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Hey Cas! Can you recommend me some harries? I want to follow more h blogs...

hi there peach, yup some coming right up!!

@habibharry @styles2017 @stylexharry @dimpledharry @rosyharry @harrysbeauty @ifheartscouldfly @lostjams @ivegotfirefouraheart @harrycharts @harlodst @harrysvinylrecord @harryhateblog @harrycherub @harrys @harryispink @harryisiconic @legandaryharry @stylishmuser @glossharry @harryistyles @17blk @harrysera @harryandlana @harryandgrimmy @harryedward @thereignofsoloharry @harryrainbows @harryokay @harryplease @harrysvoice @theepinkalbum @harrysart @harrysalbums @growgardens @edwardstyles @firsthalbum @dadshirtkink @deepseaharry @alienproof @alienwitchstyles @aintreallygood @cheshirepuddin @henristarrs @tsevers @horsensharry @harrystylesgotmefuckedup @hesgoingholo @fromthediningtable @aqua-harry @stylesrecord @harrybo @harrystylesalbum @hadaharry @robotharru @seriousactorharry @androgynoustyles @statuesquecurls @harrysmeadow @pinkflowersharry @kalelube @dunkink 

Id jump you

YO so its been way too long since i last did this and i have made new mutuals n such so i decided to do this! also i really love you all so much and its time to give back and show yall my love!

so im going to do a lil message to some ppl im close to and have been talking to regularly and later will be all my other loves in as best alphabetical order as i can lmao!

also if i forgot you im following WAY too many people and you can gimme a message if we mutuals lmao but im so sorry if i did ill try all my best w this!

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OKAY. so lets forget/ignore how ugly as fuck that “edit” looks (is that even an edit? i just put text omf) and lets get down to it! As it may be very obvious, im doing this follow forever for my 17th birthday which is either today or tomorrow depending on when this goes up!! As most of u may know i deleted my blog two/three months ago and so if any one i use to follow isnt on here, pleasse lemme know because i use to follow 900+ blogs and i currently only follow 400 because ive either forgotten ur url, or u may have changed ur url while i was gone and so therefor i got no clue who u are!! so if we use to be mutual please lemme know. but basically i cant tell you how many amazing people ive met through tumblr. i started here when i was 15 and now im 17. every single person on this list either fills my dash with beautiful amazing edits, or their own presence brings me nothing but happiness. If you’re reading this and you’ve in ANY way talked to me, made me smile. defended me, helped me, or have just been there for me i want to thank you so so much. But enough of the sappy teary stuff, lets get down to it shall we? The blogs in bold are some of my faves. if ur on here at all consider yourself the love of my life p.s if i followed u like 2 hours ago and ur in this follow forever thinking to urself  wtf, its most likely because i followed u before i deleted and i was looking through tags and found ur blog, recognized it, and refollowed.




admirejasminev adorauhl aintslaurent albaeni allthatmattersisjustin allthatmattes allthatmattters allysbrookes amourbiebs anmnesias arianaqrande astralled aubreygraharn avonsheartbreaker awkobiebs ayebieber babygirlspice  badcaseofbieberfever baebur baemez banqers bbemybaby bealrightts beliebrs bellathornne bellalthorne beystin bhieber bieberchristmass bieberprince bieberslegend biebertalk biebervelithedon bizzlesbieb bizzleblunt blondejdb blondejustin blondiebiebs boyfriendvevo bumpintothebasss bvieber bwjustin cabellobriens camilascabello camz-cabello canadastratford canadaprince celebthot chachibieber champagnebiebs chawnmendes chazsomeers chirsbrowns cieber classyasgomez  closertotheclouds colouredbieber colourfulheavens completebabe connorswlash crazykhalils dadddybieber daemetria damnsjustinbieber dayaholics deathsofme destinyrauhl destinydrewhope dieinyousarms dinahjaen dinahjhane doorwaystothesky dopecabello downstoearth drewsjaureguis dronkinlove drunktextngs dylans-obrien


elizabethgilies everlastinglcve falsetos fuckinqfool fckjauregui ffondue flamebieber fllatlline flrstdance flyonbieber forame foxregui freshbieber fuckingwithjustinbieber fuckregui gay4lauren gay4zendaya getnakedselenamarie  gihadid goemz gracieteefey habibijustin harryedward heavierdirtysoul hensenfackles heykordei heystephens holdtightgirl holybiebers holydrews holland-roden hometodaddy hudgensannes hustins


ialmostdos iansomerhottest icanmakeyoufeelperfect icantbelieb idekblahblahblah imheretoswags isthisryanross itsfuckmezayn itsgomezsel itsjustinsbieber itssokidrauhl itwas1994 jackgilinskny jadelust jaileyrhode jasbiebers jasminevillegasportugal jauguari jaureguisms jendallaf jesuschrists jesyhoe jsntinbieber justinbiebae justinbieberaf justinbiebern justinbiebersroast justinbiebersvagina justinbiebres justinbw justinduckbieber justinforeign justinftdrake justinismydad justinisrich justinjieber  justinsblackgf justinsdaddykink justinsexyman justinslayed justinsloyal justinsmalik justinsvagina justinthrowback justndrewsbieber justninbiebs jzstinbieberr kardashianwests kcbellos kendjenner kendrauhll kennyhamlton kidraaul kingbieber kissmesquick knowsplaces korday kordei krlacabello latingirlmp3 laurenjaureui laurenjaurejui laurenjareuqui laurensboss laurensjauregui laurinah laursmani letyouflys lifeisworthtoliving liferuinedbyjustinbieber lifesoutofcontrols likeitwas1994 likesmariahs lilycollrns lonelymemorys lovartos loyallho lukesos


maimitch mainthot makeitlastforevers makesusbelieve maliatait mcdontgiveafuck mchealys melaningorl memphises michaeljacksonofficial mightgopsycho milasbello mileyclrus mileycyrauhls moneyheaux morningsuns  mybieberwonderland mycanadianhot myclvins mycobainshirt mydopebiebs mylovekidrauhl needschill newromantis newsoundtrackss nightignales nightofamelody nkjauregui normila norrmanikordei ohlordbieber onenlife omglaurenjauregui ontariosgift oohbieber ourboyfromstratford ourhideawayy outslawthekiss  owwbieber partitionz perfectjdb photoggraph piamiaperezs problematicassharry pvrisjauregui putyousdowns pussypoptarts


rbieber rebelwithhalo richbiotch rickthesizzles rickthesizzlers rightnexttoyous rihahna rihannasclit rihcanthelp ripzouis rnbyrose roberttdownye rollercaoster rollarscoaster rollrcoasters rollrcoastrs rootingforyoubaby royalzustin runninthruthe6withmywoes sadbeautifultragic sassybieb scattmcallll secute selenasquad selenurmurie selglomez sellyg sexybieb shawtybiebers shawtymoan sheshislatingirl  shouldpickmes sidethots simplyybieber simulatesthelove sincerelystratford slaymitch sleepingwithjustin slutkidrauhl snowqueenperrie sluttybutsy sosecute statofgrace smaraj stillkdrauhl stonerbiebz strasford stratffordking stratfords suckerforsloves supermmodel swahpitout swapmeout soytrash sweetlysel taakeyou takesmeintoyourlovingarms talkofloves tayllorswifts taylor-svift thotprobs thottiebean thisloveisbads thabiebsswag toughtsofyous trustdrake turntbieber turntoyov thurstin thugstins


unfselenita vanessaannes versacexr vguex wasjb waytoyourself wedidntlastnow whackrauhls whoregui wingstosfly wowbieb wowjustin


 yesdrew yezir yonceghost youareinloves yourgold zainrauhl zustinsyndrome zayns1d zayenmalik zozeebo zendayar zingbieber zustin zendayacfashionstyle zendayza

hey guys its christmas eve so here’s my christmas follow forever:))) first off thank you nadya @fuckwhoyoucamewith for the banner<33

okay so first things first these list of people have made tumblr a great place for me and i always know i can count on them and they’ll always make me laugh and shit and i love them a lot 

selenaogomez: ALYSHA u were my first friend on here like 2 or 3 years ago (omg..) and wow oh god you’re so so so annoying but you’re like a sister to me i get mad at you sometimes but you’ll always be here for me i know it and i love you sooooo much and we have so many good times i remember like when we first met we used to Skype and watch old jelena vids together (fuvkK) and cry and omg it was so bad and i can always count on you as my number 1 JB hater u always fill me in on new insults even though i know u love him deep down and thats okay bc i do too and omg idk what else to say i just love you but i also hate you bc u live like what an hour and a bit away from me and we’ve never ever met r u a catfish

drakeful: justine justalightweight we met i think like a year and a bit ago?? and we became close immediately and i love you for that i dont think we ever went through that awkward like friend kinda phase idk we were always messaging and i’ll never ever forget the day you made me piss myself:) then we had that group chat with alysha which is still going on and i love it bc i always wake up to messages and y'all ALWAY ALWAYS ALWAYS tease me and make fun of me for my fukin age and about my harry but its okay bc thats what makes my day tbh<333 i also love our poop conversations that will forever be our thing i love you solo much you’re the mani to my ally never forget it<3 AND I REALLY HOPE WE GET TO MEET IN ATL SOMEDAY (HOPEFULLY THIS MONTH!!!) #staystrong

fuckwhoyoucamewith: nadya nadz nadaroo dadya you mean sooo much to me its unbelievable you always help me through stuff and sometimes i feel bad because i talk to u about some things my friends do to me and then i dont talk to u for a while but its not like i do it on purpose and you already know this but you mean literally the universe to me like i love you so much it physically hurts like i just<3333 you’ll always be my #daddy no matter what and i cant wait for your birthday because i have a load of screenshots from snapchat and our texts to expose u my love<3

lianpayne: ughhhh maya mayonnaise u stupid RIP to you you deleted……….dumb hoe

aikojhenes: MEENA MACKLEMORE I LOVE YOU SO MUCH U CUTIE you make me laugh SOOOOOO much especially when you me justine ornella and alex are comparing england to america i literally die and you just always know what to sayyy and you’re just overall such an awesome person and your natural hair is beauuuutiful and i will never forget the story you told me…..about your brother….and the…ginger…yeah okay i wont say any more except that i really love you :)<3

mileymas: ALEXX ur so beautiful and amazing and thank u for accepting me into that group chat…i was so late and y'all were already talking about selena or something and i was like SHIT MEENA THEY WONT LIKE ME but y'all did/do (i hope) and i just love you and it makes me sad when you get hurt by your sister bc ur just such a lovely person to talk to and idk ur just great<3

hallemberry: my #1 jelena source god damn you are sooooo quick i think without you I wouldn’t be up to date with anything especially after becoming a 1d blog last year lmao just like alex thanks for never being weird with me when i joined ur group chat lol i can never ever ever forget the jelena afterlife they’ll forever be in my prayers but damn those were good times when we would wake up to news or something okay i love you<3

rihannasclit: SMELLENI MY LOVE ur such a hoe i cant breathe #funfact did u know i actually waited for those dildo boots to arrive fuCK oh my god i cant believe we made a friendship over penises and REMEMBER THE PENIS IN THE SOCK THAT WAS HTE FUNNIEST SHIT EVER GO D i love you my lil angel hoe ur so amazing i love how we can go long periods of time without talking and its never weird ur just great i love you so much

rihahna: HEY GUYS ITS ME SARAH i LOVEEE u my mirfanda who looks like she’s 17 but in reality she’s like 55 ur so awesome and hot and honestly god bless you u make me laugh so much bc ur literally just so stupid and i love it stay fab my darling<3

celinehoe: zoey my bunny oh man i love you soooo much we havent even been talking that long but i love texting you and i get like really happy when we text and i love how i can talk to you about nigeria bc its similar to india and now that pic of the toes poking out of the shoes is ver close to my heart i just really enjoy you and hope we stay friends for a real long time you’ll always be bunny and nobody else<33 

last but certainly not least.. itsjustinsbieber: BECKKY my lovely becky i love you a lot i miss talking to you soooooo much but just wanted to let you know i love you and i remember we used to sing together a lot and i used to prep u doing ur exams and ur so great i love and miss you<3

OKAYYYY now onto all of y'all that make my dash v special and entertaining and without you my dash would be so stale and dry and i’d also never really be informed on news so thank you for that my lovelies!!!! bolded are friends and blogs that i truly adore :*

22ndfeb 4thalbum  6xgod aikojhenes alrightchillout  aubreygraharn bigdaddysantaclaus bewbies boybangme babycambridgesus blakeyonce bosszayn beyonoce comicziam catholicschoolgirl costcosanta celinehoe cexting christmassquad cigarettezayn clitt dinahjaen97 dickstopher drakeful drakeandrihanna destinyschlid emojchic enemaroberts faulties feliciathegoats freezayn2k14 freemefromzaynsass fuckwhoyoucamewith festivezarry godblessniall godlymalik geminizayn ghostworld2001 gay4zayn getnakedselenamarie gracieteefey haroldfucks hellathicc hasnochill howsyourguineapig heleanorau harryinadidas hatescabello haroline harryedward horanyewest itsniazkilam ifuckinghateniall itsjustinsbieber jadelust justinjieber jlley jesuschrists kendriclamar kardashianwests keiraknightleyisavampire khhalil kyliekenner laurenjauresgui monicalewinskys merrycastmasliam makeyoubeleive mrzayn mansdowns marijuanazayn mileymas mcdontgiveafuck niallhorans ohzayns punkasszayn problematicassharry poyntere punkrads rihahna rockmafias rihanae rihannasdildo rihspect rosegardns rihannasclit sleighs selenangomez sandrabbullock shittiestblogger smaries swoggy selenaogomez sincerelystratford smariedrew tylersposeys thottyhoran tenerifezayn twerkwithzayn tattookink tuscansweaters thugzmansions uneducatedharry wingstosfly wordsofwisdoms wreckinqz yikeszayn yaserdaddy yzarry yourgold zaynscumshot zyazn  zaynkillers  zarriallmas  zarrynotzerrie zarriamofficial zainclouds  zaynsmipapi zulhania zarrysquad zayncancelthewedding2k15  zaynisbrown zrake zaynscigs zaynner zarrychristmasalbum zaynsmalik  zarriallau zeymar zaynmalikeatsass zeysus zaeynmalik zayns1d  

there are so many other people that i wanna mention but they dont follow me and i really cba so i dont see any point in putting them down lmao but MERRY CHRISTMAS TO EVERYONE I HOPE YALL HAVE A GREAT ONE THANKS FOR BEING AWESOME

ps. if i forgot you please feel free to doxx me and beat my ass<333333

helloo okay idek if people do this anymore lmao but  i wanted to do a follow forever in a long time but every time i did one i always had trouble posting it so imma try it again this time. For those of you who may remember, i use to be idontrecalls for the longest time and then i changed to caradelovigne and then to fakebeys and now to kimswests and i actually love this url so lmao i promise i wont be changing again for a while, i havent really been on tumblr since march but started getting on more this month after making some major life and stan choices so thought this would be a good time to do this since i follow different people now. The blogs im listing on here are some blogs i’ve loved for the longest of time and also blogs that i have followed in the past month or even today that i’ve fallen in love with! i dont wanna do bold or italics to say which ones are my fave bc tbh i check most of these regularly lmao. I follow 800+ people so if you’re not on here please dont be upset! these are just blogs that stick out to me and ones i love and always see on my dash! anyway have a good day!!


@26au @5hontour @5hydemi @727deluxe @1201z


@adoringrihanna @alyiciadebnam @alltaywell @alcyiadebnam @anmnesias @africugh @agentmitchrapp @adoringourfaves @alexkingdom @alaskayoung @arianaqrande @allthatmattes @andyoucallmeupagain @antiscorpio @argorns @argentwings @asapjauregui @avenqers @aubreygraharn @ashsonirwin @baddesthot @baemez @baellani @barryallns @bananaofswift @bbemybaby @beautifulnight @beezinthetraps @beigency @bellathornne @beyoncexknowles @beyvenchy @bey-iv @bey-flawless @beyconfident @beyking @beyoncexo @bodyglitter @bodyrockks @breathecabello @brookesjauregui @burningredhair @communistbakery @callsmeup @champagnepadre @cherishgomez @christmaslove @clitt @coconuthoemo @closertotheclouds @colorsinautumn @completebabe @copthatforeing @darkgomez @deathsofme @deddylassons @dickstopher @diamondsforevers @dylans-obrien @dylanobrien 


@elligouldings @everlastinglauren @fakehoe @fallenforminaj @fallingslow @fantasticminaj @fckjauregui @felicithis @feelingformation @flashsvibe @getnakedselenamarie @gfhalsey @glowskits @girlgrouphoe @gomezes @gomezcandy @goodsforyou @gotyourdemons @graintgustin @grandicent @gomezoholic @grantgustic @greekbeys @gustingrantt @halalbae @halvins @hansensjaureguis @harryedward @hensenfackles @heykordei @holyrihsus @hometodaddy


@icylikecaking @irisandbarryallen @isaaclydia @itsmyselly @jadescanary @jadescorpiogf @jauguari @jayhalstead @jesuschrists @justinchrist @justinftdrake @justinforeign @justinsblackgf @kahleni @khelani @killemwihtkidness @knewsbetter @korday @knweds @kordei @latingirlmp3 @laurinah @leighaded @leon-velez @lloyal @lovestory 


@madgalriri @mainthot @maiaholic @majidjordansgf @makeitlastforevers @makeupho @melodiesgomez @minajsreign @minajvtrois @mmilknhoney @moneyheaux @mrsbey @newromantis @newromaantics @newsoundtrackss @niallthedinglehopper @nickimlnaj @nickiminvj @nightofamelody @nightignales @njauren @normanikordei @nopressures @obrein @oceanaves @odschis @ohnika @olnyfools @omglaurenjauregui @ontherunbeyhive @oohgomez @outslawthekiss @patton-gust @periedwards @pettyqueen @pettybitch @pray4loves @pussypoptarts


@quickflash @quickwest @rebelwithhalo @rememberunity @rhythmicgomez @rekindleus @rihahna @rihvival @rihannasclit @rihannaohnana @rlhanna @runawayufo @sadbeautifultragic @sameoldheaux @savethedae @screamedsooloud @sbeyonce @selemnagomez @selenagodmez @selenamaris @selenaomarie @selenurmurie @selgomezs @sellyg @selmaries @sharmandaniel @shawtymoan @sidethots @simonebilcs @simulatesthelove @solicitys @sowecoulddancee @startoftimes @sunwillrises @surprisebatch  @swifth @tacodressing @thatsickbeat @thebeyhive @thotywap @timetoimpress

@tothisickbeat @tooperfectstory @tylorswft


@unfselenita @useyourmelody @vancityreynolds @vanessaannes @versacexr @vinsgay @waititi @wefuckeduptheparty @weowntnight @wingstosfly 


@youareinlove @yourgold @yourstrulys @youneverlovedmes @yoncesblow @yoncehaunted @yoncefierce @zaymani @zenvdaya @zendayes @zinkmatter @zoellas @zustinsyndrome @zinashes

lmao that was a lot anyway thank you guys for having such amazing blogs bless your souls ily!!  

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! ive been putting this off for way too long lmfao its time… thank u so much for evrything u all have done for me this year i hope next year is even better! i wanted to write cute notes for my mutuals but i literally follow 317 people so… i cannot but just know that i appreciate and love every single one of u!!!! 

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hey yeah i’ve been meaning to post one of these this has been sitting in my drafts for however long, just thought it was finally time LMAO um if i followed you within the last month you’re probably not on here yet sorry i love u either way….. this will b my start off to the new year..even tho its feb.. i love u guys thanks :D

my favorite people ever, known you guys for almost a full year, we talk a LOTTA shit and drag each other, and even tho we never… show feelings towards each other… ur all my loves :’) @richliam @fxckaurl @imgod @antiteen @guccci @maurypovichofficial

ZARRY SQUAAAAAA lobe u guys, its always hype….we started a revolution… 2016 zarry is COMING!!!! @zaynsingingshotforme @zehlani @zarrysquad @harryfeatzayn @mrbulian @rihannaftharry @tmhzarrys @problematicassharry @muslimzaynn @heyzayngel @zehydrated @zinashes @im21 @antidisscourse

the rest of u angels

@18nth @1hzt @22ndfeb @22hry @221hazza @2chaines @alritepetal @antilarrie @admireharry @bewbies @brownskinhoe @bagelkink @baughtywoy @befourtm @bumpngryles @champagnepadre @creptup @champzagne @caminah @cyberalien1997 @cooldog2014 @caramelho @cutestheaux @catholicschoolgirl @coldpressedharry @curvxs @drakechurch @dominicanhoe @disnxy @dankscorpio @drakesidebae @dylans-obrien @emerant @elisabethbennet @fifthalbum @fostertheppl @freddietommo @floatsonabigballoon @georgiasokeeffe @gyllenaals @gosolostyles @glrlpower @harrysleftlung @huntymoonave @hoenarry @harryedward @harryisart @harrygotmestressed @harryedwradstyles @harrysdebutalbum @harrysvoice @harryslibramoon @hobijk @harryslonghair @hommystyles @harrydoodles @hellachill98 @haylorwasfake @hunkliam @halfbunharrie @hisroyalhighnessmalik @hoeheartedly @hoe4harry @islandhunny @importedmuslim @investigatelirry @imaharrie @j4ya @koalatea @kash2kilo @literallyrad @liquidhighlight @lovingliam @losergf @liamwayne @liamdunbar @leims @lirrycuddles @lollipop-popsx @lovedrunkliam @literallyfuckeveryone @mittai @mexicanho @matteangel @malikificent @mczayn @mattyfromawkward @mindofminealbum @nozayn @noniall @novasarn @nod1ggity @nialllhoran @niallintheam @niallthedinglehopper @olivegarden @oscaisaacs @pillowtalkthesingle @parrotiny @paynekink @pettybette @punjabihoe @pinoyharrie @poutineharry @richdadharry @ringletcurl @softsharry @stilinski @sunharry @sexgodliam @shadybicth @seventeeneblack @sexaholics @suren1990 @scorpiobaby @sylets @snsd2 @samegig @stockhlmsyndrome @stfuconnor @stopstyles2k10 @sikestyles @saveharry @thekingtaehyung @traviscotts @temporeryfix @this-onegoes @thightat @trussmizaddy@teamsolozarry @transyams @thinbagel @upsetgay @ukliampayne @uneducatedharry @ufoharry @vinoharry @vipharry @virgencito @veggyharry @ww3tour @yayhaz @yveszaynslaurent @zaynmalif @zaynandharrypls @zlall @zaynmalikeatsass @zaynvevos @zaynsfirstalbummindofmine @zirrryhoe @zaynisgod @zovelie @zainimalik @zroye @zarrysho @zaynft1direction @zihana

i’m so sorry if i forgot u 

So its the end of the year!! well almost and i decided to make another FF, its been a good year! love you guys!!!!!

@1dbricksquad @1dconspiracytheorist  @antiteen @africanhoe @augustliam @brysheregrays @blessdrake @babygoatsaf @champagnepadre @chonceinalifetime @closertozayn @completebabe @creptup @dominicanhoe @drakesidebae @drakesideheaux @dylans-obrien @dylanaf @dylanocums @extraharrie @fakebicth @freshmojitos @fuckboyharry @fxckaurl  @gayforzendaya @germanystyles @glrlpower @halalmeme @harrydoodles @harryedward @hisroyalhighnessmalik @huntymoonave @hydratedbitch @imgod @imjakegyllenhaal @jadelust @jakeyllenhaal @jaclksonwang

@kanye2020 @kordeinormanis @kingarthurcurry @labiam @ladz @leims @liampeyn @liamdunbar @liamsphoebe @liamkent @liamtrash @liamwayne @longwaydwn @loampayne @lovingliam @maurypovichofficial @mashallahwallahi @mczayn @mexicanho @milestelller @madeintheam @narrytitty @nigerians @officialwestallen @paradisewithziam @pimpdaddy1995 @poundtownonthepaynetrain @preciouspayne @princelyliam @rnbsingerzayn @rnbzaddy @royalzustin @saintslaurents @slavery @stilinski @snsd2 @sunharry @shittiestblogger @seventeeneblack @sugaspinkhair 

@taosnumberonefan @thekingtaehyung @thicchoe @thirstyforobrien @traviscotts @tylerposey @tvventies @thezruth @trashymalik @ukliampayne @vikemon @weaux @wolvernation @yoncce @yveszaynslaurent @zaynmeme @zaynfactor @zayniepaynie @zaynisgayforme @zayndele @zayns1d @zaynstiddybres @zlouds @zarryyaoi @zaynandharrypls @zaynmalikeatsass @zaynthegreekgod @zayntm @zetsy @ziamchapel @zirry @zrake @zustin

another summer.. another year.. thank u for stickin w me thru my highs and lows i love all of u so much… tumblr is such a huge part of my life and one of the only constants ive known these past few years and i am so grateful for an outlet and a welcoming community esp my non kpop mutuals like .. how do u put up with me.. u are a blessing.. we are one.. 

under the cut is every1 i follow.. all 252 of u.. thank u ily

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