in like a month… we’re gonna sit in a movie theater with popcorn, soda, and ticket in hand and be annoyed about the loud strangers in the seats in front of us. we’re gonna see trailers… and then… the dunkirk title… and then… ha- harr- harryharryharry on a bIG ASS SCREEN ACTING HIS HEART OUT

“It’s staying up late on Tuesday nights, and it’s frozen yogurt with a hundred different kinds of fruit mixed in. It’s the way that the pavement smells after it’s just rained, and it’s deep laughs in dark pubs, and it’s dimples deep enough to get lost in. It’s French words that all mean I love you, and it’s jeans with holes in the knees and it’s humid days spent lying on the floor and pointing out constellations on the ceiling at two in the afternoon. It’s two laughs, one clear as day and one low and rumbling, harmonizing together on a gritty fire escape in the gritty heart of a gritty city, and it’s happy tears and sad tears and angry tears and pretty tears, and it’s lazy mornings tangled up in soft sheets, and it’s everything that Louis wants for the rest of now and forever, and it’s Harry, it’s HarryHarryHarry, has always been and will always be, and when Louis slips the empty, crushed pack of Marlboro Reds into Harry’s pocket, it’s everything that he wrote on a tiny silver lining and nothing that he didn’t” - Another Hazy May - deLILAh 💕

intenselouis  asked:

HL where Louis gives Harry a lapdance to Shape of You THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME

Hearing Ed’s voice doesn’t make Louis feel particularly rowdy or anything. That would be odd, considering how close they are and how often they’ve stayed at Ed’s house, jamming the night away as most of the time, merely looking at Harry and Louis was enough to write some of his new songs.

(Okay, Louis knows the pair of them are disgusting, but you have to admit that it has some perks sometimes.)

It’s just… They inspired some of his songs, and the lyrics have always been touching and raw and descriptive in a way that Louis himself still hasn’t quite managed and is immensely jealous of, no matter how confident he is in his own songwriting abilities. They’re used to Ed hitting them right where it hurts. It doesn’t cut as deep anymore, but they’ve come to expect it. 

This new song, however? Not so much. 

“Do you think he based this one off of us, too?” Harry’s voice sounds from far away as the beats echo through their living room, the bass unmistakably drumming in their ears, heavy in just the right way. Louis can’t help but sway along to the rhythm, can’t help his body from following the beat. 

“Harold. Are you listening to these lyrics?” Louis says indignantly, stilling in his movements.

“Do I have ears?” Harry’s met with a blank stare, and he shrugs, adding, “The answer is yes, Lou.”

“And when exactly did we meet at a bar for the first time?” Louis asks patiently, raising his eyebrows.


“So do you think this is based on us?”

“… I mean,” Harry starts, and Louis throws him another one of his looks, inching closer until their feet touch. The song starts over, right from the beginning, and Harry scrunches his nose together, this time paying attention to the lyrics.

“What if this was us, though? You walking up to me in a bar with that bloody smirk on your face?”

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One direction A/B/O preference #4 You decide to get mated

A/N: I have no excuse as to why this is so late. Also, I need requests guys, normal ones, for normal preferences. I’m not creative enough to come up with them myself.

Also WARNING! Louis’ is quite sexual, so you can just skip that one if it makes you uncomfortable!

Request: You decide to get mated

LIAM: “Li? Isn’t your rut next week?” you called through the flat, leafing through the calendar hanging on your fridge. “Yeah, why?” came the reply just as he rounded the corner to the kitchen. He plastered his front to your back, wrapping his arms around your waist and burrowing his face in your neck. He took a deep breath, humming pleasantly at your smell. “I was thinking, maybe you could mate me? Before that? Maybe now?” Liam froze behind you and you squeezed your eyes shut, nerves making you tremble. Then Liam started moving again, nosing up the side of your neck before placing a gentle kiss to the frail skin. “Is this a spur of the moment thing or have you been thinking about this?” he asked, dragging you impossibly closer. “I’ve been thinking about it, a lot,” you admitted, tipping your head back against his shoulder and letting it fall limply to the side to give him more access, offering yourself up to him right then and there. “Here?” he asked; you hummed. “Now?” Another hum. His teeth grazed your skin lightly before he found the right spot, biting down hard enough to draw blood, growling possessively. The breath got knocked out of your lungs and your world narrowed down until you couldn’t feel, hear or smell anything other than Liam. You knew the full effect wouldn’t even kick in until he could knot you, and the feeling was already so intense, you weren’t sure you’d be able to handle it once he did knot you. “Fuck babe, can’t wait till I’m in my rut, you’re going to be all mine,” Liam said with a squeeze to your waist as he soothed the mark with his tongue. Your knees buckled. “Can’t wait, can’t wait,” you babbled, earning a chuckle. “Me neither babe.”

HARRY: Harry was a sensible one, had always been a sensible one, so he had made sure to sit you down and had a long conversation with you about it, making sure you wanted to and so on. If you weren’t so stupidly in love with him, you’d find it incredibly annoying. “Do you want me to give you the bite before I knot you or while I’m doing it?” Harry asked lastly. He was sat on the couch and you were comfortably resting sideways on his lap, head on his chest as his fingers played with your hair. “Uh, before, I think. I want it to be like, something I can remember,” you explained lamely, but Harry nodded along anyways. “Now or later, then?” You breathed out against his neck, fingers dancing their way across his chest. You couldn’t quite keep your hands off of him. “Now, please,” you whispered into his skin. “Yeah?” he murmured, growing fidgety as you splayed your hand over his heart. “Yeah.” You straddled him properly, legs on either side of his thighs. You brought your hands to his cheeks, framing his face. You leaned in for a long kiss before pulling back and leading Harry’s face to your neck. He quickly caught on and dipped his head, lips simply resting over your pulse before suddenly biting down, softly at first, and then harder, until he broke the skin. You arched your back with a high noise as Harry mated you, nerves pulled taut and body shaking as everything seemed to fall into place, head screaming HarryHarryHarry. “Fuck you look good with my mark,” Harry moaned before licking over the wound. “Yeah?” “Yeah.”

LOUIS: It had kinda happened by mistake. You and Louis had talked about it, had even agreed that yeah, you wanted to be mates someday. You never set a date, as none of you thought it would really be necessary. You’d rather it happened when it felt right. While you weren’t sure Louis’ knot swelling up and locking you together in the most intimate way really counted as ‘the right moment’ you wouldn’t change it for the world. Louis had looked crazed as he came, eyes filled with lust and love for you, and that was the last thing you saw before Louis bit into your neck, tying you together in the best way possible. The feeling was so intense, you couldn’t help but scream out, clinging onto Louis for dear life. You were still shaking as Louis’ tongue tried to soothe over the mark where it bled. “You smell like me,” he mumbled, voice breaking on the last word, sounding almost overwhelmed as he sniffed you, groaning in pleasure. “I always do, Lou,” you reminded him breathlessly, but you knew what he meant. Normally, Louis was without a doubt the best alpha you’d ever smelt, but like this? He smelt like home, like an incredible mix of you and him, intertwined as your scents were. “Fuck I love you,” Louis growled, hissing as he slipped out of you, rolling you over so he could cuddle up to your back. “I love you too, Lou.”

NIALL: “I personally think this would be the best spot,” you teased, dragging a finger down the side of your neck. Niall’s darkening eyes followed the movement, and his fingers twitched by his sides. You were leaning against the bathroom counter, fully dressed but with wet hair from your shower. Niall looked a few seconds away from ravaging you, only from talking about where he was to put the mating mark. “Don’t tease,” he threatened as he stepped closer, caging you in with his hands on either side of your hips. “It’s not teasing if I mean it,” you shot back, running your hands up his torso and into his hair, knotting your fingers into the strands at the nape of his neck. “Babe,” he said lowly, still with that threatening edge to his voice, “if you don’t stop soon, I’ll just do it.” You tilted your head to the side and leaned forward, offering yourself up to your alpha. “Do it,” you whispered. “What?” Niall tried to pull back in surprise, but you held him there with your hands. He could easily break free from your grasp, but he seemed frozen to the spot. “Mate me.” He stepped closer, sniffing at the spot you had pointed out moments before. “Are you sure?” At your nod, Niall dipped down and covered your skin with his lips. He started by sucking on it lightly, riling you up before sinking his teeth in, groaning in pleasure when you arched into him. You sagged into his chest with a content sigh when he pulled back. All you could focus on was Niall and his smell and his touch, and if Niall’s roaming hands were any indication, he too could feel the effects. “Bed,” he growled simply. “Yes please.”

Part 3 of His Good Girl

(continuation of Part 2 x)

His Good Girl - Right There, Please - 3

The weight of his knees dipped the mattress on either side of her hips as he double checked the designer ties holding y/n’s wrists together at the head of the bed. 

“Feel okay baby?” Harry asked as he stroked a firm finger across the tie pulled taught around her wrists.

Y/n bit her plump lower lip before thinking better of it and releasing it, squirming into the comforter a little at the fact that Harry hadn’t really touched her since she got off her knees, cursing his teasing finger running over the tie and not her skin. 

“Yes Daddy.” Y/N responded a bit more breathily than she would have preferred, testing her binding and pleased to find them just on the right side of almost too tight. 

Harry didn’t respond as he moved away, careful not to jostle her too much or god forbid, touch her. For a heavy minute Harry simply ravished her only with his eyes, those pieces of jade inviting and sharp, creating the perfect recipe for one of y/n’s infamous moans. Y/N could tell Harry deeply appreciated the wanton display in front of him by the stupid stupid smug smirk that hung lazily on one side of his mouth, pulling his skin tight over his ridiculously chiseled jaw, and quirking up an eyebrow. Sometimes Harry could just look like such a cocky asshole and it shouldn’t drench y/n’s pussy the way that it does, it fucking shouldn’t. 

“I see you,” he murmurs almost noncommittally as he keeps firm eye contact with her and makes his way down the squirming mass below him, scooting his body teasingly down the bed. “I see you,” Harry repeats in a lower octave as he levels his eyeline to y/n’s exposed dripping core. 

He hums at her responding whimper before blowing gently on her, watching y/n’s thighs quiver as she holds them open for him by will. Harry still refuses to touch her. But they both know that Harry doesn’t need to touch y/n to make her his. This very idea, no fact, causes a renewed wave of heat-want-mine to flutter deep in y/n’s tummy and fill her head with nothing but Harry. 

“What do you want?” Harry asks lowly but clearly, his blowing crusade having migrated to tease y/n’s inner thighs, causing goosebumps to rise.

“You,” Y/n answered immediately, past the point of caring that she sounded like a total slut for him (I mean when was she not a slut for Harry?) 

“Just me?”

“Yeah Daddy, just you, always you.” 

Harry couldn’t help but smile, “You have me baby, will always have me.” He leaned in closer to y/n’s slick pussy, getting hit with the intoxicating heavy scent of her desire, and stopping just before his wet lips touched her engorged bundle of nerves. Harry flicked his eyes up at her, warning her not to buck her hips, “Is that all you want?” 

Y/n fisted her hands and pulled mercilessly on her bindings, trying her hardest to hold in the wild keen that wanted to escape at his words. After huffing in quick succession y/n finally formed an answer for him, 


“No?” He said again as she avoided his eyes, not being able to handle it all or she would surely cum on the spot. 

“No!” Y/n practically yelled with shut eyes and hips finally bucking up to chase the just there heat of Harry’s warm breaths. 

Harry pulled back quickly before her pulsing cunt could reach the sanctuary of his lips, tsking a little at her lack of control (although he secretly thrived on it, they both did).

“We aren’t going to be greedy are we? You’ve already disappointed Daddy,” he paused to take a deep breath at the desperation churning uncontrollably in her eyes. “You need to learn some self-control, to listen.” 

Before Y/n could even think of responding, Harry spoke up again, sitting up on his knees and looking down at Y/n with an expression that y/n could never put a name to but always made her hotter for him. 

“I’ll ask again, what do you want?”

“Want you, want you to touch me.” Y/n elaborated like she knew Harry was prompting for.

“Where do you want me to touch you?” He quipped back not missing a beat.

A gasp of relief cut off y/n’s response as Harry dug the tips of his long spread fingers slowly into the cushion of her thighs, “Here?” He whispered at her, watching in awe as her eyes closed and then opened as she fought to watch Harry. 

“Or here?” Harry continued almost in a groan as he finally allowed himself to press his hungry lips against the space that lay far enough away from her wet folds to be an awful tease. 

More,” Y/n begged helplessly as she pressed her hips down hard into the bed to avoid bucking them like she wanted to. She was trying to be good, she was his good girl

“Here?” he mumbled against the soft skin on the other side of her pussy, his lips working the flesh to a nice purple. 

A loud moan almost ripped itself out of the determined seal of y/n’s lips but she was too busy focusing on HarryHarryHarry and being good for him. Harry noticed her effort to be quiet and immediately made himself a promise to break her feeble attempt to keep herself together, made himself promise to make her let go. To let him have her completely, because letting go meant she entrusted all that she was to Harry. And he wanted that, no Harry fucking needed that. Y/n did too, and tried to communicated this loudly through her eyes. 

At the sight of her silent pleading he slid his hands up her thighs, closing in around her dripping pussy, pushing all the nerves to collect in the pink button waiting ever so sweetly for him to push. Harry made sure to wait until he really locked gazes with y/n before leaning in close like he had before, his breath billowing onto her in warm puffs,


“Oh fuck!” She cried, finally releasing the last bit of control she had been trying to maintain as Harry flicked his tongue hard up at the ball of her clit once, quickly leaning away as she bucked subconsciously after him. The sudden flare of heat prickled unforgivingly in her veins demanding moremoremoremoremore

Harry hummed, “So that’s where you want me, want my tongue? Want my tongue against your pretty little clit?”

Yes please!” Y/n begged, amazingly out of breath even though she had been the one laying down this whole time. “Please Daddy,” 

“Just because you asked so nicely,” Harry allowed as he hovered over her again, hesitating to watch the anticipation continue to absolutely shred Y/n’s expression. 

His tongue flicked again. 

A high keen tore itself from her throat as the teasing pleasure tossed gallons of oil onto the fire that burned hot and deep in her. Y/n’s mouth was left in an ‘O’ as the sound ended and only the intensity of what was being done to her remained. She was so close. 

“Daddy I’m, I’m-,”

“I know baby,” Harry interrupted tenderly as he moved his hands to hold down Y/n’s pumping hips, only adding to the force pushing Y/n closer to the edge. 

Harry was so fucking smug. His baby girl could cum from only this much, just by him practically looking at her. He had only touched her five times, FIVE. His dick, which was recently emptied, had already began to fill back up real quick. But he was still punishing her, he couldn’t let her off this easy.  

“Don’t come Y/n, don’t deserve to come.” Harry ordered as he circled his lips around her throbbing deep pink bundle and sucked hard

A long, loud, and pitched ‘oh’ punching itself from her gut combined with a quiver in her core, caused her stomach to dip deeply under Harry’s firm fingers. Harry’s eyes rolled shut at her groan, letting the vibrations of the sound fuel his own harmonizing moan to hum around her clit trapped mercilessly in the snare of his lips.

She was his now, truly all his.

Harry dragged his tongue flat and hard up against the reach of her throbbing clit, lapping under her hood and glossing his worthy lips with her slick. He devoured her. Moans that belonged in pornos trumpeted unashamedly from y/n’s lips as Harry ate her out, letting him know that she was truly lost in the pleasure he was giving her. Although y/n is comfortable with making noises, she did have a point to where she put a self-muffler on because she didn’t want to be too loud. But this is the loudest Harry has ever heard her, and he is too caught up in how much more beautiful that makes her, to give himself credit. 

“Harry! Harry!” She warned desperately as her hips thrashed under the steady hold of his hands that were working hard to hold her desire into the sheets. 

Harry let up, knowing that if he even so much as looked at her or said her name that she would come. Y/n had her eyes closed shut and head turned into the shallow corner of her arm. Her chest was huffing fast as she tried to calm herself down, desperately trying to bring herself away from the tempting euphoria a heart beat away. 

As he watched her face scrunched hard in concentration, Harry was suddenly struck, frozen, as an epiphany he had every time they had sex like this took over him. She was doing this for Harry, y/n was sacrificing her pleasure for Harry simply because he asked her to. With a guttural groan Harry’s hips bucked down against nothing, the thought so overwhelming to him he simply lost all prior plans to not let her come at all this evening. I mean how could he? How could he possibly deny this incredible woman, this angel, his angel, pleasure when she so willingly gave it up just for his approval and satisfaction? 

He couldn’t, call him a softy but he simply couldn’t. God dammit he fucking loved her. 

“My good girl,” he praised as he wrapped his arms around her middle and hauled himself up to hover over her, face to face. 

She immediately snapped her eyes open to meet his and jerked her hands against the tie, wanting so bad to clutch him even closer. 

“Look at you, look how good you are for me,” Harry continued to say, pouring honey in her ears as he reached one hand down to steady his painfully hard cock and brush the wet tip teasingly at her entrance. 

She squirmed and keened at his words, rolling her body up into his as much as she could, needing as much contact with him as he would give her. The feel of his head at her entrance caused her to freeze. It almost startled Harry. He searched her eyes quickly for any sign of negativity or hesitancy but what he found stunned him more into the stupor he was already in. 

“Oh, please Harry,” 

All of Harry’s resolve crumbles, just like that, like it wasn’t even there to begin with.

“Fuck,” Harry grunted as he completely caved (like he always does) and pushed in, slow inch by slow inch just like before when he claimed her mouth. “Your mine, all mine baby.”

“Thank you, fuck Harry–Daddy!” Y/n struggled to get out as Harry finally nestled all the way in, encompassing each word and syllable with a delectable sound that Harry captured and put away to admire later.

He huffed as the pleasure coursed through his veins and set a blaze to the burn in his pelvis. The tightness of her wet pussy never ceased to amaze Harry, squeezing him in, taking in his girth and length with a beautiful mix of desperation and a sense of being content, pacified

“Baby you’re so tight for me, always so tight. I know you love how much I stretch you,” Harry hushes dirtily in her ear as he holds her down by her hips and fucks sharply into her once.

They both grunt as stars blink across both of their visions.

Y/n’s weakness for Harry’s absolutely filthy mouth gets the best of her like it always does, and a certain thrill zips up her spine as she realizes she’s going to come and nothing in the world, not even Harry’s command, could stop it now.

“Harry, Daddy I’m gonna come,” she moans as her back arches and presses the swells of her breasts into Harry’s firm pecks. 

“I’ve got you Princess, come for Daddy.” Harry says as he moans lowly with her as she climaxes, y/n seeing white and blanking out as Harry fucks her through it. “That’s right, you’re my good girl, always my good girl.” he gets out in staccato breaths as he let’s the animal inside him lose and claims her as his. 

His strong hips pump loosely yet calculated up into her throbbing pussy, his words causing a disjointed whimper to escape her lips as he extends her pleasure she worked so hard for. He wanted to make sure she got the orgasm she deserved, the orgasm she earned

“I love you so much,” Harry whispered against her lips after he moved his head up to watch her pleasure display on her face, “Do you know that?”  

Y/n barely nodded her head in answer before managing a dazed response as her pleasure started to die down and the oversensitivity of Harry using her pussy started to overwhelm her in the best way, “I know that.” 

“You know what I also know?” she murmured as Harry teetered on the brink of his euphoria. 


Suddenly warm hands twisted firmly in Harry’s loose locks and tugged hard, holding his face still above Y/n’s as his hips continued to piston into her, his pace sloppy now, “Your knotting skills are rusty.” 

That was it.

Harry’s orgasm was explosive, surprised itself out of him, and the announcement of it stolen from his lips as Y/n crushed their mouth’s together as his pleasure override all his senses. 

“That’s it Daddy,” Y/n hummed against his lips once they broke apart, feeling content as Harry pumped her full of his love for her, simply preening with the knowledge of how good she was making him feel. “Come for your Princess.” 

A stuttered moan groaned from Harry’s chest at the last bit, loving that her voice was apart of the static overload of Y/nY/nY/nY/n going on in his head. Her voice was familiar, calming, not meant to tease him at this point, although she could have definitely worked it that way. Y/n squeezed herself around Harry’s length as the last few ribbons of his cum pulsed from his slit causing him to shiver violently. He collapsed after it was all done, the both of them just laying there not having the will to leave the touch of the each other’s skin. Harry pulled out after a minute or so, slinking down to watch some of his cum dribble out of her. He swiped some of it up delicately and brought his digit to Y/n’s kissed red lips. 

Without a word or questioning glance Y/n licked his pointer finger clean, sucking  on the long digit thoroughly to make sure every little bit was gotten. 

“Good girl,” he praised once again, cupping her cheek tenderly as the mood of the room took on a post-orgasmic glow. A heavy blanket of exhaustion clung to their lashes and slowed their heart beats to thump steadily in sync. 

“I love you Harry,” Y/n whispered after a few beats of meaningful silence. 

She felt like those words weren’t enough, like her feelings for him really didn’t fit into that one little word. Y/n felt like bursting with the amount of love she felt for Harry. 

“I’m sorry I-,”

“Hey,” Harry immediately hushed, knowing that Y/n wasn’t referring to not listening to him during their sexual activities, but apologizing yet again for her assumptions earlier. “That’s past us and I know you are. Angel, you were forgiven hours ago.” 

She blushed sheepishly and turned to hide in the wide palm of Harry’s hand against her cheek. Harry fell more in love with her, if that was even possible.

(GAH. That took a century and a half to finish! Sorry about the wait if any of you were waiting D:) 

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10 or 24 hinny ?? Btw love your lil dribbles and one shots they all give me life

A/N: I wasn’t sure which list you were wanting the prompts from, so I picked one!  I hope you enjoy it even with the wait :)  (I combined it with another prompt) 

Also available on FF and Ao3


Sweat dripped down Ginny’s temple as she rounded the northern curve of the pitch, sighing gratefully as a lush cloud drifted in front of the uncharacteristically bright Welsh sun.  Wouldn’t mind if Gwenog hadn’t made today strength and endurance training…or if I wasn’t going home to an empty flat.

Harry had been out of the country for over two weeks on an Auror assignment.  Originally, Harry and Ron wouldn’t have even been on this particular case, but the former had been requested specifically, and he was not about to go into this without his trusted partner.  Apparently the man, Harry couldn’t reveal his name, was an acquaintance of Viktor Krum, who had told him his friend Potter was an Auror and he could be trusted.  One thing lead to another and Harry had won the Department its first tip on Death Eater sympathizers in nearly six months.

It had been alright at first, while they were waiting to meet with their contact, the group was holed up in one of the larger villages in Bulgaria, so owl post was acceptable. She had simultaneously dreaded and welcomed the news that their contact had arrived – it meant she was that much closer to Harry coming home, but at the same time meant no more letters.  Completely understanding and supporting his work didn’t make her miss him any less, and in the ten days since he’d gone dark, Ginny had read and re-read his last missive so many times she could probably recite it from memory…‘Hey Gin…’

With a shake of her head, Ginny plowed on, devoting her mind to regulating her breathing and running as fast as she could, as if a higher speed would bring Harry home sooner.  

Just as she was rounding the pitch once again, Gwenog motioned her over with an unreadable expression.  Ginny slowed her pace and trotted over, claiming a water bottle from the ice bucket and taking a huge gulp, letting some of the cool liquid spill over her flushed face and neck.  She blew out a deep breath and turned to her coach, sipping the last of her drink, “What’s up?”

Gwenog pulled her aside, away from the rest of the team, “Your sister-in-law sent a message for you.”


“No, Audrey.  The one that works in St. Mungo’s,” Gwenog elaborated somewhat uncomfortably.

Ginny’s eyes scrunched closed as squeezed the bottle in her fist with a crack, “Who?”

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harry-styles  asked:

'I’m sorry that I got way too into playing house and accidentally kissed you passionately.'? ☺️

“I’m sorry that I got way too into playing house and accidentally kissed you passionately.”

The party’s died down and it’s just the two of them left outside, huddled around the last charcoal embers of the barbecue. A few still linger inside: the closer friends, a few family members. Those with kids have either headed home or have tucked their little ones under blankets upstairs to be transferred carefully into cars when their parents are ready to call it a night.

It’s peaceful. It’s comfortable. Even now, sitting next to Harry. Even with the memory of his mouth burning behind Zayn’s every sense.

“You don’t need to apologise,” Zayn says finally. He stares down the neck of his mostly-empty beer bottle. 

“I feel like I do.” Harry’s voice sounds far away.

But he’s right there. Zayn could reach out and touch him if he wanted to. And he wants to.

“You definitely don’t,” Zayn assures him.

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Prompt; Can you write a fic where louis is in lace and gives harry a lap dance pls

Warnings; grinding, lap dance.

“Haz please come home early!” Louis said down the phone. Harry had gone to work a couple hours ago and Louis decided he would go shopping, get some food for the house. Whenever Louis went shopping alone he always had to get something for himself, today he had brought some stockings and lace panties. Louis was a little embarrassed buying it but he didn’t care what people thought.

“I can’t baby, I’ll see you at half 4.” Harry sighed.

“Thats 3 and a half hours away!” Louis groaned, he was so horny. Usually before Harry went to work he’d give Louis a quick blowjob but today Louis was so tired he didn’t even hear Harry wake up.

“Sorry Lou, I have to go bye, love you.”

“Love you too.” Louis said before hanging up. Louis put his phone on the nightstand before getting changed into some stocking and the black lace panties also putting on some red heels that he had brought to mess about it before. He looked in the mirror ‘not bad’ he thought to himself before grabbing his phone and snapping a picture. Louis went onto Harry’s contact, sending him a text.

To Harry;

I’ll be waiting for you, baby.

Louis sent the text after adding the picture and waiting for Harry’s reply.

Harry looked at his phone and gulped.

To Louis:

Baby you can’t do this to me at work

Louis snickered looking at the text.

To Harry;

Come home then baby.

Louis text back, giggling to himself. A few seconds later Louis’ phone beeped and he looked at the message.

From Harry;

See you in 20.

Harry turned off his computer and grabbed his keys. He ran down the stairs and to his car. Louis giggled. Harry drove home as fast as he could. Louis laid on the bed, putting a wooden chair in the middle of the room, his legs wide open and waiting for Harry.

Harry ran into the house. “Louis?” He called. He walked up the stairs. “In here baby” Louis said sensually. Harry entered the bedroom an looked at Louis, biting his lip. “Sit down babe” Louis said, his hand trailing down his stomach and onto his crotch. Harry went and sat down. He looked at Louis up and down. He wanted to reach out and touch him. Louis giggled. “You like it?”

“Fuck yes, when did you buy everything?” Harry asked as Louis stood in front of him. “Today.” Louis said, walking over to the music player and pressing play and the music started. Louis walked back over to Harry before turning around and bending over and rubbing his bum over Harry’s crotch. Harry went to reach out and put his hands on Louis’ hips when Louis shook his head. “Nuh uh, no touching.” Louis said. “Hands behind your back.”

Harry sat on his hands and watched Louis. He was so fucking beautiful. Harry was drooling as he shook his ass on his crotch. Louis bit his lip and he did it harder. Harry moaned softly. God he wanted to touch him badly. Louis ground into him and rotated his ass on his crotch.

Louis turned around and sat on Harry’s lap, his legs either side of Harry, grinding on him in time with the music. Harry was trying so hard not to touch Louis.

“I wamna fucking touch you Louis please let me” Harry begged him. He was breathing hard and grinding up, his erection prominent. Louis shook his head, “nuh uh.” Louis continued to grind down onto Harry, rubbing their clothed erections together.

“Please baby. Oh god I need you please.” Harry begged. He took one of his hands out and loosened his tie so he could breathe. He licked his lips and leaned forward and kissed Louis’ collarbone.

“No touching.” Louis scolded. Harry sighed putting both his hands behind his back as Louis moved his body on him. Louis got off, turning around and grinding on Harry’s crotch with his ass.

“Oh fuck Lou I’m gonna cum in my pants please baby please.” Harry begged looking at him. His ass was bouncing gloriously on his clothed cock. “Fucking hell” he moaned throwing his head back. Harry moved his hips up with Louis still grinding on him.

“Cum baby.” Louis said, turning around rubbing their erections together again. Louis came in his lace panties moaning out “harryharryharry”

Harry spurted into his boxers. He convulsed slightly. “Oh fuck Harry. Oh fuck oh fuck” Louis moaned. Harry let go of his hands and pulled Louis on top of him. Harry kissed him. “You tease.” He laughed.

Amy & phoebe

anonymous asked:

Could you do a dirty blurb like continuation about Harry's hair please

Unngh okay you caught me riding the residual thirst wave from that fucking video where he looks like the quantum equation of sex so here we go (part one is here):

“Ha-aaaarryyyy!” Your voice breaks, turning into a tight, sobbing whimper, and your fingers hold firm in his hair as you’re thrown into another convulsing climax. “Jesus fuck!”

It’s your third orgasm of the night, the first of which occurring in the car after you had been thoroughly unable to keep your hands away from Harry’s hair while he drove. He had pulled into the driveway, put the car in park, then promptly leaned over and slid his hand up your skirt, fingering you until you came with a cry against his mouth. And into the house you went, shedding clothes and being manhandled by Harry as he shuttled you towards the bedroom until you were nude and spread out before him like a dessert buffet. He had held your thighs apart as he kissed his way down your body and knelt before you, kissing your mound and licking the juncture of your hip and thigh before spreading you open and delving into you. Orgasms two and three had come in quick succession.

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anonymous asked:

quick little thing about broken up/angsty/rough patch narry, and niall seeing the AnotherMan spread and seeing harry at home. where they used to hide away together. and remembering This Town that he wrote, so many months ago when they first broke up, and despite being all the way at the ryder's cup, rushing to get the record to ryan seacrest and all the radio shows and pleased with columbia. bc he needed to grab harry's attention (& it working)? PLEASE

The phone vibrates between his hands, and he’s not psychic but he knows. He can feel it. He knows who it is without even looking, and his stomach plummets. This feeling is all too familiar, when it comes to him, he thinks. [The butterflies, they come alive…]

He laughs softly at the imagery; thinks it’s a bit ridiculous too, though.

He answers on the third ring, “Hey.”

“Hey,” Harry murmurs, breathing softly through the phone. He must be in too. “What are you up to?”

“Just…lying in bed,” Niall admits. He wonders if maybe he should have partied a bit harder. He did just release his first single as a solo artist, and it’s got to be a requirement or something, right? Oh well.

“Long day?” 

“Incredibly,” he breathes. “It’s different, doing it on your own. It’s more, you know?”

Harry hums.

“It’s good though. It’s exciting.”

“It’s beautiful.”

And, fuck- Harry’s not talking about Niall’s day anymore. He should have expected it, he reckons, except…well, it catches him a bit off guard and his heart finds residence in his throat. “Thanks,” he whispers.

He doesn’t even really know how it happened, if he’s being honest. He just- He remembers seeing HarryHarryHarry, and reading Harry’s carefully crafted words – and then suddenly he was on the phone with his manager, and now here is.

Here he is, coming off of a long day of interview after interview. Here he is, coming down from the high that it releasing his own song, made up of his own words and his own feelings, and putting them on display for everyone to hear.

Here he is, on the phone with a bloke he hasn’t spoken to in weeks and trying to keep himself together just long enough to get through this conversation in one piece. 

“It really is,” Harry says softly. “I really mean that. I love it.”

Niall swallows hard around the lump in his throat. “I know you mean it. Thank you.”

“Why’d you rush it?”

And Niall hates how Harry’s voice sounds. So curious, yet so knowing at the same time. And Harry probably does know, is the thing. He probably knew the minute Niall texted him last night – and yet here Harry is, wanting to hear it from Niall.

“You know why,” Niall murmurs. He finds himself sinking further into the fluffy hotel pillows, as if they’re going to swallow him up so that he doesn’t have to answer.

“Niall,” Harry says, and his voice is low and gravelly. He’s tired, and Niall sort of wants to crawl through the phone to get to him. [Drive highways and byways…] “Tell me, Niall. It’s just me.”

“That’s sort of the problem, Harry,” Niall breathes.

“Alright, I’ll start,” Harry replies. There’s a rustling sound, and Niall imagines him sitting up in bed, the thick, white duvet sort of pooling around his hips. “I’ve been looking for an excuse to call you, and this was it. Your turn.”

And, Jesus- How is Niall supposed to tell him? Isn’t his writing this song for him enough? Why does he have to say what he knows that Harry already knows? Why does this feel much more intimate than writing an entire song, within which he’d poured his heart into months ago?

Niall takes a breath, runs a hand through his hair, licks his lips. “This was it,” he echoes softly. “I didn’t know how to approach you, didn’t know if you’d even want me to – and this… This was my last shot. They’re literally the words I never got to say.

“If you didn’t- If you hadn’t said anything, then I would have known that it was over.”

He’s met with silence on the other end, and for a moment Niall thinks that Harry might have hung up, but then there’s another rustle – and Niall imagines him lying back down.

“Unless you’re calling to tell me that it’s over,” Niall says, and he tries to sound as lighthearted as he can. “In which case, I’m pretty sure it’s too late now. I can’t take it back, because it’s already everywhere.”

“It is already everywhere,” Harry hums. “And I wouldn’t want you to take it back anyway.”

“Yeah?” Niall finds himself holding his breath.

“I mean, I think you summed it up pretty well. Everything comes back to you, so…”

He breathes a sigh of relief, and the butterflies don’t die away but they sort of settle down to a gentle, almost soothing feeling. And it’s ridiculous, really, that after all these years, Harry still makes him feel so fucking…much – but he’d never want it any other way.

“We’ll work it out, yeah?” Harry whispers. “Whatever it takes this time around.”

You took my soul and wiped it clean. (Our love was made for movie screens) - rozdział 10

Tytuł: You took my soul and wiped it clean. (Our love was made for movie screens)

Link do oryginału: Niestety, ale autorka usunęła swoją twórczość.

Autor: donnycurls

Zgoda: jest

Pairing: Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik/Liam Payne, Niall Horan/OFC

Banner: Olu, bardzo Ci dziękuję xx

Korekta: Kaja, nie mam pojęcia jak Ty ze mną wytrzymujesz  :) dziękuję xx

Spis rozdziałów: (x)

Od tłumaczki: Kochani, to już ostatni rozdział tego opowiadania i mam wrażenie że zbyt szybko to minęło :)

Ale nie przeciągając, na początku chciałam podziękować Kai, za to że sprawdza każdy rozdział i zawsze ma czas! Jesteś najlepsza xx

Chciałam również podziękować Wam za każde serduszko, za każde reblogowanie, każdą wiadomość którą dostałam ;) Jesteście wspaniali!

W sumie w tym miejscu mogę powiedzieć żebyście wypatrywali kolejnego tłumaczenia. Nie zdradzę ani co to będzie ani kiedy. Musicie poczekać :)

Pozdrawiam, miłego czytania! J

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harry harry harry harry harry HARRY AHRRY HARRY HARRY HHARYY HARRY HARRY harry harry HARr y HARRY HARRYYYYY haryy harRY HARRY HARRRRRYYYYYY harry harry harry hARry hARRY harry HARRY HARRY HARRY HARry harr y haaryy hARRY harry harry harry harryharryharry harry harry harry HARRY

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this is quite short, i’m sorry, i’ll be making a better one in the near future.

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Prompt - "Lost Memory"

anonim: Ja mam pomysł: Harry jest wilkołakiem i po wielu latach znajduje Louisa (który na początku jest 2 letnim chłopcem) i się w niego “wpaja” (ten motyw ze zmierzchu, kojarzysz prawda?), Lou rośnie (mogłabyś też opisać np. poszczególne lata jego życia, kiedy cały czas czuł, że ktoś go obserwuje, albo przesiaduje w jego pokoju) i w końcu poznaje Harrego (który przez cały ten czas miał na niego oko, zaprzyjaźniają się i.. zaskocz mnie :)

channel: Wiem, że wyszło całkowicie inaczej niż przewidywała to propozycja, lecz nie mogłam się oprzeć. Potrzebowałam tego typu pracy, aby przelać na klawiaturę wszystkie moje obecne odczucia. Ostatecznie zakończenie można interpretować na dwa sposoby, wszystko zależy od nastawienia daje osoby.

Przepraszam z góry za mało rozwinięć i ogólne spłaszczenie akcji.


Jako mały chłopiec nie potrafiłem odróżniać dobra od zła. Skakałem z huśtawek, wypowiadałem każdą myśl, targałem psa za włosy i czasem sprawiałem przykrość mojej mamie, bo postępowałem wbrew jej próśb. Wtedy byłem jednak tylko małym dzieckiem i wszystkie przewinienia wybaczano mi w mig. Z czasem zacząłem dorastać, lecz mój rozbójniczy charakter zamiast maleć – osiągał apogeum. Łzy, groźby, kary i wrzaski były moją codziennością, a sam czułem się jakbym pod natłokiem uczuć, spadał w otchłań bez dna. W sumie własne życie mógłbym porównać do szczeliny między dwoma końcami skalnych wyboisk. Jestem jednym z tych, którzy spadli, próbując wyjść obronną ręką z historii zwanej życiem. Przede wszystkim jednak otacza mnie czerń, czysta i nieprzenikniona. Czasem leżąc w nocy w łóżku zdaje się spadać, jeszcze szybciej i głębiej niż zazwyczaj. Wtedy jakby dwie nienaturalnie ciepłe dłonie ciągną mnie w górę lub zatrzymują, bym zaczerpnął powietrza. To miłe uczucie, jakby jedyne właściwe od lat. A potem jest ciemność, bo ciepło zniknęło i znowu brak mi promieni słońca.


Przez fioletowe rolety zaczyna przenikać miękkie, zimowe słońce, za którym babcie wyglądają z utęsknieniem, a młode kobiety chowają w okularach za kilkaset złotych. Ja natomiast mam neutralne uczucia względem dziwnego zjawiska oświetlającego planetę, ale po prostu nie lubię gdy ktoś mnie budzi z rana. Próbując przewrócić się na drugi bok, słyszę tupot stóp moich sióstr, więc żegnam sen machnięciem ręki. Gdybym tylko miał okazję, już dawno wyprowadziłbym się z tego perfekcyjnego domu z brązowymi okiennicami i muchomorowym dachem. Nie pasowałem tutaj z moimi brudnymi, wysokimi butami, skórą przyozdobioną milionem tatuaży, kolczykami oraz niewyparzonym językiem. Po prostu byłem innym, odmienny, a w tym samym momencie prawdziwy… chyba.

Nie pamiętam dokładnie momentu w którym mój młodzieńczy bunt przekroczył dopuszczalne granice, a ja stałem się ‘tym złych od Tomlinsonów’. Może kiedy wylałem gorącą herbatę na głowę panny Maddison pracującej w bibliotece? Albo kiedy wraz z kumplami wybiłem szyby w samochodzie nauczyciela matematyki? A może kiedy ukradłem iPoda ze sklepu za rogiem, a potem uciekałem przez wkurzonym właścicielem? W każdym razie, któryś z tych momentów był zakrętem na drogę prowadzącą ku złu, drogę która pozbawiła mnie domowego ciepła, miłości matki i rodzinnych wspomnień. Teraz byłem bardziej jak wyklęty, jak piąte koło u wozu. Przywykłem do ciszy zapadającej, gdy przekraczałem próg kuchni, do wytykania palcami na ulicy, do ograniczonego grona znajomych. Przywyknięcie nie oznacza jednak akceptacji, wręcz przeciwnie – wzbudza tylko większy gniew. Tylko czasami, bardzo rzadko idąc ciemną ulicą po zaśnieżonych chodnikach czuję na sobie czuły wzrok. Wtedy ciepło, które nawiedza mnie tylko w snach, roztapia zamarznięte serce; przypomina mi o uśmiechu mamy, dumie w oczach ojca, o wszystkich tych rzeczach, których nie doznałem w życiu. Bezpieczeństwo domowego ogniska dopada mnie na środku szarego chodnika, jakaś nienaturalna siła chcąca mojej zmiany, mojego dobra. Zaraz potem wszystko znika, mnie pochłania czerń i nagłym ruchem głowy odganiam zgubne pragnienie miłości.

Z niezadowoleniem zwlekam się z łóżka, mrucząc pod nosem przekleństwa. Szybki prysznic i daremna próba ułożenia włosów, po czym zakładam na siebie szarą koszulkę z ogromnym napisem promującym jakiś dramatycznie hipsterski zespół, czarne obcisłe rurki i czuję się gotowy, by opuścić mój jedyny akceptowany świat.

Pierwsze cztery lekcje mijają w miarę szybko. Moje butne zachowanie nie robi już wrażenia na nauczycielach, więc zostawiają mnie w spokoju, dzięki czemu przez czterdzieści pięć minut mogę rozmawiać z moim najlepszym przyjacielem Niallem lub oglądać filmy na telefonie. W końcu nadszedł czas długiej przerwy. Przemierzałem korytarz pewnym siebie krokiem, obok mnie blondynek radośnie podskakiwał i opowiadał historię ze swojego snu. Różniliśmy się prawdopodobnie wszystkim; wyglądem, usposobieniem, stylem życia. Wszystkim. On był tym dobrym, ja tym złym. Razem tworzyliśmy kontrowersyjną przyjaźń, która byłem pewny, będzie trwać przez wiele lat.

Miałem właśnie zaśmiać się z kolejnej riposty podsumowującej ogólny stan Nialla po przebudzeniu się, lecz… pojawił się On. Trudno byłoby go nie zauważyć. Przyciągał spojrzenia wszystkich wokoło ze swoimi bujnymi, czekoladowymi lokami, rozpiętą do połowy klatki piersiowej koszulą i tymi nogami, które ciągnęły się w nieskończoność, odziane w czarny materiał. Przede wszystkim jednak moją uwagę przyciągnęły jego oczy – dzikie, zielone, błyszczące. Otaczała go jakby aura spokoju, którą od razu wyczułem, gdyż jedyne czego pragnąłem to jego ramiona owijające moją talię w pokrzepiającym geście. Wpatrywałem się w niego niczym zaklęty, kiedy chłopak podnosił leniwie spojrzenie, nakierowując je prosto na moją zgarbioną sylwetkę. Wtedy to wróciło do mojej głowy niczym brakujący element, jakbym przez całe życie szukał właśnie tego elementu.

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Tytuł: Fanfiction
Autorka: Jill
Parring: Louis Tomlinson x Harry Styles (Larry)
Opis: Dwanaście lat po rozwiązaniu One Direction, Louis odbiera telefon od mamy Harry’ego, z którym ten nie utrzymuje żadnego kontaktu od czasu tragicznego zakończenia zespołu, gdy Tomlinson padł ofiarą ataku na swoje życie.
Telefon, za sprawą którego Louis powraca do dawnych, niewyjaśnionych sytuacji ze spólnego życia z Harrym i w końcu zaczyna rozumieć.

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If I see that “Louis is buying makeup for Harry” post, i’m letting you know now, i’m unfollowing whoever reblogged it, Louis can’t do anything without y'all making it about HarryHarryHarry and i’m so tired of it, let Louis buy things for himself. When it’s Harry at a Sephora, then we can talk. Otherwise

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