡ for a lustful text.

[Text]: i may not go down in history

[Text]: but i’ll go down on you.

Send me ❧ for a text that was meant to be for someone else.

[Text]: i swear to god i am going to murder you the next time i see you. 

Send me ♀ for a heartbreaking text.

[Text]: i would but i dont even feel like breathing right now, let alone moving, so no.

Send me ✼ for a mean/rude text.

[Text]: no but seriously your mom is so great, what happened to you?

Send me ☄ for a text that was supposed to be deleted, but was accidentally sent.

[Text]: help! i just knocked a whole shelf down in the bar room.